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How to Say “I want to Learn Hebrew” 9+ Phrases & Lessons Inside

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“I want to learn Hebrew”

If that’s what you’re saying right now, here’s how you say it in Hebrew:

  • אני רוצה ללמוד עברית
  • Ani rotze lilmod ivrit

In this guide, you will indeed learn some Hebrew. You will: ① learn how to say “I want to learn Hebrew” in many ways, and ② actually get some ways to learn Hebrew: Apps, Textbooks and Hebrew lessons.

Ready? Keep reading.

“I want to learn Hebrew.” Useful Phrases for Learners 

1. I want to learn Hebrew.

  • אני רוצה ללמוד עברית
  • Ani rotze lilmod ivrit

Let’s break this phrase down. “ללמוד” (lilmod) is an infinitive verb meaning “to learn.”

Then, “עברית” simply means “Hebrew.”

i want to learn hebrew

Did you know that Hebrew phrases change up depending on the gender?

So, if you’re a male you say it one way.

If you’re a female, you say it another way. Take a look.

אני רוצה ללמוד עברית

Ani rotze lilmod ivrit

For a male

אני רוצה ללמוד עברית

Ani rotza lilmod ivrit

For a female

אנחנו רוצים ללמוד עברית

Anah’nu rotzim lilmod ivrit

For 2+ males or a mixed group

אנחנו רוצות ללמוד עברית

Anah’nu rotzot lilmod ivrit

For 2+ females

Now, as you read these, be sure to listen to this free audio lesson too. Why? You get to hear REAL Hebrew pronunciation. And if you repeat out loud, you’re practicing speaking. So, press the play button below.

2. I want to speak Hebrew.

  • אני רוצה לדבר עברית
  • Ani rotze ledaber ivrit.

Here, “לדבר” (ledaber) means “to speak” or “to talk.”

i want to learn hebrew

3. I want my Hebrew to be better.

  • אני רוצה לשפר את העברית שלי
  • Ani rotze leshaper et haivrit sheli.
  • Literal translation: I want to make my Hebrew better.

Here, “לשפר” (leshaper) stands for “make better” in Hebrew.

Now,“את” (et) is a tricky one. It’s actually a structural word, doesn’t mean anything and has no equivalent in English.

You may understand in the following way: “I want to make my (what?) better?

The answer is “Hebrew” or “את העברית.

And “שלי” (sheli) means “my.”

If a group of people is speaking it is better to change the “my” with “our.” In Hebrew, we say “שלנו (shelanu), which means “our.” 

i want to learn hebrew

4. I will learn Hebrew.

  • אני אלמד עברית
  • Ani elmad ivrit.

This one is extremely easy to learn. The Hebrew verb “אלמד” here is in its past form, which is the same for both male and female.

i want to learn hebrew

5. I want to speak Hebrew fluently.

  • אני רוצה לדבר עברית שוטפת
  • Ani rotze ledaber ivrit shotefet

The wordשוטפת” (shotefet) means “fluent” in Hebrew.

It has the feminine form because it describes the noun “עברית” (ivrit), which is a feminine word.

The masculine form of the word “fluent” is “שוטף” (shotef).

i want to learn hebrew

6. I want to understand Hebrew.

  • אני רוצה להבין עברית
  • Ani rotze lehavin ivrit.

The verb “להבין,” means “to understand.”

It’s the same for both a male and a female speakers.

i want to learn hebrew

7. I’ll start studying Hebrew today.

  • אני אתחיל ללמוד עברית כבר היום
  • Ani ath’il lilmod ivrit kvar hayom.

אתחיל” means “I will start” and it can be used by a male and a female speaker alike.

היום” is a simple word, which means “today”.

i want to learn hebrew

8. I’d like to learn Hebrew.

  • הייתי רוצה ללמוד עברית
  • Hayiti rotze lilmod ivrit

Wait. The phrase (hayiti rotze) doesn’t exactly express a certainty in your wish.

It’s more like a dreamy statement that shows your wish to, one day, do something, which is in our case to learn Hebrew.

i want to learn hebrew

9. My goal is to be able to speak Hebrew.

  • המטרה שלי היא לדעת לדבר עברית
  • Hamatara sheli hi ladaat ledaber ivrit

The noun “מטרה” (matara) means “goal” and “שלי” (sheli) is “my.”

In this particular case, “היא” (hi) means “is” and “לדעת” (ladaat) stands for “to know.”

i want to learn hebrew

Bonus Grammar Lesson

Seeing how this is an article on how to say “I want to learn Hebrew,” you should learn the grammar too.

How do you say “I want …” in Hebrew?

There are 4 different ways to say “I want to…” in the Hebrew language, depending on the speaker’s gender and number of speakers:

  • For a male:
    • Hebrew:  אני רוצה…
    • Phonetics: Ani rotze…
  • For a female:
    • Hebrew:  אני רוצה…
    • Phonetics: Ani rotza…
  • For 2+ males or a mixed group:
    • Hebrew:  אנחנו רוצים…
    • Phonetics: Anah’nu rotzim…
  • For 2+ females:
    • Hebrew:  אנחנו רוצות…
    • Phonetics: Anah’nu rotzot…

אני” (ani) means “I” and “אנחנו” (anah’nu) means “we”.

“רוצה” (rotze) means “want” and it can be said only by a male.

“רוצה” (rotza) means “want” as well, but this one can be said by a female only.

“רוצים” (rotzim) is the plural form of “want” and it can be said by a group of males or a mixed group consisting of males and females.

“רוצות” (rotzot) is another plural worm of “want” that can be said by a group consisting of females only.

Here is a simple example so that you’d get a better understanding of how to use this phrase:



English Translation


אני רוצה גלידה.

Ani rotze glida.

I want some ice-cream.

For a male speaker.

אני רוצה גלידה.

Ani rotza glida.

I want some ice-cream.

For a female speaker.

אנחנו רוצים גלידה.

Anah’nu rotzim glida.

We want some ice-cream.

For 2+ male speakers or a group consisting of both males and females.

אנחנו רוצות גלידה.

Anah’nu rotzot glida.

We want some ice-cream.

For a group of 2+ female speakers only.

Now, you can say “I want to learn Hebrew.”

You can also talk about reading, speaking and understanding this language. Just re-read and repeat these lines some more if you want to master them.

But wait, what’s that? You say you want to learn MORE?

Well, my friend, check out the links below for resources:

Written by the Main Junkie

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