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why learn russian

Why Learn Russian? 30 Reasons to Learn.

RussianNEW42Hello Junkies!

So… Why learn Russian? What are the top reasons to learn Russian? Well, look, I can’t convince you to learn a foreign language with a simple online article. You decide that. BUT… there are MILLIONS of Russian learners out there.

And they have their reasons that you can read through.

Take this article…

  • Read the stories from learners (aggregated from around the internet)
  • Use it for inspiration or motivation
  • Leave me a comment and tell me your reasons for learning Russian

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Why Learn Russian?

why learn russian

30 Reasons to Learn Russian from Learners

Why learn Russian? Here are 30 reasons from Russian learners and why they’re learning. To sum up most of them… they learn for curiosity, travel and for other people. Take a look for yourself.

1. I chose Russian because I have good friends from Russia and have become very interested in Russian history and culture. Within the next year, I would like to visit Russia.

2. I grew up in a Russian family but Russian wasn’t spoken often in the home

3. I am interested in Russian Culture and i traveled to Russia a while ago.

4. I want to learn Russian and hope to visit someday.

5. I have a few Russian colleagues and occasionally need to read a few Russian journals.

why learn russian 6. Fell in love with a woman from Russia and one day hope to go to her country.

Note: I was expecting this’d be a more common reason for to why learn Russian

7. Hi i’m a 26 year old and i want to learn russian I have a friend from russia and i want to learn her language she speaks english but i want to learn her language

8. I am a programmer interested in working with Russian developers.

9. I would really like to learn to speak Russian, so I can talk to my new step-mother.

10. I will be going to Russia in July and am looking to start learning the language.

11. A lot of my friends, including boyfriend are Russian, and I would like to converse with them.

12. Just recently started studying russian martial arts and in doing so, have sparked an interest in the culture.

13. I am a 28 year old guy from the US i am thinking of taking a russian bride and wish to learn her native language

14. I am very new to the language and I am going to Russia this summer.

15. I have always been fascinated by Russian, and I have always admired Eastern Europeans for their character, and cheerfulness.

16. I coach and judge gymnastics and have Russian speaking friends.

17. The reason I want to learn the Russian language is for personal improvement.

18. I would really like to learn the Russian culture. And I hope that I can visit Russia someday.

19. I’m 19 years old and preparing to go on a Mission. I desire to go to Russia; I’ve taken great interest and fascination in the language and wont to learn more.

20. I was an exchange student in Russia a few years ago. I’ve learned some Russian, but would like to practice and learn more.

21. My main reasons for interest in the Russian language is that I admire and respect the Russian people and culture, and believe that Russia and the US can and should be friends.

22. I am in the United States Navy and have heard the Russian language many of times.

23. The reason I was to learn Russian is because I was born but moved to America at an early age, so I forgot.

24. My name is Toby. My wife and I are planning to adopt from Russia.

25. I am dating a Russian woman and i would like to learn to speak the language.

26. I don’t know any Russian but the language sounds so romantic! I just love to hear a Russian man’s voice.

Note from LinguaJunkie: Well, this is the first time I’ve heard that!

27. I have always loved learning about Russian culture and the language. I hope to visit Russia someday soon.

28. My wife and I hosted a Russian high school student from 1995 until 2000.

29. I want to learn because I work with many Russians here at the theater (we host many ballets).

30. Reason being is because i think its a beautiful language.

Now, what about you? Why learn Russian? What are your reasons for trying this language?

Leave me a comment and tell me your reasons. I’ll add them to the list! And also let me now HOW you’re learning Russian? The internet doesn’t have too many good resources to learn online.

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

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