How to Say Happy New Year in Russian (Russian Audio Inside)

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The New Year is one of the most important holidays of the year. For Russians, it is a time when people give gifts to each other and children receive gifts from «Дед Мороз» (Russian Santa).

Nobody works or goes to school on this day. New Year always gives a sense of magic. And just like you, everyone dreams of achieving goals, finding new love and new happiness in the new year. So, today, you will learn how to say  Happy New Year in Russian.

Part 1: Russian Audio Lesson

Want to hear an actual lesson on Russian Holiday greetings? Just press the play button on the player below.

You will learn how to say Happy New Year in Russian plus greetings for Christmas.

  • Russian Holiday Greetings and Wishes for the Holiday Season by RussianPod101

This lesson came from RussianPod101 (a Russian online learning program and website).

Part 2: How to Say Happy New Year in Russian

1. Happy New Year!

  • С Новым Годом!
  • Pronunciation: S Novim Godom!

“С Новым Годом!“ means Happy New Year in Russian.

This is the phrase people shout at midnight, at the beginning of every New Year.

happy new year in russian

2. Happy holiday(s)!

  • С праздником!
  • Pronunciation: S prazdnikom!

“С праздником!” literally means “with Holiday” and this phrase can be used to only in the New Year.

happy new year in russian

3. Happy upcoming year!

  • С наступающим Новым Годом!
  • Pronunciation: S nastupayushim Novim Godom!

This is just another way to wish someone a Happy New Year in Russian. Except here, the emphasis is on the “upcoming” so you’d say it a few days before the New Year or New Year’s eve.

happy new year in russian

4. With new happiness!

  • С Новым Счастьем!
  • Pronunciation: S Novim Schast’yem!

“С Новым Счастьем!” applies only to the New Year. You cannot have happiness for other holidays. I’m kidding! But yes, it’s only used in this situation.

happy new year in russian

5. “With the upcoming (holiday)!”

  • С Наступающим!
  • Pronunciation: S Nastupayushim

“С Наступающим!” also means “Happy upcoming holiday!” You don’t have to say “С наступающим Новым Годом!”, as taught in #3, and just use this shorter phrase.

happy new year in russian

But remember, “С наступающим” can used for all holidays like Christmas, Easter, and so on.

Part 3: Learn Russian New Years Wishes

Next, you will learn how to wish people a Happy New Year in Russian. Here, you’re not just telling them “Happy New Year” but literally wishing good things for them.

You can copy these down and send them to Russian friends.

Or, you can review them to learn more Russian.

6. May all your expectations and goals come true in the New Year!

  • Пусть все твои ожидания и цели будут выполнены в Новом году!
  • Pronunciation: Pust’ vse tvoi ozhidaniya i celi budut vypolneny v Novom godu!

This is a great greeting which can be said to your coworkers, to a boss or just to a friend.

7. Celebrate this New Year with lots of fireworks and welcome it with a blast! Enjoy your time with friends and family.

  • С наступающим Новым Годом! Отпразднуй этот праздник салютами! Наслаждайся времяпровождением с друзьями и семьей.
  • Pronunciation: S Nastupayushchim Novim Godom! Otpraznuy etot praznik salyutami! Naslazhdaisya vremyaprovozhdeniyem s druzyami i semyoi

This is a great wish for your friend a family member.

8. Let this New Year give you all the strength and courage so that you realize all of your goals and grow stronger.

  • Пусть этот Новый год принесет тебе силу и мужество, чтобы ты реализовал все свои планы и стал еще сильнее.
  • Pronunciation: Pust’ etot Noviy God prineset tebe silu i muzhestvo, chtobi ty realizoval vse svoi plani i stal yesho sil’neye.

A nice wish for a friend!

9. May you be blessed enough to spend this new year with your parents, friends, loved ones. Be grateful and you will have only good things come your way. Happy 2018!

  • Желаю тебе провести этот новый год с родителями, друзьями и близкими. Продолжай творить добро и оно к тебе вернется. Счастливого 2018!
  • Pronunciation: Zhelayu tebe provesti etot noviy god s roditelyami, druz’yami i blizkimi. Prodolzhay tvorit’ dobro i ono k tebe vernetsya. Schastlivogo 2018!

This is a very warm sincere wish! You can substitute 2018 for another year in the future. On another note, I am writing to you from the past. Let that sink in.

10. Wish you have a year even better than the best and put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across.

  • Желаю, чтобы у Вас был самый лучший год, и пусть на лицах всех Ваших встречных будут улыбки!
  • Pronunciation: Zhelayu, chtoby u Vas byl samyy luchshiy god, i pust’ na litsakh vsekh Vashikh vstrechnykh budut ulybki

This is a wonderful, formal wish for your boss or colleagues.

11. May the New Year bring you luck!

  • Пусть Новый Год принесет тебе удачу!
  • Pronunciation: Pust’ Noviy God prineset tebe udachu!

happy new year in russian

12. May all your dreams come true in the New Year!

  • Пусть сбудутся все твои мечты в Новом Году!
  • Pronunciation: Pust’ sbudutsya vse tvoi mechti v Novom Godu!

happy new year in russian

13. I wish you to find your love in the New Year!

  • Желаю тебе найти свою любовь в Новом Году!
  • Pronunciation: Zhelayu tebe nayti svoyu lyubov’ v Novom Godu!

This is a wish for a person who is looking for love. Are you looking for love?

If so, learn how to say I love you in Russian here. Okay, onto the next Russian holiday greeting.

happy new year in russian

14. All the best in the New Year!

  • Всеvо наилучшего в Новом Году!
  • Pronunciation: Vsego nailuchshevo v Novom Godu!

This is just a short formal Russian New Year’s greeting. It’s just like using “All the best” in English.

You’re not really putting in effort into writing a message but are doing it anyway.

happy new year in russian

15. I wish you health, happiness and good luck in the New Year!

  • Желаю тебе здоровья, счастья и удачи в Новом Году!
  • Pronunciation: Zhelayu tebe zdorov’ya, schast’ya i udachi v Novom Godu!

happy new year in russian

Now, you know how to say Happy New Year in Russian and you know some extra New Year’s wishes.

Extra lessons:

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