18 Reasons for Learning Japanese & Why Many Learners Succeed.

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Your reasons for learning Japanese. What are they? Your 日本語を学ぶ理由 (nihongo wo manabu riyuu) which is translated as reason for learning Japanese. Anime? Love? Travel? In this lesson, you’ll learn to say the reasons for why you’re learning Japanese.

So, take this lesson:

  • Read the phrases and the romanizations
  • Review as many times as possible
  • Print it out if you want
  • Listen to the Japanese Audio Lesson below

As you read the many reasons for learning Japanese, listen to the audio lesson. It’s provided by JapanesePod101 (an online Japanese Language Learning Program – Click Here to get more lessons & learn). You’ll hear the native pronunciation so listen and repeat. Press the play button on the player below.

  • JapanesePod101 Lesson – Your Number One Reason for Learning

1. Watch Anime in Japanese

  • アニメを日本語で観る
  • Anime wo nihongo de miru

This is number one, if not one of the top reasons for learning Japanese. Most people just want to understand the Japanese they hear in anime and watch without subtitles.

  • 観る – miru – to look/watch
  • 日本 – nihongo – japanese language

reasons for learning japanese

2. There are few foreigners that can speak Japanese

  • 日本語ができる外国人は少ない
  • Nihongo ga dekiru gaikokujin wa sukunai

For some people, this is reason enough. Just think about it. The amount of foreign Japanese speakers is very, very, very low. Japanese people do not expect you to know any and know a bit of English for that reason.

But, what if you were one of the few that actually could speak with confidence? That’s a big deal.

  • 外国人 – Gaikokujin – foreigner
  • 少ない – Sukunai  – few

reasons for learning japanese

3. I want to watch movies without subtitles

  • 字幕なしで映画が見たい
  • Jimaku nashi de eiga mitai

This reason is related to the first one. As with anime, people want to watch movies and shows without 字幕 (jimaku – subtitles).

  • 字幕 – jimaku – subtitles
  • なし – nashi – without
  • 映画 – eiga – movie(s)

reasons for learning japanese

4. Because I like Japanese women

  • 日本人女性が好きだから
  • Nihonjin josei ga suki dakara

This is a very honest answer. Some people will say this.

  • 日本人 – Nihonjin – Japanese (person)
  • 女性 – josei – woman/female
  • 好き – suki – like

reasons for learning japanese

5. It’s a beautiful language!

  • 美しい言語だ!
  • Utsukushii gengo da!

If you read this, you’ll learn two Japanese words here. Utsukushii means beautiful and gengo means language. This is definitely one of the many reasons for learning Japanese. Many people like how simple Japanese sounds.
reasons for learning japanese

6. My family comes from a place where the language is spoken.

  • 私の家族は、その言語が話されているところの出身です。
  • Watashi no kazoku wa, sono gengo ga hanasarete iru tokoro no shusshin desu.

This is definitely one of the popular reasons for learning Japanese. With all the Japanese living in America and Brazil, the descendants do want to understand their mother tongue.

Let’s learn the Japanese words here:

  • 家族 – kazoku – family
  • 話されている – hanasareteiru – to speak (passive form)
  • 出身 – shusshin – person’s origin

why learn japanese
7. I love the culture and the people who speak the language.

  • そこの文化とその言語を話す人達が好きです。
  • Soko no bunka to sono gengo o hanasu hito-tachi ga suki desu.

Do you love Japanese culture? I’m sure you do. This one a huge reason why people learn.

  • 文化 – bunka – culture
  • 話す – hanasu – to talk/speak
  • 人達 – hitotachi – people
  • 好き – suki – to like

reasons for learning japanese
8. I just love learning languages!

  • ただ、言語を習う事が好きです。
  • Tada, gengo o narau koto ga suki desu.

Not many people learn languages just for the sake of learning languages. So, this reason is quite rare.

  • ただ – tada – just
  • 習う – narau – learn

reasons for learning japanese
9. The language is useful for my job.

  • その言語が私の仕事に役立ちます。
  • Sono gengo ga watashi no shigoto ni yakudachi masu.

This is also an unpopular reason. Most people don’t learn Japanese for work. If anything, they learn Japanese out of some other reason, like living in Japan, and then use it for work.

  • 仕事 – shigoto – work
  • 役立ちます – yakudachimasu – to be useful

reasons for learning japanese
10. I live in a country that speaks the language.

  • その言語を話す国に住んでいます。
  • Sono gengo o hanasu kuni ni sunde imasu.

This is one of the strongest reasons to learn a language. If you live in Japan, you’ve definitely thought about mastering Japanese because you’re there.

  • 国 – kuni – country
  • 住んでいます – sundeimasu – living

why learn japanese
11. I want to open my mind and become more international.

  • 広い心をもって、もっと国際的になりたい。
  • Hiroi kokoro o motte, motto kokusai-teki ni naritai.

This is another rare reason. Why you ask?

Well, here’s a question for you. When’s the last time you’ve changed your mind? When’s the last time you realized, “huh, my world-view and thought process might need some improvement.” Probably not any time recently. And rarely, if at all. Most people don’t challenge their own thinking. They say, “that’s the way I am, my opinion and I am right.”

But on the flip-side, Japanese natives do learn other languages to become more international.

  • 広い – hiroi – wide
  • 心 – kokoro – heart
  • もっと – motto – more
  • 国際的 – kokusaiteki – international(ized)
  • なりたい – naritai – want to become

why learn japanese
12. I want to understand my favorite songs, movies and TV shows.

  • 好きな曲や映画やテレビ番組を理解出来るようになりたい。
  • Suki na kyoku ya eiga ya terebibangumi o rikai dekiru yō ni naritai.

One of the most popular reasons for learning Japanese. People love Japanese dramas, music, anime and that drives them to learn the language. To understand the shows in their intended language.

  • 曲 – kyoku – song
  • 映画 – eiga – movie
  • テレビ番組 – terebi bangumi – TV show
  • 理解 – rikai – understand
  • 出来る – dekiru – to be able

why learn japanese
13. I love traveling!

  • 旅行が大好きです。
  • Ryokō ga daisuki desu.

People do learn Japanese for traveling. But, they don’t aim for fluency. And they don’t become fluent. Most travelers just pick up the basics like “hello,” “thank you” and other basic phrases.

  • 旅行 – ryokou – travel
  • 大好き – daisuki – love

reasons for learning japanese
14. It’s part of my university studies.

  • 私の大学の研究の一部分です。
  • Watashi no daigaku no kenkyū no ichibubun desu.

Are you learning Japanese in school? Then this one is for you. If anyone asks why you’re learning it, tell them this!

  • 大学 – daigaku – college/university
  • 研究 – kenkyuu – study
  • 一部分 – ichibubun – part

reasons for learning japanese
15. It’s my hobby.

  • 趣味です。
  • Shumi desu.

Do you like a good challenge? Is learning Japanese your hobby? If this is one of your biggest reasons of learning Japanese, then I congratulate you. Those that a simple reason like “hobby” or “goal” are more likely to succeed.

  • 趣味 – shumi – hobby

reasons for learning japanese
16. I live next to a country speaking that language.

  • その言語を話す国の隣に住んでいます。
  • Sono gengo o hanasu kuni no tonari ni sunde imasu.

Actually, this is a legit reason. You’ll find plenty of Koreans and Taiwanese that know some Japanese because the countries are close. That and the language is taught in school.

Since you learned many of the words in this sentence, this is the only one you need to know:

  • 隣 – tonari – next

reasons for learning japanese
17. I am learning the language to impress someone.

  • 人を感動させるためにその言語を習っている。
  • Hito o kandō saseru tame ni sono gengo o naratte iru.

In other words, for love. This is another powerful reason for learning Japanese. Literally, this sentence means “I’m learning to move a person.” What do we mean by move? Move as in “being moved emotionally.”

  • 人 – hito – person/people
  • 感動 – kandou – to move/be moved
  • ために – tame ni – for/for that

reasons for learning japanese
18. I want to speak to my partner’s family in their language.

  • 自分のパートナーの家族と、彼らの言語で話したい。
  • Jibun no pātonā no kazoku to, karera no gengo de hanashitai.

Another love reason. Though, I don’t know many people that go all the way to fluency for their family in-law.

  • 自分 – myself
  • パートナー – paatonaa – partner
  • 彼ら – karera – their

reasons for learning japanese
And that’s it!

These are the most popular reasons for learning Japanese. What is your reason? Can you write it down and leave a comment?

– The Main Junkie

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