For Beginners! Free Lessons for Russian Listening Practice

RussianNEW42Hi there Junkies,

So, a TON of you complain that listening to Russian is one of the toughest parts of learning. You’re right. Natives speak fast. New words and grammar come into play. Tons of conjugations – especially on the casual, slang side.

And the moment you hear something new… you freeze and get stuck.

So… Here’s How You Get Effective Russian Listening Practice

russian listening practiceThere are EASY Ways to get Russian Listening Practice and you’ll get them with some free Lessons. But… before we start… to master listening, you must follow these rules:

  1. You NEED to script to read along with. Why?
    • You don’t miss a word: read along as you listen.
    • Quickly learn the words you didn’t know.
    • Guaranteed, best way to understand Russian conversations.
    • Otherwise you’ll be lost.
  2. You need to listen & re-listen and re-listen.
    • The Russian gets drilled into your head and you become used to it.
    • You can listen without reading along with enough reviews.
    • Soon, you’ll be able to instantly understand what you hear.

Got it? Good. Today, I’ll show how with 2 free lessons and exercises. Each lesson will come with 1) the script so you can read along and 2) the translations so you know what you’re hearing.

Russian Listening Lesson #1 – At a Russian Bookstore. Note, this lesson is from RussianPod101 – great Russian learning site where you can find even more Audio & Video lessons. Okay, let’s go. Please reserve a good 3-5 minutes for this lesson.

  • Press the play button
  • Scroll down to the script below to read along

1) Женщина спрашивает кое-что у продавца в книжном магазине.

2) Какую книгу хочет посмотреть женщина?
3) Извините, могу я взглянуть на книгу вон на той полке?

4) Которую книгу вы хотите посмотреть?

5) Книгу о машинах.

6) Подождите пожалуйста.

7) Вот эту?

8) Верно.

9) Вот, пожалуйста.
1) Zhenshina sprashivayet koye-shto u pradavtsa v knizhnam magazine.

2) Kakuyu knigu hochet pasmatret' zhenshina?
3) izvinite, mogu ya vzglyanut' na knigu von na toy polke?

4) Katoruyu knigu vi hotite posmotret'?

5) Knigu a mashinah.

6) Padazhdite pazhalusta .

7) Vot etu ?

8) Verna.

9) Vot, pazhalusta.
1) A woman is asking a store clerk something at a book store.

2) Which book does the woman want to see?
3) Excuse me. I'd like to take a look at a book on that shelf.

4) Which book would you like?

5) The one about cars.

6) One moment, please.

7) This one?

8) That's right.

9) Here you go.

In the table above, you get the scripts to make your life easier and understand the lesson.

  • Russian conversation
  • Transliteration
  • English translation

Notice that just by reading along and listening – even if you didn’t know these phrases before – you know them now. That’s the power of reading along.

Let’s try an audio lesson now.

Russian Listening Lesson #2

Press the Play button and read along below.

This is a lesson sample where two characters, Ben and Veronika, get to know each other. Perfect for beginners.

  • Ben: Здравствуйте, извините, можно с Вами познакомиться?
    • Zdrastvuyte, izvinite, mozhna s Vami paznakomitsa?
    • Hello, excuse me, may I get to know you?
  • Nika: Да, конечно. Меня зовут Вероника. А как Вас зовут?
    • Da, kaneshna. Menya zavut Veranika. A kak Vas zavut?
    • Yes, sure. My name is Veronika. What’s your name?
  • Ben: Бенджамин. Можно просто Бен.
    • Benjamin. Mozhna prosta Ben.
    • Benjamin. You can call me Ben.
  • Nika: Очень приятно, Бен!
    • Ochen’ priyatna, Ben!
    • Nice to meet you, Ben!
  • Ben: Мне тоже очень приятно!
    • Mne tozhe ochen’ priyatna!
    • Nice to meet you, too!

So, For Serious Russian Listening Practice….

I absolutely recommend reading along. Will it be awkward at first? Yes! But like mentioned above, you absolutely must listen and re-listen and drill into your head.

It will get easier with enough listens – just a matter of you reviewing more and more.

I also recommend reading out loud. The faster you can read, the faster your speech and speaking skills become.

Now you know how to get Russian listening practice, how to improve your listening… and just how crucial reading along is. Now, let me know how these lessons were for you?

Remember repetition is the mother of ALL learning.

Leave me a comment.

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

P.S. I highly recommend this for Russian learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Russian with effective lessons by real teachers – Sign up for free at RussianPod101 (click here) and start learning!RussianNEW42

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