Japanese Phrases: 30 Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day & More

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Do you need to express love in Japanese?


You’re going to learn the Top 30 Japanese love phrases. You’ll get the…

  • Japanese (writing) for these phrases
  • English pronunciation so you can say it
  • Picture (save it/print it for review)

These phrases are mostly polite. Why? Because, when you’re confessing feelings – politeness shows how genuine your feelings are. More casual ones are included down below. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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1. How to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Japanese

  • ハッピーバレンタインデー
  • Happi- Barentain De-happy valentines day in japanese

The truth is, you don’t need to say this. On Valentine’s Day, girls give chocolates to guys in Japan. Noone says Happy Valentine’s Day to each other. Except maybe stores that sell candy. Women force candy upon their men of interests. However, if you’re in America or elsewhere in the western world, and want to wish a girl “Happy Valentine’s Day,” this will work just fine.

2. Will you be my Valentine? in Japanese

  • バレンタインを一緒に過ごしてくれる?
  • Barentain o issho ni sugoshite kureru?


This sentence isn’t practical for Japan. Why? Valentine’s Day is a day when guys get chocolates FROM girls. However, it is useful if you want to do it the western way, if you’re in America, Canada or such. Then, you can ask a Japanese girl to be your Valentine!

3. You mean so much to me.

  • あなたは私にとって、とても大事な存在です。
  • Anata wa watashi ni totte, totemo daiji na sonzai desu.


Daiji is a good word. Quite often used in Japanese, so the feeling should come across well.

4. You’re so beautiful.

  • 君はとても美しいよ。
  • Kimi wa totemo utsukushii yo.


Great line for any girl. I mean, who’d say no? In general, a good phrase to have on V-day, or not, to give a nice compliment and melt someone’s heart.

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5. I think of you as more than a friend.

  • 私は、友達以上としてあなたのことを考えている。
  • Watashi wa, tomodachi ijō to shite anata no koto wo kangaete iru.


Sounds steamy. More than a friend? Good phrase to break the friend barrier. Why be friends when you can be more than friends! And why have a million dollars… when you can have a billion dollars!

6. A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

  • 百個のハートでも、君を愛しているというのは表現しつくせない。
  • Hya-kko no hāto demo, kimi o aishite iru to iu no wa hyōgen shi tsukusenai.


Now we’re just getting poetic. Not sure how often this is used in Japanese, if ever. So, this definitely take someone aback. A hundred hearts is a lot of love!

7. Love is just love. It can never be explained.

  • 「愛」はただ単に「愛」である。説明なんてできない。
  • “Ai” wa tada tan ni “ai” de aru. Setsumei nante dekinai.


When someone gets all shy and confused as to why you like them, here’s a good explanation. Love’s just love. What do you want me to do? Write an essay explaining my love in logical sequence?

8. You’re so handsome.

  • あなた、とてもハンサムですね。
  • Anata, totemo hansamu desu ne.


I am, aren’t I? Uh, I mean, yeah, this is, uh, a phrase for the guys. If you want to go casual, you might want to say かっこいい (kakkoii) instead of handsome. It means “cool” but depending on the context – if from a girl, it means she’s likin’ you man!!

9. I fell in love with you at first sight.

  • 私はあなたに一目惚れした。
  • Watashi wa anata ni hitomebore shita.


Ah, this is a love confession, 告白 (kokuhaku). But in terms of regular confessions, the Japanese don’t get that eloborate. A regular “好きです” (suki desu) – I like you – will do. Chances are you won’t hear it in real life. But if you use it, that’s BIG points for creativity.

10. You make me want to be a better man.

  • あなたは私により良い男になろうと思わせてくれた。
  • Anata wa watashi ni yori yoi otoko ni narō to omowasete kureta.


Now this you won’t hear often. From most guys anyway. Very warm love phrase. Though, I’d suggest you’re already in relations with the person you say it too. Otherwise, it’s weird.

11. You are my sunshine, my love.

  • あなたは私の太陽、そして愛です。
  • Anata wa watashi no taiyō, soshite ai desu.

Ah, metaphors.


12. Words can’t describe my love for you.

  • 言葉であなたへの愛情は言い表せられない。
  • Kotoba de anata e no aijō wa iiarawasenai.


When words aren’t enough. Again, this is highly romantic, and thus highly creepy if misused. With great Japanese phrases, comes great responsibility. Use it in the right (poetic) context. Japanese people tend to not go that far into their expression of love.

13. We were meant to be together.

  • 私たちは一緒になる運命だったんだ。
  • Watashi-tachi wa issho ni naru unmei datta n da.


Please be sure that you’re in a relationship. Otherwise, you’ll scare them away.

14. If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in love.

  • これを読んでいる時に誰かの事を考えているなら、あなたは恋に落ちているに違いない。
  • Kore o yonde iru toki ni dareka no koto wo kangaete iru nara, anta wa koi ni ochite iru ni chigainai.


I bet you were thinking “hey, this Linguajunkie guy is pretty handsome and writes great articles” Well, this means you’re in love. Sorry. There’s no way out of it. I’m expecting a love confession in the comments below from you.

15. I want to meet (see) you.

  • 会いたいよ〜。
  • Aitaiyo-.


This is natural Japanese. It’s so simple. It just means “I want to meet you” but the context behind this simple phrase is HUGE. It’s like an iceberg. You see the tip, but below the surface is a massive amount of meaning, desire and emotion. It means they want to meet you… for more than just meeting, for the feelings, the love. Not like you’d meet your dummy friend for coffee to yak about gossip.

15. I want to see you all of a sudden

  • 急に会いたくなっちゃった .
  • Kyuuni aitakunachatta.


Kind of like the above. Except more urgent. Be prepared for love. Or a nice cafe date. I don’t know.

 16. Not talking with you for a day feels like not talking to you for a week.

  • あなたと会話しない日が一日空くと、1週間くらい話していない気分になる。
  • Anata to kaiwa shinai hi ga ichinichi aku to, isshuukan kurai hanashite inai kibun ni naru.

japanese love phrases

Japanese people are busy people. They work a lot. So, it’s not common that in a relationship you don’t get to chat or see your partner more often. Hence, this is very practical.

17. I still want a relationship with you.

  • それでもあなたと付き合いたい。
  • Soredemo anata to tsukiaitai.

japanese love phrases

Well, noone said persuasion is off the table. See if you can get what you want!

18. I love you so much it hurts.

  • あなたのことが好きで好きでたまらない。
  • Anata no koto ga suki de suki detamaranai.

japanese love phrases

Might be a good line for during a breakup. It’s pretty severe. And a bit far from romance.

19. There are many things I love about you.

  • あなたの好きなところは本当にたくさんある。
  • Anata no sukina tokoro wa hontou ni takusan aru.

japanese love phrases

Now, we’re talking romance. But you better be prepared to recount all the things you love about them. Their face. Their brain. Their nose.

2o. I’m in love with you.

  • 僕は君のことが好きなんだ。
  • Boku wa kimi no koto ga suki nanda.

japanese love phrases

There we go. The ideal confession. This is natural and will serve you well. Granted “suki” means to like, but as said already, the Japanese don’t go heavy into emotional feelings and love talk. “Suki” suffices.

21. I’ll be here forever, waiting for you.

  • ここで僕は待ってるよいつまでも .
  • Koko de boku wa matteruyo itsu made mo.

japanese love phrases

Just in case your lover decides to go study abroad!

22. I wish I could stop loving you. It’s so painful.

  • 「好き」って感情なくなればいいのに。苦しい。
  • “Suki” tte kanjou nakunareba ii no ni. Kurushii.

japanese love phrases

You might want to see a doctor for that one. Best leave this to a twitter post than telling someone this. No one wants pain.

23. What a lovely smile!

  • 笑顔がすごくいいね!
  • Egao ga sugoku ii ne!

japanese love phrases

Now this is a compliment! Tell them about their smile.

24. The truth is, I like you.

  • 本当はあなたが好き。
  • Hontou wa anata ga suki.

japanese love phrases

Another natural confession. This also should prove to be useful.

25. I wanted you to be by my side, more than anyone else.

  • 私は他の誰よりもあなたにそばにいてほしかった。
  • Watashi wa no dare yori mo anata ni soba ni ite hoshikatta.


Kind of sounds like a post-break up line doesn’t it? Well, it still fits the “Love” subject of this article.

26. You should just forget about him already.

  • もう、彼の事は忘れなよ。
  • Mou, kare no koto wa wasurenayo.


A little greasing and persuasion never hurt anyone. Maybe you’re a better match for her than “him.”

27. If you really love me, call me today.

  • 私のこと本当に好きなら今日私と電話して。
  • Watashi no koto hontou ni suki nara, ima watashi to denwa shite.


What a demand! And if you really love me, you will share this article on Facebook, Twitter and leave a comment! A bit demanding but a good line after having a fight. Show ’em you love ’em!

28. You have no idea how much I love you, do you?

  • 私がどれほど君を好きでいるか、君は知らないでしょう?
  • Watashi ga dore hodo kimi wo suki de iru ka, kimi wa shiranai deshou?


Might want to use this in desperation. Or when they need some convincing. This is something out of a drama.

29. I’m happy with you by my side.

  • 君がいるだけで僕は幸せだよ。
  • Kimi ga iru dake de boku wa shiawase dayo.


Now, this is a nice warm phrase that won’t creep a nice girl out. Put this to use. It’s very natural and affectionate.

30. People came one after another.

  • 次から次へと人が来た。
  • Tsugi kara tsugi he to hito ga kita.


What’s love without having a few loves here and there? Hey, it’s a long life. Some good loves. Some bad loves. And a few amazing loves. They come and go. There’ll be another.

Whew! Big list! Also, read my other article:

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