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How do you say Kimchi in Korean Or 25 Easy Korean Food Words for Beginners

Learning Korean? Yes, yes, that’s why you’re here.

Chances are you’re looking for the basic, must-know words you’ll use in real life. Food is on the top of my list. I like to eat. So, I’ll assume it’ll be on the top of yours too. Learn the top 25 Korean Food and Drinks here.

Korean Food vocabulary

How should you learn these effectively? Copy, paste, and save. Or print this out and add it to your Korean learning notebook to refer back to.

  1. Coffee – Keopi – 커피
  2. Milk – Uyu – 우유
  3. Tea – Cha – 차
  4. Caffe latte – Kaperatte – 카페라떼
  5. Juice – Juseu – 주스
  6. Fruit juice – Gwail juseu – 과일 주스
  7. Beer – Maekju – 맥주
  8. Soju – Soju – 소주
  9. Alcohol – Alkool – 알코올
  10. Wine – Podoju – 포도주
  11. Water – Mul – 물
  12. Hamburger – Haembeogeo – 햄버거
  13. Cheese Burger – Chijeubeogeo – 치즈버거
  14. Pizza – Pija – 피자
  15. Fast Food – Paeseuteu pudeu – 패스트 푸드
  16. Meat – Gogi – 고기
  17. Beef – Soegogi – 쇠고기
  18. Pork – Dwaejigogi – 돼지고기
  19. Cake – Keikeu – 케이크
  20. Candy – Satang – 사탕
  21. Rice – Bap – 밥
  22. Bread – Ppang – 빵
  23. Instant Noodles – Ra-myeon – 라면
  24. Kimchi – Gimchi – 김치
  25. Fried Rice with Kimchi – Gimchibokkeumbap – 김치볶음밥

Those are the basics. Just what you need to survive on if you’re a complete Korean newbie. Now, how can you order/buy all of this stuff in Korean?

Here’s a simple phrase. Point to any food and say..

Igeo juseyo. 이거 주세요. It means “Give me this please.”

Similarly… you can take out Igeo/this and replace it with any of the 25 words above.

Mul juseyo. 물 주세요. Give me water, please.

Keopi juseyo. 커피주세요. Give me coffee, please.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?

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