19 Awesome Ways To Say: How Are You in Russian

RussianNEW42Hello Junkies!

How are you in Russian? Are you good? Good! Asking how someone is a very common question. It’s used every day around the world. And, there are TONS of way to ask it.

Here’s why you should know the different ways to ask this question.

  • You have a greater range of expression – sign of fluency.
  • You sound more fluid and more natural.
  • One version may be more applicable than another

So in this lesson you will learn the 19 Ways to ask How Are You in Russian. Ready? Let’s go.

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1. How are you in Russian

  • Как дела?
  • Kak dela?

This is the #1, most popular way to ask How are you in Russian. If you need to remember anything from this lesson, it’s this. Now, it’s not formal. You shouldn’t say Как дела to your boss, but if you see a friend – use it. When you pronounce Kak dela try to make {e} very soft. In Russian, the {e} is a soft vowel and sounds more like {ie}.

how are you in russian

The next phrase you’ll learn is a variation of this.

2. How are you? (gentle)

  • Как делишки?
  • Kak delishki?

Young people, especially girls, like to adjust the phrase Как дела by saying Как делишкиKak dʲelishki. Why? it sounds sweeter, gentler and more endearing.

how are you in russian

3. How are you doing? (formal)

  • Как Вы поживаете?
  • Kak Vi pozhivayete?

This is a formal, official way of asking people “How are you doing.” If it’s a conversation between two presidents, or you meet your boss or professor and you want to be polite – use it.

how are you in russian

You CAN use this in everyday life with your friends, but it’s strange. Why? It’s too polite, to the extent of … why are you being “formal” with a close friend? Odd choice of words, bro. So, use #5.

4. How are you doing? (casual)

So, it’s better to change {Вы} to {ты} and ask:

  • Как ты поживаешь?
  • Kak ti pozhivayesh?

Now, it’s ok to use with people that you know well. But, we can go even shorter with this phrase.

how are you in russian

5. How are you? (super casual)

  • Как ты?
  • Kak ti?

Literally, this means “How you?” This might be the shortest way to say How are you in Russian!

how are you in russian

6. How are things?

  • Как Ваши дела?
  • Kak Vashi dela?

“Как Ваши дела” is a way to ask “How are things?” As you can tell, дела means things. But, we can also translate it like “How is your business?” Use it on anybody; a boss or your close friend. It’s not that formal like the phrase, “Как Вы поживаете“, but it’s still polite.

how are you in russian

7. How are things? (casual)

If you see a friend, say Kak Tvoi dela, because “Vashi” is too formal.

  • Как Твои дела
  • Kak Tvoi dela

how are you in russian

8. How are you doing?/How is your mood?

  • Как настроение?
  • Kak nastroyenie?

Another common way to ask How are you in Russian. We can translate this phrase to “How is your mood” because “настроение” means “mood.”  You can say it to everyone and everywhere. This phrase is also used in formal occasions – on TV, radio, speeches.

how are you in russian

You can also say {как твое настроение} or {как Ваше настроение}. Make sure you roll the {r} if you want to say it properly.

9. What’s new?

  • Что нового?
  • Chto novogo?

Ask this if you haven’t seen some person for a bit of time. This phrase is formal so young people (friends) don’t use it much. But, on TV (news or sport events) it’s popular.

how are you in russian

10. How’s it going?

  • Вы как?
  • Vi kak?

Very short and easy to remember. You can use it with your friends. Use it when talking to one person or a group of people.

how are you in russian

11. How’s your life going?

  • Как живется?
  • Kak zhivietsa?

Just like the English version, this has the same meaning and usage. Elderly typically say it a lot but it’s not a problem if you use it also. It sounds nice and polite.

how are you in russian

12. How’s life?

  • Как жизнь?
  • Kak zhizn?

Just like “Как живется?” but this phrase is more common. It’s not a formal so if you meet your really close friend – use it… even if you see this person every day!

how are you in russian

Alright, the next set of phrases are slang.

13. What’s up? (slang)

  • Как сам?
  • Kak sam?

how are you in russian

14. Howdy (slang)

  • ты как?
  • Ti kak?

how are you in russian

15. You alright? (slang)

  • че там?
  • Cho tam?

how are you in russian

16. Alright mate? (slang)

  • как там?
  • Kak tam?

how are you in russian

All of the above are slang ways of asking How are you in Russian. Young people, especially boys and men, use these. If you see a close friend – you can say some of them. They’re modern and fun, and as bonus for you, you sound more native.

The next few phrases come from the English language and English slang.

17. How are you? (taken from English)

  • Хау а ю?
  • How a yu?

how are you in russian

18. What’s up? (taken from English)

  • вотсап?
  • votsap?

how are you in russian

19. Wharrup? (taken from English)

  • ворап?
  • vorap?

Everyone around the world is familiar with these phrases. Russians too. Now, honestly, Russians don’t use these much in everyday life. But, Youtube-vloggers and Russians that talk with English speakers like them.

how are you in russian

And that’s it.

Do you know of any other ways to ask how are you in Russian? Please leave a comment below. I read all comments and I will add your suggestions to this list! Let’s make it a big one.

Feel free to print this article for your own review!

– the Main Junkie

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