French Numbers from 1-100 with Audio. EASY Guide.

Are you learning to count numbers in French?

Want the whole rundown from 1 to 100? Then you’ll want this guide. Here, you learn the French numbers from 1 to 100. Plus, all the rules that help you understand how they work. And, there’s audio pronunciation.

So, here’s how you can use this French numbers guide:

  • Print it and keep it for yourself
  • Listen to the audio to hear the pronunciation
  • Read the numbers out loud (or repeat as you hear them)
  • Come back to this page and review often (no-one learns everything 100% on the first try)
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And away we go…

french numbers

A. French Numbers 1 to 10

Here are French numbers from 1 to 10.

Mastering them is a matter of practice and memorization. After you’re done reading through, if you want to hear the audio, press play on the player below the chart.

# English French
1 one une
2 two deux
3 three trois
4 four quatre
5 five cinq
6 six six
7 seven sept
8 eight huit
9 nine neuf
10 ten dix

Listen to 1-10 in French to hear the pronunciation.

B. French numbers 11-19

You’ll need to memorize 11 to 16. But, from  17 to 19, a bit of simple math is used. Seventeen is ten plus seven, or “dix-sept.” Eighteen is ten plus eight or “dix-huit.” Nineteen is ten plus nine or “dix-neuf.”

# English French
11 eleven onze
12 twelve douze
13 thirteen treize
14 fourteen quatorze
15 fifteen quinze
16 sixteen seize
17 seventeen dix-sept
18 eighteen dix-huit
19 nineteen dix-neuf

Listen to the audio pronunciation for numbers 11-19 below.

C. Numbers 20-29

First, you need to know “twenty” which is “vingt.” Then, for 21, you add a “et” (meaning “and) and add the “un.” Then, for 22 to 29, you follow the vingt + <insert number from part A>.

Pay attention to the 21 exception. You’ll see it repeat in the higher numbers as well.

# English French
20 twenty vingt
21 twenty-one vingt et un
22 twenty-two vingt-deux
23 twenty-three vingt trois
24 twenty-four vingt quatre
25 twenty-five vingt cinq
26 twenty-six vingt-six
27 twenty-seven vingt sept
28 twenty-eight vingt-huit
29 twenty-nine vingt-neuf


  • 20 is vingt
  • For 22-29, use <vingt> + <number from 2-9>
  • 21 requires an “et” (and) before the “un”

Listen to the audio pronunciation for numbers 21-29 below.

D. Numbers 31-39

The French thirties follow the same format as the twenties. Remember the “et un.”

# English French
30 thirty trente
31 thirty-one trente et un
32 thirty-two trente deux
33 thirty-three trente-trois
34 thirty-four trente quatre
35 thirty-five trente cinq
36 thirty-six trente-six
37 thirty-seven trente sept
38 thirty-eight trente-huit
39 thirty-nine trente neuf


  • 30 is trente
  • For 32-23, use <trente> + <number from 2-9>
  • 31 requires an “et” (and) before the “un”

Listen to the audio pronunciation for numbers 31-39 below.

E. Numbers 41-49

The forties follow the same pattern as the twenties and the thirties. Remember the “et un?” Of course you do.

# English French
40 forty quarante
41 forty-one quarante-et-un
42 forty-two quarante-deux
43 forty-three quarante trois
44 forty-four quarante-quatre
45 forty-five quarante cinq
46 forty-six quarante-six
47 forty-seven quarante-sept
48 forty-eight quarante huit
49 forty-nine quarante-neuf


  • 40 is quarante
  • For 42-43, use <quarante> + <number from 2-9>
  • 41 requires an “et” (and) before the “un”

Listen to the audio pronunciation for numbers 31-39 below.

F. Numbers 51-59

50 is cinquante. At this point, you should be a pro at counting from 20 to 59. Again, same rules. Add “Et” to the 51 and the rest are the same.

# English French
50 fifty cinquante
51 fifty-one cinquante et un
52 fifty-two cinquante-deux
53 fifty-three cinquante trois
54 fifty-four cinquante quatre
55 fifty-five cinquante cinq
56 fifty-six cinquante six
57 fifty-seven cinquante sept
58 fifty-eight cinquante huit
59 fifty-nine cinquante neuf


  • 50 is cinquante
  • For 42-43, use <cinquante> + <number from 2-9>
  • 51 requires an “et” (and) before the “un”

Listen to the audio pronunciation for French numbers below.

G. Numbers 61-69

60 is soixante.  Again, same rules. Add “Et” to the 61 and the rest are the same. You should be a French numbers pro now.

# English French
60 sixty soixante
61 sixty-one soixante-et-un
62 sixty-two soixante-deux
63 sixty-three soixante trois
64 sixty-four soixante-quatre
65 sixty-five soixante-cinq
66 sixty-six soixante six
67 sixty-seven soixante-sept
68 sixty-eight soixante-huit
69 sixty-nine soixante neuf


  • 60 is soixante
  • For 42-43, use <soixante> + <number from 2-9>
  • 61 requires an “et” (and) before the “un”

Listen to the audio pronunciation for French numbers below.

H. Numbers 71-79

Alright, here we take a bit of a twist.

  • Seventy is French is “sixty + 10” or as you learned “soixante” and dix.”
  • For 71 to 76, you take the sixty (soixante) and use the numbers 11-16 (from part B), as if you’re adding them.
  • For  77 to 79, you’re back to the “sixty” “ten” and you’re adding in the numbers 7-9 (that you learned in part A).
# English French
70 seventy soixante-dix
71 seventy-one soixante-et-onze
72 seventy-two soixante-douze
73 seventy-three soixante-treize
74 seventy-four
soixante quatorze
75 seventy-five soixante-quinze
76 seventy-six soixante seize
77 seventy-seven soixante-dix sept
78 seventy-eight soixante dix huit
79 seventy-nine

Listen to the audio pronunciation for French numbers below.

I. Numbers 81-89

Eighty also doesn’t have a word in French. Instead, they say “quatre” and “vingts.” You already learned these words; they mean “four” and “twenties.” So, in French, 80 is literally said as “four twenties.” Then, to say the number 81 to 89, you just add the numbers 1 to 9 (which you learned at the start)

  •  80 in French is 4 20s (quatre vingts)
  • For 81-89, you take “quatre vingt” and add any number from 1-9 (from “un” to “neuf”).
# English French
80 eighty quatre-vingts
81 eighty-one quatre vingt un
82 eighty-two
quatre-vingt deux
83 eighty-three quatre vingt trois
84 eighty-four
85 eighty-five quatre-vingt-cinq
86 eighty-six quatre-vingt six
87 eighty-seven quatre-vingt sept
88 eighty-eight quatre vingt huit
89 eighty-nine quatre-vingt-neuf

Listen to the audio pronunciation for French numbers below.

J. French Numbers 99-100

Next are the 90s. Again, we do mathematical gymnastics to say this in French. So, 90 in French is 4, 20, 10 — meaning four twenties (which is 80) plus 10 (which brings you to 90.)

  •  90 in French is 4 20s plus 10 (quatre vingt dix)
  • So, for 90 to 96, you take the “quatre vingt” (80) and use 11 to 16 (that you learned in Part B).
  • From 97 to 99, you’re back to  “quatre vingt dix” and add the numbers 7 to 9 ( that you learned in Part A.
  • And 100 is French is easy. Just “cent.”
# English French
90 ninety
quatre vingt dix
91 ninety-one
quatre vingt onze
92 ninety-two
quatre-vingt douze
93 ninety-three
quatre vingt treize
94 ninety-four
95 ninety-five
quatre vingt quinze
96 ninety-six
97 ninety-seven
98 ninety-eight
99 ninety-nine
100 one hundred cent

Listen to the audio pronunciation for French numbers below.


Now you know your French numbers. Well, hopefully. Remember, noone learns everything on the first try — not even geniuses. All it is is practice. So, review, review, review, and say these numbers out loud.

– The Main Lingua Junkie

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