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Top 10 Hebrew Wishes for Holidays, Christmas, New Year

newhebrew12Oh, hi there.

How would you say Merry Christmas in Hebrew?

Or any another Holiday phrase? You’ll need these phrases for the Holiday season if you’re a Hebrew learner. And don’t worry, you’re about to find out. It’ll take a few minutes.

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In the spirit of the season, we’re going to cover the top 10 Hebrew Holiday Phrases! Yes, and that includes Christmas, the New Year, Kwanzaa AND Hanukkah. It’s not too hard either. These come with:

  • English Pronunciation, Romanization and Hebrew versions
  • Meanings and Translations

Bonus: Listen to HebrewPod101‘s Lesson for these 10 phrases below.


1) How to say Merry Christmas in Hebrew
חג מולד שמח!
khag molad sameakh!


2) Happy Hanukkah in Hebrew
חנוכה שמח!
khanukah shameakh!


3) Have a great winter vacation!
שתהיה לך חופשת חורף נהדרת!
she`tihiye lekha khufshat khoref nehederet!

4) See you next year!
להתראות בשנה הבאה!
lehitraot be`shanah haba-ah!

5) Warm wishes!
איחולים חמים!
ikhulim khamim!

6) Happy holidays!
חג שמח!
khag shameakh!


7) Enjoy the holidays!
תהנה בחגים!
tehene ba`khagim!

8) Best wishes for the new year!
מיטב האיחולים לשנה החדשה!
meitav ha`ikhulim la`shanah ha`khadasha!


9) Have a Happy New Year!
שתהיה לך שנה טובה!
she`tihiye lekha shanah tovah!

10) Happy Kwanzaa!
קוואנזה שמח!
kwanzaa shameakh!


Note: This list comes from HebrewPod101 – where you can learn Hebrew language online with lessons and apps. Be sure to share phrases these when the time comes!

Learning holiday greetings in Hebrew is pretty important and these simple phrases are a quick way to know more Hebrew.

Tip: Do Israelis celebrate all some of these Holidays? No, but as a learner you should be able to talk about your own Holidays as well.

What do you think? Did I miss any phrases?

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

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