How to Count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew in 5 Minutes


So, here’s how you count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew 5 minutes or less.

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If you want to just want to learn 1 to 10, don’t worry –  I break these down step-by-step so you’re not overloaded. You’ll learn how to count, read and say the numbers out loud in the following steps.

  • Part 1: One to Ten
  • Part 2: Eleven to Nineteen
  • Part 3: 20 to 29. These will apply to all numbers 20 and above.
  • Part 4: 20, 30, 40… to 100
  • And the end, you’ll be able to count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew

Part 1: How to count 1 – 10 in Hebrew

Below is a picture for reference, and underneath is the chart for all Hebrew numbers from one to ten. Don’t worry too much about the pronunciation. The romanization versions will give you a good idea of how to say them.

count 1 to 100 in Hebrew

Just read the romanizations out-loud and there you have it, your Hebrew numbers from one to ten. It’s that easy.

Number Romanization (Pronunciation)
1 Echad
2 Shtaim
3 Shalosh
4 Arba
5 Hamesh
6 Shesh
7 Sheva
8 Shmone
9 Tesha
10 Eser

That was simple, huh? Now… onto bigger numbers.

Part 2: Count Hebrew Numbers 11 to 20.

Here’s a quick and dirty rule to say most of the numbers from 11 to 20. There might be small spelling/pronunciation changes, but don’t worry about it. You’ll get them with enough practice.

For numbers 11 to 19, the “quick & dirty” rule is…

Number from 1 to 9 + Esre

So, if you take a number from the 1-10 chart above, you can now create numbers 11-19. For example, 15 is Hamesh-esre. Remember, Hamesh is 5, as you learned above, and adding esre makes it 15.  But, this is quick and dirty, because as mentioned, there will be small spelling changes.

So here’s the complete list of Hebrew numbers 11 to 20.

Read out the romanizations to get an idea of the pronunciation.

Number Romanization (Pronunciation)
11 Ehad-esre
12 Shteim-esre
13 Shlosh-esre
14 Arba-esre
15 Hamesh-esre
16 Shesh-esre
17 Shva-esre
18 Shmona-esre
19 Tsha-esre
20 Eshrim

Part 3: Hebrew Numbers 30 to 100

Okay, now you know 1 to 20. Let’s do the rest of the 10s. You’ll need to memorize these.

This is an important step.

Once you know these, you’ll be easily able to count from 20 to 99. Trust, me. It’ll be super easy.

Number Romanization (Pronunciation)
30 Shloshim
40 Arbaim
50 Hamishim
60 Shishim
70 Shiv’im
80 Shmonim
90 Tish’im
100 Mea

Part 4: How to Count the In-Betweeners: 21 to 99.

You’re almost ready to count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew.

You already know 20 and 100. And you know the tens (30, 40, 50… 90). Now it’s time for all the numbers in between. Numbers like 21, 35, 49, 88, 96 and so on.

This is super easy.

All you need is this simple rule.

Take the Tens (from Part 3) + Add ve + Add 1-9 (from Part 1)

  1. You learned the tens in part 3. Take one like 30 (Shloshim),
  2. Add ve (it means “and”)
  3. And then, take a number from 1-9 that you learned in part 1. For example, 9 (Tesha)

So for example and extra practice…

  • 39 is Shloshim ve Tesha.
  • 55 is Hamishim ve Hamesh.
  • 99 is Tish’im ve Tesha.
  • 61 is Shishim ve Echad.

See? All you’re doing is combining part 3, ve and part 1.

Conclusion — Back to You!

Now, you can count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew. Easy.

This should’ve taken you 5 minutes or less to read. What’s the best way to master these numbers? Print this page out, put in your notebook for reference. Then, practice as much as possible. Reading things online is one thing… putting them to use is how you’ll master them.

Be sure to leave a comment if I missed anything!

– The Main Junkie

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14 thoughts on “How to Count from 1 to 100 in Hebrew in 5 Minutes”

    1. Benjamin Miller

      Numbers are as fallows. Aleph through Yod are 1-10, and Kaf through Tsade are 20-90. Quf through Sin are 100-300. The final form letters are 400-900.

      Hope this helps. Shalom!

  1. So for example and extra practice…
    61 is Shishim ve Shesh .

    Is not shishim ve ehad 61 and Shishim ve Shesh 66 ?

    1. It’s ‘Shishim ve echad’ (61)
      As for ‘Shishim ve shesh’ (66)
      Believe me I’ve been to Israel last year and I’ve heard it many times in the bank

  2. Leonardo Martinez

    Hi. Thank you for the lesson. A correction: I believe the example 61 should be “shishim ve ehad” and not “shishim ve shesh”.

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