14 Ways to Say Yes In Russian. A Language Lesson.

Yes, hi there.

To say yes in Russian, you just say “da.” You got it?

But if you want to learn the Russian language, there are more ways to say YES in Russian. Do you want to sound like a smart, fluent speaker? Yes?

Then read on. You’ll want to know these.

You will learn them all in the next 3 minutes.

14 Ways to Say Yes In Russian – Language Lesson!

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1. Yes in Russian

  • Да
  • Pronunciation: Da

This is the easiest and the most popular “Yes.”  

The meaning is exactly the same as Yes is English. The antonym to this word is “Нет”. You can use it in any conversation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a formal conversation or with friends.

yes in russian


  • Да! Я уверен, что сделаю это
  • Da! Ya uveren, chto sdelayu eto
  • Yes! I’m sure I will do it

By the way, you should also HEAR real Russian pronunciation.

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2. Well, yes – informal way

  • Ну да
  • Pronunciation: Nu da

“Ну да” is used when you are not 100% sure about the answer. Or, when you need some time to answer. By, saying “Ну да,” you add some informal atmosphere to the conversation. 

yes in russian


  • Ну да! Мне кажется, ты виноват
  • Nu da! Mne kazhetsya, ty vinovat
  • Well yes! It seems to me it’s your fault.

3. Hmm yes

  • Мммда
  • Pronunciation: Mmm, da

This is also a casual way to say yes in Russian. By saying “Мммда,” you express your uncertainty. So, when you can’t decide what to say, but the answer is rather “Yes” than “No”, use this word.

Plus, you can say this when you are shocked and you have nothing to add.

yes in russian


  • Мммда.. И зачем тебе эта учеба. Ты и так умный.
  • Mmmda.. I zachem tebe eta ucheba. Ty i tak umniy.
  • Hmm well. Why study? You’re already smart.

4. Of course

  • Конечно
  • Pronunciation: Koneshno

This is a formal way to agree with a person. It can be translated as “Sure”. You can use it when you agree with your friend. You can also add “Yes” and you will get «Да, конечно».

yes in russian


  • Да, конечно!
  • Da, koneshno!
  • Yes, of course!

5. I agree

  • Согласен
  • Pronunciation: Soglasen

When some person tells you his or her opinion, and you agree, say this. 

yes in russian


  • Я с Вами согласен! Это отличная идея!
  • Ya s Vami soglasen! Eto otlichnaya ideya! 
  • I agree with you! This is a great idea!

6. I got it

  • Понял
  • Pronunciation: Ponyal

This is a casual word. Young people, especially teenagers love to say “Понял” during conversations.

For men it’s “Понял” and for women it is “Поняла,” or “Ponyala.”

yes in russian


  • Понял! Не имею ничего против!
  • Ponyal! Ne imeyu nichego protiv!
  • Got it! I have nothing against that!

7. Right

  • Верно
  • Pronunciation: Verno

That is one more polite option.

It actually means that the person you talk to is completely right.

yes in russian

8. Exactly

  • Точно
  • Pronunciation: Tochno

“Точно” has a similar meaning to “Верно”. I can just add that “Точно” is a little less formal, but it also depends on the context of the conversation.

yes in russian


  • Это не точно! Мне нужно все обдумать, чтобы дать окончательный ответ.
  • Eto ne tochno! Mne nuzhno vse obdumat’, chtobi dat’ okonchatel’niy otvet.
  • This is not accurate! I need to think about everything in order to give the final answer.

9. No problem

  • Не проблема
    • Pronunciation: Nye problema
  • Не вопрос
    • Pronunciation: Nye vopros
    • This one literally means “no questions”

You will hear this “no problem” phrase almost everywhere in Russia. Especially in conversations with friends or colleagues at work.

If a person asks you for help, just say “не проблема” or “не вопрос.”

yes in russian


  • Помогу ли я тебе? Не вопрос. У меня есть время!
  • Pomogu li ya tebe? Ne vopros. U menya yest’ vremya!
  • Will I help you? No problem. I have time!

10. Yes, Sir

  • Так точно!
  • Pronunciation: Tak tochno

This phrase sounds formal in Russian. So, you will only hear this in the Russian Army. Or, when the person wants to express some extra emotions. Literally, this phrase means “that’s right.”

yes in russian


  • Так точно! Все сделаю вовремя!
  • Tak tochno! Vse sdelayu vovremya!
  • Yes sir! I’ll do it on time!

Here are examples of other ways to say Yes in Russian.

They do not require additional explanations.

11. Probably yes

  • Да, наверное!
  • Pronunciation: Da navernoye

yes in russian

12. Sounds great

  • Звучит отлично!
  • Pronunciation: Zvuchit otlichno

yes in russian

13. Sure thing!

  • Безусловно!
  • Pronunciation: Bezuslovno

yes in russian

14. Naturally (Yes)!

  • Естественно!
  • Pronunciation: Yestestvenno
  • Meaning, it’s a natural yes. It’s obvious.

yes in russian

Now you know how to say YES in Russian.

So, take this lesson, print it, review it and re-read it as much as possible. That’s the fastest way to learn Russian.

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What about a dismissive yes? Example: someone is telling you something you already know, or maybe something you aren’t concerned about, and you kinda wave them off and say, “Yeah, yeah…”