How to Say Yes in Hebrew Fluently – 14+ Words & Phrases

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How to Say Yes In Hebrew


Yes, you’re here to learn Hebrew. So, let me tell you up front. “Ken” means “Yes” in Hebrew. If that’s the only word you need to know, now you’re done.

But, if you want to learn more, keep on reading. This quick Hebrew lesson will give you all of the ways of saying yes and agreeing in Hebrew.

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1. Yes in Hebrew

    • כן
  • Pronounced: ken

This is the easiest way to say yes in Hebrew. You can use “כן” in both, formal and informal situations, just like you would use “yes” in English.

say yes in hebrew


  • כן, את באמת צודקת
  • Ken at beemet tzodeket
  • Yes, you are actually right.

2. Of course

  • כמובן
  • Pronounced: kamuvan

כמובן” is a very frequently used word in Hebrew, especially in everyday speech. You can use it when someone asks you to do something and you are glad to help. It expresses your eagerness and easygoing attitude.

say yes in hebrew


  • כמובן שאני מקשיבה לך
    • Kamuvan sheani makshiva leh’a
  • Of course I’m listening to you (male).

3. No problem

  • אין בעיה
  • Pronounced: ein beaya

Yes, you can use this phrase just like you would in English. When someone asks you for help and you say “no problem,” you are actually letting them know that this task is easy for you and you are happy to lend them a hand.

say yes in hebrew


  • אין בעיה, אני אתקן את זה בשנייה
    • Ein beaya, ani etaken et ze beshniya
  • No problem, I’ll fix it in just a second.

4. Indeed

  • אכן
  • Pronounced: ah’en

You won’t likely hear “אכן” in informal conversations. It’s quite polite. The word “אכן” also means: really, actually and truly.

say yes in hebrew


  • הדבר הזה אכן קרה
    • Hadavar haze ah’en kara
  • It did really happen.

5. Yes indeed

  • אכן כן
  • Pronounced: ah’en ken

Remember “ken?”

Yes? Now, you can probably guess what the other word is. It’s indeed.

This is another more formal way to say yes in Hebrew. What you have here is actually the combination of two Hebrew words: “אכן” (indeed) and “כן” (yes). Literally, it means “Indeed yes.”

say yes in hebrew


  • אכן כן, עכשיו באמת חם מאוד בחוץ
    • Ah’en ken, ah’shav beemet h’am meod bah’utz
  • Yes, indeed, it’s really hot outside now.

6. Why not?

    • למה לא?
  • Pronounced: lama lo?

למה” (lama) is the Hebrew for “why” and “לא” is the Hebrew for “no”.

This is a very simple and easy Hebrew phrase to remember. Say it with me. “Lama lo.” 

say yes in hebrew


    • למה לא? תמיד אפשר לנסות
    • Lama lo? Tamid efshar lenasot
  • Why not? We can always give it a try.

7. Well, yes

  • ובכן כן
  • Pronounced: uvh’en ken

Our friend “ken” is back again.

So, if you want to express uncertainty or some shade of “polite” disagreement, you can say “ובכן כן” for this purpose.

You can use this phrase in formal and informal situations.

say yes in hebrew


  • ובכן כן, יכול להיות שאתה צודק
    • Uvh’en ken, yah’ol lihiyot sheata tzodek
  • Well, yes, you (male) might be right.

8. I understand / got it

  • הבנתי
  • Pronounced: hevanti

You use “hevanti” when you want to let the other speaker know that you completely understand them.

The same form is used both for females and males.

If a group of people want to say “got it,” you would have to say “הבנו” (pronounced: hevanu). This can be literally translated as “we have understood.”

say yes in hebrew


    • הבנתי למה אתה מתכוון
    • Hevanti lema ata mitkaven
  • I understand what you (male) mean.

9. I agree (male)

  • מסכים
  • Pronounced: maskim

מסכים” can be said only by a male.

If you’re a female, it would be: “מסכימה” (pronounced: maskima)

For 2 + males or a mixed group of males and females, you use: “מסכימים” (pronounced: maskimim)

And, for 2 + females it’s: “מסכימות” (pronounced: maskimot).

say yes in hebrew


  • אנחנו מסכימות איתך
    • Anah’nu maskimot it’h’a
  • We (females) agree with you (a male).

10. Right

  • נכון
  • Pronounced: nah’on

You say this one when you agree with somebody on something.

This one is formal and informal, and it sounds natural in both situations.

say yes in hebrew


  • נכון! באמת חשוב לשמור על כושר
    • Nah’on! Beemet h’ashuv lishmor al kosher
  • Right! It’s really important to keep fit.

11. Certainly / Definitely

  • בוודאי
  • Pronounced: bevadai

“Bevadai” has a casual and easygoing nuance. You can use it while having an informal conversation with your Hebrew speaking friends.

say yes in hebrew


  • בוודאי, אני בוטח בך
  • Bevadai, ani boteah’ beh’a
  • Certainly, I trust you (male).

12. Sure / Of course

  • בטח
  • Pronounced: betah’

Are your ready? Ready for another casual way to say yes in Hebrew? Yes, “betah” can only be used casual conversations. Why? Because in some cases, “בטח” might have some sarcastic meaning (for sure, when pigs fly, no way!)

say yes in hebrew


  • בטח! יש לי הרבה זמן פנוי עכשיו
    • Betah’! yesh li harbe zman panuy ah’shav
  • Sure! I have a lot of free time right now.

13. Yes – Literary

  • הן
  • Pronounced: hen

First there was ken.

Now, there’s hen.

You won’t hear many people say “הן” in their everyday speech. You are more likely to find this word in literary works and in the First Testament of The Bible. So, good word to know if you’re learning Biblical Hebrew!

say yes in hebrew

14. Maybe / Probably yes / Perhaps

  • יכול להיות
  • Pronounced: yah’ol lihiyot

You can use “יכול להיות” when you’re not 100% sure about something.

But, you can use it only in colloquial conversations.

say yes in hebrew


  • יכול להיות, אבל זה עלול להיות מסוכן
    • Yah’ol lihiyot, aval ze alul lihiyot mesukan
  • Maybe, but is might be dangerous.

Now, you know a whole bunch of ways to agree and say YES in Hebrew.  Why is this important? Well, it means you can now express yourself in many ways. Being able to do so means you’re quite fluent!

Want to keep this lesson?

Print it out and re-read it every now and them!

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