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Should I learn Hebrew? Top 6 Reasons to Learn Hebrew

hebrewpod101Should you learn Hebrew!?

If you find yourself asking that question… then the answer is already yes. Otherwise, why are you thinking about it? :-)

While I, the great Lingua Junkie, cannot convince you via an internet article (I wish I could), here are 6 POPULAR reasons why OTHERS are learning Hebrew. Maybe some you will agree with. Maybe some will be new to you. Who knows!

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1) Hebrew is one of the world’s most oldest languages.
Hebrew is one of the oldest languages in the world. By learning Hebrew, you’ll gain access to thousands of years of poetic, historical and philosophical texts. Simply put, it’s around 4,000 years old in its origin.

And the Hebrew Bible itself was written around 2,500 to 3,000 years ago.

hebrew facts linguajunkie.com

2) It was almost a dead language but was brought back to life.
If you know your history, Jews were exiled to Babylon from Jerusalem. While they were there, spoken Hebrew really declined. By then, they were speaking more of Aramaic than Hebrew. To add to that, after the Bar Kokhba revolt against the Romans in the year 132 A.D., Hebrew was basically not spoken anymore.

The Romans suppressed the revolt and scattered the Jews all over the world.

Wherever they ended up, such as countries in Europe, they acclimated to the language of the countries they were living in. So, spoken Hebrew was pretty much dying out.

However, once Jews began returning to Palestine, Eliezer ben Yehudah took it upon himself to revive Hebrew into a spoken language.

It eventually became one of Palestine’s official languages in 1952.

Talk about revival.

3) You can begin to understand classical Hebrew.

Want to read the Bible in its intended language? Modern Hebrew comes from the classical Hebrew, which is the language that most of the Bible was written in.

So now you can find out what those passages are really about.

This is a big reason why OTHERS learn Hebrew, especially within the Christian community.

4) Understand Jewish History & Culture
By learning Hebrew, you can get new insight into Jewish history, and you can also have a better understanding of Israel’s culture and its history. It’s practically a two for one deal.

5) Talk with Israelis
Knowing Hebrew will help you travel more easily in Israel and interact with
Israelis abroad. There are over 750,000 Israelis outside of Israel so there’s a good chance you’ll come across some.

What are they all doing outside?

Some are doing their post-army trip to get a taste of freedom. Others feel they can make a better living outside of Israel. And then, some just don’t want to live in a place with so much tension.

6) Your Own Reason Is The Best One

why are you learning hebrew?

All of the above reasons are nice and all.

Maybe a few resonate with you. However, nothing I write will be stronger and more persuasive than your own reason to learn Hebrew. Your own reason is what will motivate you to learn the language.

That’s something I can’t do for you.

So, what’s your reason? Why are you learning Hebrew?

Also, next steps:

Leave a comment below!

– The Main Junkie

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    It worked very well for me as I was completely fluent in the language in well under a year from following it and I didn’t have to pay massive teacher fees like my work originally advised. An absolute life saver for me and I highly recommend it to everyone

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