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13 Best Japanese Learning Apps for iOS & Android

learn with japanesepod101 Hello Junkies!

Looking for the best Japanese learning Apps? If you can study off of your mobile device (warning: most people can’t because they’re prone to multitasking) then this is for you.

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Here are the top 13 FREE Japanese iOS & Android Apps in no particular order. And here are some things you should do:

  • Pass along and share with the Japanese learning world.
  • Download the apps for your enjoyment.
  • Leave me a comment and tell me what else to add.

best japanese learning apps

1. WordPower – Learn 1 new word every day. Sends you an alert for a new word daily – good for motivation, staying on track. It takes a second to check it and learn a new word. You can also learn the top 100 or 200 words but it’s the Word of the Day that’s the best. 1 Great feature. No extra baggage.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.29.39 PM

2. Learning Japanese – This is Tae Kim’s site in App form. Great as a reference feature and for learning grammar rules. If you love the site, you’ll love this. Completely Free and a good way to review grammar.

best japanese learning apps

3. Innovative Language 101 –  Free Japanese Audio and Video lessons from JPOD101. They release 2-3 new lessons every week. All of their new lessons are free so you can sit back, download and learn Japanese with Audio and Video Lessons. Highly recommended.

best japanese learning apps

4. HelloTalk – Great for finding native Japanese speakers to chat with. This is a messenger App from the language exchange angle. Highly recommended if you’re not shy. Simply put, you can find Japanese speakers and even see speakers in your location.

best japanese learning apps

5. Imiwa? Dictionary – Hands down, THE best dictionary App I’ve seen so far. You can even paste in Japanese text to have it broken down, word by word. This is iOS only. Don’t worry, there’s a good Android App down below.

best japanese learning apps 6. TenguGo Kana (Hiragana and Katakana) – Perfect for beginners that want to learn the Japanese alphabet (kana) – Hiragana and Katakana.

best japanese learning apps

7. Hiragana and Katakana – Complete Basics of Japanese – Another good App for learning the Kana. Complete beginners also would be interested in this.

best japanese learning apps

8. KanjiQ – Japanese Kanji Stroke Order Free. This is all about the proper Kanji stroke, if you’re a Kanji nut! 13,000+ kanji inside. Great for practice. Kanji are divided from N1 to N5.

best japanese learning apps

9. Ameba – Ameba is a Japanese blog network… not really a learning tool… but it CAN BE, if you use it that way. Start your own blog in Japanese, find native speakers, read others’ blogs to boost your Japanese.

The value is there if you look for it. However, this isn’t for beginners or people that can’t sit down and spend 10 minutes on a blog entry.

best japanese learning apps

10. Memrise- Choose Japanese and you’ll find plenty of vocab, kana and phrase courses and quizzes. It also reminds you to keep learning. Highly recommended for vocab.

best japanese learning apps

11. Anki – AnkiDroid FlashcardsYes, the world famous SRS flashcard system. I added it here because it’s free but paid for iOS.  Amazing app and a must have for drilling and learning words/kanji effectively.

best japanese learning apps

12. JED – Japanese Dictionary – Probably THE best Android dictionary App. Easy too look up words, can search in romaji, english etc. Has furigana for kanji, Handy example sentences. This is an Android only app.

best japanese learning apps

13. Obenkyou – Great general App to learn Japanese with. Learn Kana, Vocab, Kanji, Grammar/Particles and it includes Tae Kim’s Grammar guide. This is an Android only App.

best japanese learning apps

So, what do you think?

Did I miss a FREE yet awesome App that should be up here?

Be sure to leave me a comment and a link.

Yes, this top 13 list is barely scratching the surface. There are definitely more. Let’s make it a top 20 or top 30 list.

Image: Blue Hour over Tokyo by Balint Földesi

Hope you enjoy these apps.

– Written by the Main Junkie

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