Top 10 Hebrew Language Software for PC, Mac: Reviews

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Today, you will see some of the desktop software you can use for learning Hebrew.

Some people want to learn with Hebrew textbooks. Other people want audio lessons to listen. And then, there’s Hebrew language software.

With these all-in-one “packages,” you have no problem mastering the reading, speaking, and listening aspects of your Hebrew learning.

Let’s start

Top 9 Hebrew Language Software

hebrew language software

1. HebrewPod101

What’s it about?

It is Hebrew language software that you DON’T need to download and install. You can learn on any computer, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Android.

How do you learn? With audio/video courses made by Hebrew teachers. Yes, they teach in English.

So, what makes it good? 

Audio and Video lessons by Hebrew teachers are good.

You’ll learn to speak and understand the language.

To start learning and speaking, all you have to do is press play and off you go.

Each lesson is just 3 to 15 minutes long.

The quick pace of lessons makes it easy to learn with them.

Once you’re done, they give you the next lesson in line.

Lessons cover: speaking, reading, writing and listening. But, HebrewPod101’s strength, in my opinion, is teaching you conversation and listening.

They advertise having 900+ lessons inside, from Beginner to Advanced.

HebrewPod101 also has — flashcards, quizzes, word lists, downloadable books, lesson notes and much more to help you master lessons fast.

Basically, you get everything you need to learn Hebrew.

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Ok, what’s next?

2. FoundationStone

What it’s about?

FoundationStone is a flashcard based Hebrew language software.

It will help you memorize the Hebrew vocabulary faster and easier.

Why it’s good?

Good for memory.

Good for learning words which will help you with speaking, reading, writing and listening.

You can arrange your vocabulary learning into common and less common words. That way, you can learn the most commonly used words in Hebrew. You can move on to the less common ones as you feel you are ready.

This is good for both beginners and advanced learners. All you have to do is to choose the vocabulary that meets your level needs.

3. Rosetta Stone

What it’s about?

It uses immersion to help you learn Hebrew in an entertaining way just like you learned your own native language.

Why it’s good?

Well, Rosetta Stone is pretty popular and has been around for a while. So, you get over 25 years of language learning experience with them. They have developed a speech-recognition tool that is claimed to recognize what you say, correct it and help you develop a real Hebrew accent.

People who don’t like dealing with grammar may enjoy this.

Also, if you like being immersed in the language, this may be the Hebrew language software for you.

4. Duolingo

What it’s about?

This is a free language learning platform that uses a variety of leaning methods to help you to learn new vocabulary, grammar rules, pronunciation and to develop your writing skills.

Quizzes. Fill in the blanks. Matching pictures.

It’s not a complete program but is definitely a nice addition.

Why it’s good?

It’s addictive for a Hebrew language software.

How? Duolingo has a “Daily challenges” system that motivates you to learn and practice new skills every day. You might even compare your own scores and achievements with your friends who also use this platform.

5. Instant Immersion Hebrew

What it’s about: A game approach to learning Hebrew words.

  • Rating: 3/5 
  • ⭐⭐⭐☆☆
  • Link: Amazon
  • Price: $49.99
  • Technology: Windows, Mac

Why it’s good?

It’s a very simple way to learn. You get games, quizzes and stories that teach you the basic words: numbers, days, asking for directions, food, weather and more.

Good as a starting point.

However, it does look outdated for 2018.

6. Pimsleur

What it’s about?

Like Rosetta, Pimsleur is another veteran language learning company.

Here, you are getting 16 30-minute lessons in the CDs. About 8 hours in total. You are supposed to take one lesson a day for best results. The software also offers some helpful memory-training technique to help you memorize what you learn a lot easier.   

  • Rating: 4/5 
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Link: Amazon
  • Price: starting from $30
  • Technology: for Windows & Mac. Anything that can play CDs.

Why it’s good?

Just 30 minutes a day. Pimsleur doesn’t believe in mindless repetition. They are focused on delivering the information at the right time to train your brain to respond easily.

7. Babylon

What it’s about: It’s one of the top dictionaries and translation software out there. It provides you with high quality, detailed translation of any Hebrew word you want to know.

Why it’s good?

Because you need a dictionary.

Babylon would come in handy when you want to learn Hebrew. Besides traditional vocabulary it also has Hebrew slangs, Hebrew technical terms and specialized jargons from a variety of subjects and fields of study. You would also find very useful the information on formal and informal Hebrew word usages.


What it’s about: Now, this is not “just” a “dictionary. It’s ax` picture dictionary. Learn new words, see them on pictures and listen to native speakers saying them.

Why it’s good?

The Hebrew speaking picture dictionary is a real bargain for beginners. You can learn here the Hebrew alphabet and numbers in an interactive way.

One thing that makes it unique is that it has some information about the Hebrew culture, like holidays, Jewish concepts and even the books of the Bible with their exact pronunciations.

You can choose to hear any word pronounced by a male, female or a child’s voice!

9. Ready for Reading

What it’s about: With this Hebrew language software you can learn reading in no time starting with two-syllable words, and ending with reading of complete paragraphs.

Why it’s good?

It offers a great variety of entertaining games that will help you learn the new things you learn. The software includes seven different types of Hebrew reading pronunciations.

10. Anki – Spaced Memorization Software

What it’s about: Anki is not “Hebrew language software” exactly.

But, you can definitely use it to learn Hebrew words and phrases. It’s a spaced repetition flashcard system. With it, you can remember things for a long time. Spaced repetition means that cards are “spaced over time” before you see them.

Let’s say you learn a new word today. If you see the card and get it right, you’ll see it again in 2 days. Then in 8 days. Then, in 3 weeks.

If you get it wrong, the flashcard is going to haunt you until you get it right.

There should be plenty of Hebrew flashcard decks inside this software.

Why it’s good?

It’s great for memorizing words and phrases. That’s pretty much all you can do.

japanese language software

That’s it for now.

These are the top Hebrew language software. 

If you prefer learning with a “complete” program, then grab any one of these softwares. One thing I personally like about such packages is that you can finish them. What do I mean here?

Well, it comes to an end.

You reach lesson #50 or #60, and that’s it, program over.

For me, it means “hey, congratulations, you finished it!” instead of “ugh, i’ll never finish this textbook.”

Good luck and until next time!

– The Main Junkie

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