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14 Ways to Say Thank You in Russian & You’re Welcome


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Today you will learn how to say Thank you in Russian and how to respond. Yes, you’ll learn how to say You’re Welcome in Russian as well. So, let’s get it started! Take this lesson and…

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Part 1: How to say Thank You in Russian

1. Thank you in Russian

  • Спасибо
  • Spasibo

This is the easiest and the most popular way to say thank you in Russian. This is a phrase that can be used in almost all cases. I can’t say that it’s formal; it sounds polite, but if you want to show your gratitude you have to say «благодарю». You will learn that next.

thank you in russian

2. Thank you (formal)

  • Благодарю
  • Blagodaryu

This is a formal way to say Thank you in Russian. This is the most intelligent way to express gratitude; slightly aristocratic actually. Also, it is very good to use this phrase when talking to a lady.

thank you in russian

You can change this word and turn it into an adjective saying: «Я благодарен», for instance: “Я благодарен Вам за все», which means “I’m so thankful for everything”. The emotion that this phrase expresses is very strong. It’s similar to “I appreciate it”.

3. Thanks a lot

  • Спасибо большое
  • Spasibo bolshoye

This is not formal, but by saying [Spasibo bolshoye] you express a lot of emotion, so {Спасибо большое} is a good way to say “Thanks a lot” in Russian. You can say this phrase to anybody like a stranger, boss or your close friend). This phrase is stronger than just [Spasibo], so don’t use it too often. 

thank you in russian

4. Thank you very much

  • Огромное спасибо
  • Ogromnoye Spasibo

This is also not formal, but saying [Ogromnoye spasibo] you express even more emotion, than saying {Спасибо большое}. It’s a giant thank you. You can also sarcastically use it when you’re angry with someone.

thank you in russian

Part 2: How to Say Thank You in Russian – Phrases

Phrases are also often used to show the gratitude. Especially in formal situations. If you want to express deep thanks, use these.

5. I’m very grateful.

  • Я очень благодарен
  • Ya ochen’ blagodaren

thank you in russian

6. I appreciate your help

  • Я ценю Вашу помощь
  • Ya tsenyu vashu pomosh’

thank you in russian

7. My regards

  • Mое почтение
  • Moye pochtenie

thank you in russian

8. My thanks

  • Благодарствую
  • Blagodarstvuyu

thank you in russian

9. My appreciation

  • Mоя признательность
  • Moya priznatelnost’

thank you in russian

Part 3: How to Say You’re Welcome in Russian

When someone thanks you, it’s good to respond in the same way. Here’s how you respond to Thank You in Russian.

1. You are welcome

  • Пожалуйста
  • Pozhalusta

This is maybe the most gracious way to say You are welcome in Russian. You can say [Pozhalusta] when someone just did a favor to you, and you truly enjoyed it and gained benefit from it. 

you're welcome in russian

2. Not at all

  • Не за что
  • Ne za shto

That is one more polite option, which actually means that thanks aren’t necessary at all.

you're welcome in russian

3. Happy to help

  • Рад помочь
  • Rad pomoch’

If someone is thanking you for a favor and you were really helpful, you can say [Rad pomoch] or [Rad bil pomoch].

you're welcome in russian

4. No problem

  • Не проблема
  • Ne problema

you're welcome in russian

And another way to say no problem in Russian.

  • Hе вопрос
  • Ne voprops

This is really a very common and casual way to say You are welcome in Russian. You will hear it almost everywhere in Russia especially in conversation with friends.

5. Do not mention it

  • Не стоит благодарности
  • Ne stoit blagodarnosti

you're welcome in russian

If someone shows the gratitude, this is the best way to answer. You can’t use it with friends because it sounds formal, but by saying [Ne stoit blagodarnosti], you show your respect. Don’t forget, if you want to be polite, the most important thing is to smile. Friendly tone is key.


Now you know 9 ways to say thank you in Russian and 5 ways to say you’re welcome in Russian. Print this article for your own review! There are many ways to express these, but what you learned here are the most commonly-used. Enjoy!

– written by the Main Junkie

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