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german pdf lessons

Tons of Free German PDF Lessons: Grammar, Vocabulary & More

GermamNEW1Hey Junkies!

Looking for German PDF lessons? Here you will find a growing collection of free lessons on vocabulary words, grammar and much more. I try to update often with NEW stuff I find. Want to save them for yourself?

  • Just click on the links or images to download the PDFs for free
  • Or right click & save as to save to your computer
  • Print out the German PDF lessons to serve as physical study material

Download by clicking on the image or blue text.

Free German PDF Lessons: Grammar, Vocabulary & More

1. Top 30 German Phrases & Questions for Beginners. This PDF Lesson covers the basics that all Beginners must know – common phrases and questions. The kind you’d use in everyday conversation. If you’re looking to brush up on some phrases before diving deep into the language – let this be your first step.

german pdf lessons

2. German PDF Lesson Cheat SheetsHere’s another big collection of 1-2 page German PDF Lesson cheat sheets. They cover carious topics like family vocabulary, love and dating vocabulary and much more.

german pdf lessons


3. Count from 1-100 in German for Beginners. Want to learn how to count from 1, er no, 0 to 100? This quick and easy pdf lesson will guide you through. Good for all beginners. Feel free to print this one for regular review. Learning numbers 20 and above is a bit tricky but I guide you through with easy grammar rules.german pdf lessons

4. Top 50 German Adjectives for Personalities. This is a very specific lesson and it’s focused on German adjectives for personalities and types of people. What’s your personality? These top 50 should more than enough. Good German PDF Lesson for Beginners and Intermediate Learners.

German PDF LessonsMore PDF lessons coming soon!

Download, print and share these!

Like these German PDF lessons? Want to see more lessons like this? Or need some grammar points explained?

Please leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll do my best to upload new lessons all the time. I read all the comments.

– The Main Junkie

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