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German Phrases: 15 Love Phrases for Valentine’s Day & More

How do you say I love you in German?

Or Happy Valentine’s Day in German?

You’re on the right page. You’re going to learn the Top 15 German love phrases and compliments. Perfect for Valentine’s Day and other days when you feel the love! You get the…

  • German (writing) for these phrases
  • English pronunciations & English translations
  • Just read out loud or print to review OR copy/paste!
  • Free Audio Lesson from GermanPod101 at the bottom with German pronunciation

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Ready? Here are the top 15 Love phrases  & compliments to know.

1. Ich liebe dich.

  • German: Ich liebe dich.
  • Pronunciation: Ih leebeh dih
  • English: I love you.

Knowing “I love you” in German is important. Especially if you want to get your point across or to remind your love. A great phrase for beginners.

German Love Phrases -

2. Glücklicher Valentinstag! 

  • German: Glücklicher Valentinstag! 
  • Pronunciation: Glooklih Valentinstag
  • English: Happy Valentines Day

Is Valentine’s Day approaching? This German phrase will be necessary then. But please, have a present in hand as well. No-one likes being told “Happy Valentine’s Day” without also getting a present.

Valetines Day in German -

3. Du bedeutest mir sehr viel.

  • German: Du bedeutest mir sehr viel.
  • Pronunciation: Doo bedoitest mirh zehr feel
  • English: You mean so much to me.

Expressing your love aside, there are other great phrases. This is one of them. Most German learners won’t learn this – as it’s not a “must-know” phrase. However, this definitely makes you sound a lot better in German.

German Love Phrases -

4. Möchtest du mein Valentin sein?

  • German: Möchtest du mein Valentin sein?
  • Pronunciation: Muhtest du mine Valentin zine?
  • English: Will you be my Valentine?

Perfect if you want to ask your crush out. Another good phrase to know on Valentine’s day.

German Love Phrases -

5. Sie sind so schön.

  • German: Sie sind so schön.
  • Pronunciation: Zie zen so shoon.
  • English: You’re so beautiful.

Oh, the compliment of all compliments. Honestly, what girl doesn’t like hearing this? I’d say this is the #2 most important phrase here, after “I love you.” Telling a girl that she’s beautiful is important. And if you’re learning German – memorize this!

German Love Phrases -

6. Ich denke an dich mehr als nur ein Freund.

  • German: Ich denke an dich mehr als nur ein Freund.
  • Pronunciation: Ih denke an dih meh als nur ayn froind.
  • English: I think of you as more than a friend.

Something most German learners won’t know. This is an advanced phrase! Want to step out of the friend zone and let them know it’s serious? Good to make yourself sound like an experienced speaker.

German Love Phrases -

 7. Hundert Herzen wären zu wenige, um all meine Liebe zu dir zu tragen.

  • German: Hundert Herzen wären zu wenige, um all meine Liebe zu dir zu tragen.
  • Pronunciation: Hundert hertzen veren zu venige, um al mayna leebe zu dir zu tragen.
  • English: A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

Now we’re getting poetic. What a phrase. Again, typical learners don’t get to learn these. This is more of natural, and very passionate, German language.

German Love Phrases -

8. Liebe ist nur Liebe. Es kann niemals erklärt werden.

  • German: Liebe ist nur Liebe. Es kann niemals erklärt werden.
  • Pronunciation: Leebe ist nur leebe. Es kan neemals erklert verden.
  • English: Love is just love. It can never be explained.

Just in case they ask you why you love them. Well, who knows! Sorry for you being so beautiful! Yeah, just tell them this.

German Love Phrases -

9. Du bist so schön.

  • German: Du bist so schön.
  • Pronunciation: Do bist soo shun
  • English: You’re so handsome.

And if you’re a woman that want’s to compliment a guy in German, don’t worry, you’re not forgotten. Guys like compliments too! Leave me a comment down below.

German Love Phrases -

10. Ich bin in dich verknallt.

  • German:  Ich bin in dich verknallt.
  • Pronunciation:  Ich bin in dih vahknalt.
  • English: I’ve got a crush on you.

It’s not love yet. But there’ something there. This is the perfect German phrase to know. Everyone has a crush and will have more. Tons of fish in the sea. So, you will use this at some point.

German Love Phrases -

11. Du machst mich zu einem besseren Menschen.

  • German:  Du machst mich zu einem besseren Menschen.
  • Pronunciation:  Du machst mih zu aynem besseren menshen
  • English: You make me want to be a better man.

This is for guys to use on a German girl. Does she make you want to shave? Put on a suit? Lose weight? Be the best at being yourself? Tell her that!

German Love Phrases -

12. Du bist mein Sonnenschein, meine Liebe.

  • German:  Du bist mein Sonnenschein, meine Liebe.
  • Pronunciation:  Du bist mine zonnenshine, mine leebeh.
  • English: You are my sunshine, my love.

Great, warm expression and compliment. And textbooks won’t teach you this! You’d have to ask a native speaker for a phrase like this. Again, good to sound like a “good speaker.”

German Love Phrases -

13. Worte können meine Liebe zu dir nicht beschreiben.

  • German:  Worte können meine Liebe zu dir nicht beschreiben.
  • Pronunciation:  Vorte kunnen mine leebe zu dir niht beshraiben.
  • English: Words can’t describe my love for you.

Now we’re getting serious. Can’t describe your love? Well, we can’t all be Shakespeare. And maybe, words actually just aren’t enough. This an advanced German phrase.

German Love Phrases -

14. Wir waren füreinander bestimmt.

  • German:  Wir waren füreinander bestimmt.
  • Pronunciation:  Vir varren fyur-ainder beshtimt
  • English: We were meant to be together.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more serious – this phrase comes along. Save this for your marriage. A bit of a bold statement!

German Love Phrases -

And finally…

15. Solltest du – während du diese Zeilen liest – über jemanden nachdenken, bist du auf jeden Fall verliebt.

  • German:  Solltest du – während du diese Zeilen liest – über jemanden nachdenken, bist du auf jeden Fall verliebt.
  • Pronunciation:  Soltest du – verend du deese tzeilen leest – uber yemanden hahdeken, bist du of yeeden fal veleebt.
  • English: If you were thinking about someone while reading this, you’re definitely in love.

Just a silly, fun phrase. Were you thinking of anyone? I bet you were thinking “Oh, this Linguajunkie character is so handsome.” Well, you’re definitely in love. Be sure to confess in the comments below!

German Love Phrases -


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Let me know what you think! Any German love phrases missed?

Want to confess your love?

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– The Main Junkie


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