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Learn Hebrew Podcast: a List of Useful Courses for Learners

learn hebrew books

Hi there!

Looking for some “Learn Hebrew Podcasts” to listen to?

Good! I’ve scoured iTunes and compiled a list for you.

Below, you’ll find the top 6 podcasts.

The great thing about podcasts is that they are a very passive way to learn. You can play them on your drive to work, while doing chores and learn a bit of Hebrew along the way. You can turn wasted time into learning time!

Also, if you love podcasts, you’ll love Audio lessons!

Here’s a free Hebrew Audio Lesson that you can listen to and learn start learning.. This lesson was generously provided by HebrewPod101.com (an online Hebrew learning program that I also mention below). Just click the play button on the black player below.

  • Absolute Beginner S1 #1 – Say Hello in Hebrew
Now, let’s move on to the podcasts.

1. HebrewPod101.com Podcast (also a complete Hebrew learning program)

learn hebrew podcast You get audio and video lessons every week with this learn Hebrew podcast. The levels range from Beginner to Advanced.

They’re fun, simple and usually 3 to 15 minutes in length. If you want, there are structured lessons at the bottom of this iTunes feed to get you started.

  • What’s great:
    • Professional lessons that help you learn and speak Hebrew.
    • Most podcasts are dead or outdated. These guys release several new lessons a week.
  • Examples of lessons:
    • Absolute Beginner Hebrew for Every Day #3 – Top 25 Hebrew Nouns
    • Must-Know Hebrew Social Media Phrases #12 – Getting Married
    • Basic Bootcamp #1 – Self-Introduction: Basic Greetings in Hebrew

But, these lessons are also actually part of their complete Hebrew language learning program. 

So, if you want a whole program instead of just podcasts,  I suggest visiting their site.

You’ll find audio courses, video courses, study tools, PDF ebooks and apps.

Click here to visit HebrewPod101 – the website & learning program

2 Hebrew Survival Phrases

Do you want to learn just the basic phrases? learn hebrew podcast

Then this learn Hebrew podcast is for you. No grammar. No long 14 minute episodes.

You get short and snappy lessons that teach you a phrase and all the various ways you can say it in Hebrew.

These guys stopped publishing in 2009 and have just 16 lessons.

I suggest that you just run through these lessons for the learning experience and move on.

  • What’s great:
    • Learn phrases
    • Only 16 phrases – easy to start and finish
  • Examples of lessons:
    • Lesson #1: Thank you
    • Lesson #2: You’re welcome
    • Lesson #3: Please

3. StreetWise Hebrew

This learn Hebrew podcast is NOT an actual language course. learn hebrew podcast

You won’t learn must-know phrases and sentences. What you will learn is various slang, idioms and sayings in every lesson.

So, this podcast acts as a nice little supplement for your learning.

This podcast also publishes about 2-4 times a month so they’re quite active.

  • What’s great: 
    • Entertaining and insightful
    • Slang

4. Learn Hebrew Pod 

These stopped publishing in 2012. learn hebrew podcast

However the podcasts are solid and perfect for beginner learners. You hear a conversation and then the teacher translates it into English.

If you want a quick free learn Hebrew podcast course, try this out. There are only 15 lessons here.

Running through them will help your Hebrew out.

  • What’s great:
    • Only 15 lessons. You can do this podcast for experience and get it out of your way.

5. Hebrew Podcasts

This learn Hebrew podcast is more about learning words. learn hebrew podcast

You’ll hear a teacher introducing English words and another one saying them in Hebrew.

You are prompted to repeat.

There are conversation lessons too and they follow the same format.

It looks like this podcast is also quite active too.

However, the lessons here are quite limited.

6. Stuff Jews Should Know

You’ll learn about culture here. learn hebrew podcast

Although it’s not a “learn hebrew podcast,” most Hebrew learners learn for the culture and religion. And so, you probably will find it very interesting as well.

The other benefit is, you can take a break from Hebrew, rest your brain and enjoy culture in your off-time. What you get here is just a fun conversation between 2 energetic teachers.

  • What’s great:
    • Learn culture
    • Very entertaining

The only downside is that this podcast stopped in 2016 and has 38 episodes.

So, treat it like a quick course.

Listen to all the lessons, enjoy them and move on.

Do you want more Hebrew lessons and resources?

Do you know of any more learn Hebrew podcasts? Leave me a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

– The Main Junkie

P.S.  If you want to learn Hebrew with 500+ audio & video courses by real teachers – Just click Here to Visit HebrewPod101 (click here) and start learning!

learn hebrew books

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