say bye in hebrew

Hebrew Lesson: Top 14 Ways to Say Bye In Hebrew

Hi Junkies,

Did you know? People remember the last words you say to them. That’s why it’s important to know how to say bye in Hebrew.

So, let’s take a look a the most common and frequently used ways. Take this lesson.

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Hebrew Lesson: Top 14 Ways to Say Bye In Hebrew

Also, here’s a free Hebrew Audio lesson about greetings provided by You’ll learn how to say hi and bye in Hebrew. Just press the play button on the player below.

  • 3-Minute Hebrew Lesson #2 – Greetings

1. Goodbye, see you soon.

  • להתראות
  • Pronounced: Leitraot

This is the most common way to say bye in Hebrew. You may use this one to end up a formal conversation or a casual chat. The spelling and pronunciation are the same for both male and female.

2. Goodbye.

  • שלום
  • Pronounced: Shalom

In Hebrew “שלום” or “shalom” means both Hello and Goodbye. This word can be literally translated as “peace”, so you are merely wishing “peace” on a person’s coming and again “peace” on them leaving. You should know that the word “שלום” is more often used to say hello than saying goodbye.

say bye in hebrew

3. All the best, be well.

  • כל טוב
  • Pronounced: Kol tuv

This is a good phrase to use when you want to wish someone all the best at the end of a conversation.

say bye in hebrew

4. See you in happiness.

  • להתראות בשמחות
  • Pronounced: Lehitraot besmah’ot

When people say this, they hope to see each other again only at good or positive events and not because of some bad circumstances.

say bye in hebrew

5. See you later.

  • נתראה
  • Pronounced: Nitrae

Good casual way to say bye in Hebrew.

say bye in hebrew

6. See you tomorrow.

  • נתראה מחר
  • Pronounced: Nitrae mah’ar

say bye in hebrew

Now, instead of “tomorrow” you can use other words that indicate time. Here are some examples:

  • See you on Monday.
    • נתראה ביום שני
    • Pronounced: Nitrae beyom sheni
  • See you next week.
    • נתראה בשבוע הבא
    • Pronounced: Nitrae bashavua haba
  • See you at night.
    • נתראה בערב
    • Pronounced: Nitrae baerev
  • See you next year.
    • נתראה בשנה הבאה
    • Pronounced: Nitrae bashana habaa

7. Talk to you soon!

  • נשתמע
  • Pronounced: Lehishtamea

This one can be literally translated as “Let us hear each other again!” It is usually used in colloquial speech to end a conversation on the phone.

say bye in hebrew

8. Good Luck!

  • בהצלחה
  • Pronounced: Behatzlah’a

It’s always good to know how to say good luck in Hebrew!

say bye in hebrew

9. Good night.

  • לילה טוב
  • Pronounced: Layla tov

You’re right. This is not a literal way to say bye in Hebrew. However, you can use this phrase as a parting greeting just like you could use “good luck” the same way.

say bye in hebrew

10. Talk to you (later).

  • נדבר
  • Pronounced: Nedaber
    • מאוחר יותר
    • Pronounced: meuh’ar yoter

You can use both ways to say “talk to you later” but “Nedaber” is a shorter and more colloquial way. “Meuh’ar yoter” is a more polite and official variant.

say bye in hebrew

11. Keep in touch.

  • שמור על קשר (When addressing a male)
  • Pronounced: Shmor al kesher
  • שמרי על קשר (When addressing a female)
  • Pronounced: Shmeri al kesher

There are two different ways to say “Keep in touch” in Hebrew depending on whether you are talking to a male or a female.

say bye in hebrew

Slang Ways to Say Bye in Hebrew

12. Bye.

  • להית’
  • Pronounced: Lehit’

This is a short version of the word Goodbye – “להתראות” – “Lehitraot” that you learned earlier. It’s a common way for young people or close friends to say bye in Hebrew.

say bye in hebrew

13. Bye.

  • ביי
  • Pronounced: Bye

Because of the popularization of English in Israel, this is now one of the most natural ways to say goodbye to close friends. You may even use it at formal occasions.

say bye in hebrew

14. Bye Bye.

  • ביי-ביי
  • Pronounced: Bye – Bye

This farewell is more often used when addressing a child, but can also be used when saying goodbye to a close friend or family member.

say bye in hebrew


* Important notes:

  • All [h’] / [ח] sounds are pronounces like H in the English words “Hotel” or “House” (pronounced more harshly).
  • Hebrew should be read from right to left.
  • All [h] sounds are pronounced as in the English words “Hey” or “Hi”

Now you know 14  common ways to say bye in Hebrew. Do you know other unique ways? Let me know by leaving a comment down below so that I could add it to this list. I always read all your comments!

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~ Written by the Main Junkie

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Kolja Dawid Samohin

Wow} I really don-t know if I can learn Hebrew, ooooooh! This one is the hardest to remember ביי-ביי (bye bye} It’s soooo difficult! lol! (No, it is meant as humour of course! OF course I can do well in Hebrew, after all I AM Jewish! I BETTER! Very interesting! I know some Hebrew of course as we do, as you know, use it in our Shabbat meetings in shul! (Such as of course just to cite one common greeting:( ארון הקודש! Another is meaning ארון הקודש Holy Ark. And of course the Tanach (התנ”ך). The Sh’ma: שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל יְהוָה… Read more »