Easy Korean Vocabulary – 60 Korean Words That Sound Like English Words

One that thing that makes learning Korean incredibly easy is association. Meaning, when you come across something that you can instantly relate/connect with something you already know. I mention this in “Learn Hangul in under one hour” article.

Because if you know X, and if Y [which you’re learning] can be related to X, understanding Y will be a ton easier.

Kind of like… your name is Bob… and you meet someone named Bob. Guarantee you, you won’t forget their name.

So, on the topic of learning Korean vocabulary, there are Korean words that sound like English words; you can call them Konglish, you can call them loan words OR perhaps their meanings may be different from what they sound like. However, the fact is… learning Korean words that sound like English is easy, painless and quick way to boost your vocabulary

What are they? Here’s a quick list I’ve come across. If you know any, please leave a comment and add some more – I’ll add it to this article.

Korean words that sound like English words… but don’t mean the same thing.

  1. 가스 – gaseu – (sounds like gas) means stove
  2. 눈- nun – (sounds like noon) means eyes
  3. 소리 – soli – (similar to sorry) means sound
  4. 아이- ai – (sounds like eye) means child
  5. 씻 – ssis – (sounds like sheet) means to rinse
  6. 비 – bi- (sounds like bee) means rain
  7. 그림 – geulim – (similar to cream) means picture
  8. 문 – mun – (sounds like moon) means door
  9. 많이 – manh-i – (sounds like many) means a lot of
  10. 트림 – teulim – (sounds like trim) means belch

Now.. for the Konglish. Korean words that sound like English words and mean the same thing.

  1. 아이스크림 – ah-i-seu-k’eu-rim is.. can you guess? Ice Cream
  2. 키스 – ki-seu – means kiss
  3. 오렌지 – o-ren-ji – means orange
  4. 피치 – pee-chee – means peach
  5. 팬 – paen- means fan… “f” does not exist in Korean so they use “p”
  6. 왜 – wae – sounds like and means why. Why? I don’t know…
  7. 라디오 – ladio – means radio
  8. 게임 – ge-im – means game
  9. 넥타이 – nek-ta-i means necktie
  10. 노트 – no-teu – means note
  11. 뉴스 – nyu-seu – means news
  12. 달러 – dal-leo – means dollar
  13. 러시아 – reo-si-a – means Russia
  14. 메뉴 – me-nyu – means menu
  15. 아파트 – apateu – means apartment
  16. 크레디트 카드 – keulediteu kadeu – means credit card
  17. 카드 – kadeu – sounds familiar right? it means card
  18. 쇼핑백 – syopingbaeg – means shopping bag
  19. 쇼핑 – syoping – means… can you guess? Look above. Shopping.
  20. 예 – ye – means YES
  21. 엠피쓰리 – empi sseuli – means mp3 player. Do those still exist?
  22. 헬스센타 – helseu senta – Health Center… Not like in Pokemon. Actually, it means GYM.
  23. 바나나 – ba-na-na – Oh. Oh, no. This is a tough one. I’ll just leave this undefined.
  24. 버스 – beo-seu – means bus
  25. 샤워 – sya-wo – means shower
  26. 센티미터 – sentimiteo – No, not sentimental. It’s centimeter
  27. 미터 – miteo – means meter
  28. 비디오 – bi-di-o – means video
  29. 슈퍼마켓 – syu-peo-ma-ket – means supermarket
  30. 스트레스 – seu-teu-re-seu – is something you’ll get from learning Korean. Stress
  31. 스포츠 – seu-po-cheu – means sports
  32. 에어컨 – e-eo-keon – sounds like aircon and means air conditioner
  33. 주스 – ju-seu – means juice
  34. 초콜릿 – cho-ko-lit – means chocolate
  35. 캐나다 – kae-na-da – means Canada. Oh Canada~
  36. 커피 – keo-pi – Not copy. It’s coffee, i tells ya.
  37. 컴퓨터 – keom-pyu-teo – means computer
  38. 콜라 – col-la – means Cola or Coke.
  39. 컵 – keop – means cup … just in case you ever want to order some 콜라
  40. 크리스마스 – keu-ri-seu-ma-seu – Christmas
  41. 택시 – taek-si – means taxi
  42. 테니스 – te-ni-seu – means tennis
  43. 테이블 – te-i-beul – means table
  44. 햄버거 – haem-beo-geo – hamburger
  45. 피자 – pi-ja – means pizza
  46. 티브이 – ti-beu-i – means TV
  47. 텔레비전 – tel-le-bi-jeon – means television
  48. 퍼센트 – peo-sen-teu – means percent
  49. 프랑스 – peu-rang-seu – means France
  50. 선글라스 – seongeullaseu – means sunglasses

Know any words of your own? Leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list.

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쿠키 (kuki) sounds like cookie and means cookie.


Thanks for the cool list of words that sound like English. They’re a great way to learn Korean.


I am pretty sure that ne is yes


this seems so hard I don’t know have people understand Korean and write Korean.


다운 dawun (sound like DOWN) means -ish or be like (eg: 너 답다. It’s so you. 아름다운 나라 a beautuful country) (noun + 다운 = adjective; for example – 아이다운, 사람다운)

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고마워, 이거 아주 도움이되었다.


트램 폴린 (teulaem pollin) means ‘trampoline’


Seksihae: Sexy
I know it only looks A BIT like it’s similar, but basically, you just had “hae” to the end of sexy. So “sexy-hae”. xD


Good list but most of these words arent Konglish. Konglish is actually a sub language of words that dont exist in English or Korean.
E.g 오토바이 (otobai) for motorbike and 노트븍 (noteubeuk) for laptop.
Most of the words here are just straightforward loanwords.

garrett ederer

There’s some more on a list on wiki under the word “konglish”— Ski, Piano, sofa…


i know the word for cute in korean sounds simlar to cute in english. i don”t how to spell it, but yeah. Oh and dul sounds like two and means two. mom sounds like Mom in english but means body. Hand is son in korean and son sounds like son or sun.