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Russian Phrases: 14 Ways to Say I Agree in Russian

RussianNEW42Hello Junkies!

Want to learn how to say I agree in Russian? Of course! That’s why you’re here. Agreeing is a crucial part of conversation and the more agreement phrases you know, the better you sound. Today, you’ll learn just that.

So take this Russian lesson…

  • Read, review, and read out loud
  • Print it out as physical review material (I like printing stuff)
  • Save images for your personal use (as flashcards)

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Let’s start… 14 Ways to Say – I Agree in Russian

1) I agree.

  • Russian: Я согласен. (masculine)
  • English pronunciation: Ya soglasen.

This is the most direct and literal way of saying I Agree in Russian. You can’t go wrong with this phrase… unless you’re a female.

i agree in russian

That’s right, the phrase above, more specifically the verb agree (согласен) is conjugated in the male form.

  • Russian: Я согласна. (feminine)
  • English pronunciation: Ya soglasna.

And below is the same phrase in the female gender. Overall, a must-know phrase.

2) That’s true.

  • Russian: Правда.
  • English pronunciation: Pravda.

A more casual way of agreeing in Russian. Literally, you are saying “truth” or “true” as that’s what “pravda” means. You can also say “Это правда – eto pravda” which literally means that’s true.

i agree in russian

3) Yes, you’re right.

  • Russian: Да, ты прав.
  • English pronunciation: Da, ti prav.

For when you want to say that someone else is right. Notice that the adjective “prav” or “right” is in the masculine form. Therefore, you can only use the above on a male.

i agree in russian

If you’re talking to a female, you’d say…

  • Russian: Да, ты права.
  • English pronunciation: Da, ti prava.

We’re just adding an “а” at the end.

4) I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Russian: Я не могу не согласиться с вами.
  • English pronunciation: Ya ne mogu ne soglasits’ya s vami.

Luckily, this is a gender neutral phrase. And it’s also very polite way to agree in Russian. Why? Well, it uses “you” in the plural which indicates politeness if you use it on one person. Literally it means “I can’t not agree with you.”

i agree in russian

5) That’s exactly how I feel.

  • Russian: Именно так я себя и чувствую.
  • English pronunciation: Imenno tak ya sebya i chustvuyu.

Another way to say I agree in Russian… except with feelings! Yes, this a variation of “agreeing.” Knowing more Russian phrases like this gives you more ability to express yourself… and sound like an intelligent speaker.

i agree in russian

6) Exactly.

  • Russian: Точно.
  • English pronunciation: Tochno.

This is a direct translation and an important word to know. Not much else to add. Use it like you would in English.

i agree in russian

7) No doubt about it.

  • Russian: Несомненно.
  • English pronunciation: Nesomnenno.

“Somnenno” means doubt so by adding “ne” we negate it. And thus, there’s no doubt about it.

i agree in russian

8) You have a point there.

  • Russian: Ты прав в некотором смысле.
  • English pronunciation: Ti prav v nekotorom smisle.

If you have a sharp eye, you’ll notice that this too is a masculine way of saying I agree in Russian. “Prav” meaning “right.” The sentence literally means “you’re right in some sense” where you somewhat/partially agree.

i agree in russian

How do we turn it into feminine form – if we were to say it to a woman? We’d add an “a!”

  • Russian: Ты правa в некотором смысле.
  • English pronunciation: Ti prava v nekotorom smisle.

9) I was just going to say that.

  • Russian: Я только собирался это сказать.
  • English pronunciation: Ya tol’ko sobiralsya eto skazat.

Another way to agree, of course. This too is in the masculine, and is said by a male, because of the verb “sobiralsya.” Literally, this sentence means “I was just getting ready to say that.”

i agree in russian

To turn it into feminine, we need to change it to this:

  • Russian: Я только собиралась это сказать.
  • English pronunciation: Ya tol’ko sobiralas‘ eto skazat.

10) I guess so.

  • Russian: Полагаю, что так.
  • English pronunciation: Polagayu, shto tak.

Gender neutral phrase of agreement here. Anyone can say it. “Polagayu” can mean “I believe” or “I guess” and “shto tak” literally means “that’s how it is.” It’s also a weak form of agreement.

Similarly to how you’d say “I guess…” in English when you’re not too confident overall. Or, you just don’t know well enough.

i agree in russian

11) If you say so.

  • Russian: Если ты так говоришь.
  • English pronunciation: Yesli ti tak govorish.

Also gender neutral and another weak form of agreement. Useful for when you just don’t care and let the other person have their way.

i agree in russian

12) Of course.

  • Russian: Конечно.
  • English pronunciation: Koneshno.

This is a common, must-know phrase. All Russian beginners should know this. Use it how you would in English. “I think she’s attractive. What do you think?” “Koneshno!”

i agree in russian

13) Maybe.

  • Russian: Может быть.
  • English pronunciation: Mozhet bit’.

i agree in russian

A bit of a weak agreement but also, an all too common phrase. You can use this “maybe” in other contexts aside from agreeing.

14) Absolutely.

  • Russian: Абсолютно.
  • English pronunciation: Absolyutna.

Another must-know word used as a way to say I agree in Russian. Not much to it. But if you didn’t know it before, you should know it now.

i agree in russian

Now you know how to say I agree in Russian. Let me know what you think. Do you want more phrases? How about phrases of disagreement?

Be sure to review this lesson on how to agree in Russian. Feel free print it out for your own review. I love doing that.

And leave a comment!

– The Main Junkie

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