How to Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian in 16 Ways

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Hi there!

Do you know how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian?

In Russia, people started paying attention to this holiday only about two decades ago. They celebrate this holiday with gifts, congratulations, and confessions of love. 

If you’re learning Russian, you should learn some of those Russian phrases and congratulations.

So, today, you’ll learn 16+ ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian.

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Part 2: Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian

1. Happy Valentine’s Day

  • С Днем святого Валентина
  • Pronunciation: S Dnyom svyatovo Valentina

This phrase literally means “Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian. Let’s break it down. Please note that the words are conjugated and are not in their dictionary form.

  • С – preposition meaning “with” but is used when congratulating someone on a holiday or event.
  • святого – saint
  • Валентина – Valentine

happy valentine's day in russian

Want to get more creative?

After this phrase, you can add “dear” or “my love,” for example. So, that would be “любимый” if addressed to a man or “любимая,” if said to a woman.

Check out the phrase below.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day, my dear!

  • С Днем святого Валентина любимый/любимая!
  • Pronunciation: S Dnyom svyatovo Valentina lyubimiy/lyubimaya!

happy valentine's day in russian

Now, here are some more creative Russian Valentine’s Day wishes.

Part 3: Creative Russian Valentine’s Day Wishes

3. Dreaming of You!

  • Мечтаю о тебе!
  • Pronunciation: Mechtayu o tebe!

4. Hugging you!

  • Обнимаю тебя!
  • Pronunciation: Obnimayu tebya!

5. Missing you!

  • Скучаю по тебе!
  • Pronunciation: Skuchayu po tebe!

If you were ever wondering how to say I miss you in Russian, this is it.

6.  Warm wishes!

  • Тёплые пожелания!
  • Pronunciation: tyopliye pozhelaniya

7.  Thinking of you!

  • Думаю о тебе!
  • Pronunciation: Dumayu o tebe!

You can also use these quick phrases together when you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian.

For example, you can say:

  • С Днем святого Валентина. Скучаю по тебе!
    • S Dnyom svyatovo Valentina. Skuchayu po tebe!
    • Happy Valentine’s Day. I miss you!

happy valentine's day in russian

8. Congratulations on Valentine’s Day! I wish you the most pure and devoted love!

  • Поздравляю с Днем всех влюбленных! Желаю самой чистой и преданной любви!
  • Pronunciation: Pozdravlyayu s Dnem vsekh vlyublennykh! Zhelayu samoy chistoy i predannoy lyubvi

This is a Russian Valentine’s phrase that you would use on a friend. Why?

It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in them. You’re just wishing they find some love.

9. When I look at you, I’m amazed by your beauty, both on the outside and the inside. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Когда я смотрю на тебя, я поражаюсь твоей красоте. Ты прекрасна и внешне, и внутренне. С днем Святого Валентина!
  • Pronunciation: Kogda ya smotryu na tebya, ya porazhayus’ tvoyey krasotoy, kak snaruzhi, tak i vnutri. S dnem Svyatogo Valentina

This is a powerful Valentine’s Day greeting. Obviously, it’s not a literal “Happy Valentines Day in Russian” phrase but it’s loaded with compliments.

Compliments are a good thing.

10. I wish you to find your love on a valentine’s day!

  • Желаю тебе найти свою любовь в День Святого Валентина!
  • Pronunciation: Zhelayu tebe nayti svoyu lyubovʹ v Denʹ Svyatovo Valentina

This is a wish for a person looking for love. You would probably say it to someone you don’t like that much!

11. Wish you all the best today (this holiday)

  • Всего наилучшего в этот праздник!
  • Pronunciation: Vsego nailuchshevo v etot prazdnik

This is just a short and formal phrase.

It can be used on any holiday since it’s so general.

12. Darling, my love for you is as deep as the sea and as high as the sky. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Дорогая, моя любовь к тебе глубокая, как море, и безгранична, как небо. С днем Святого Валентина!
  • Pronunciation: Dorogaya, moya lyubov’ k tebe glubokaya, kak more, i bezgranichna, kak nebo. S dnem Svyatogo Valentina

This is a very romantic greeting so save it for the one you love. Since “Дорогая” or “dear” is in the female tense, use this phrase for a woman.

13. The greatest thing you will ever learn in this world is to love and to be loved in return. Thank you, honey, for coming into my life. Best loving wishes on this wonderful day! I love you!

  • Самое великое в этом мире – это любить и быть любимым взамен. Спасибо, дорогая, за то, что ты пришла в мою жизнь. Теплые пожелания в этот чудесный день! Я люблю тебя!
  • Pronunciation: Samoye velikoye v etom mire – eto lyubit’ i byt’ lyubimym vzamen. Spasibo, dorogaya, za to, chto ty prishla v moyu zhizn’. Teplyye pozhelaniya v etot chudesnyy den’! YA lyublyu tebya!

This is a very heartfelt phrase can be said to a woman. If you want to say it to a man, instead of «дорогая» say «дорогой» and instead of «пришла» say «пришел»: «Самое великое в этом мире – это любить и быть любимым взамен. Спасибо, дорогой, за то, что ты пришел в мою жизнь. Теплые пожелания в этот чудесный день! Я люблю тебя!».

All you are doing here is conjugating the words to the masculine gender,

14. Even the sky admires your radiant smile! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Ваша сияющая улыбка восхищается даже небом! С днем Святого Валентина!
  • Pronunciation: Vasha siyayushaya ulibka vos-hishayetsa dazhe nebom. S dnyom Svyatovo Valentina

This compliment will make any person smile.

Of course though, my suggestion is to use it on a woman. They love compliments about their smiles.

15. In your eyes is a piece of the sky. I love you!

  • В твоих глазах кусочек неба. Я люблю тебя!
  • Pronunciation: V tvoih glazah kusochek neba. Ya lyublyu tebya

Again, this is not a literal “Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian” phrase; it’s even better. It’s more creative.

Eyes and sky in one sentence; that’s a recipe for a wonderful compliment! 

16. A short Russian “verse-congratulation.”

Do you want to leave them a nice little poem too?

Here’s a Russian poem that you can write on a card or stick in an email. This is actually the type of writing that you would see on holiday gift cards.

– В День святого Валентина

– Пожелания просты:

– Пусть исполнятся отныне

– О любви все-все мечты.

 – V Den’ svyatovo Valentina

– Pozhelaniya prosti:

– Pust’ ispolnyatsa otnine

– O lyubvi vse-vse mechti

– On Valentine’s Day

– Wishes are simple:

– Let it be fulfilled from now

– All your dreams with love.

Now you know how to confess your love in Russian on Valentine’s day.

Plus, you can now say Happy Valentine’s Day in Russian! 

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happy valentine's day in russian