Russian Lesson: Top 15 Russian Greetings for Beginners

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Today you learn Common Russian Greetings. Why? Every conversation you will have will begin with the word “Hello.” That’s why we recommend you learn greetings. The more greetings you know, the better will your Russian will be.

So, take this lesson:

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Lesson: 15 Common Russian Greetings

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  • Learn Russian in 3 Minutes #1 – Greetings

1. Hello – formal way

◈ Здравствуйте
◈ Pronunciation: Zdrastvuyte

This is a formal way of greeting people in Russia. “Здравствуйте” is a universal word which you can use in all cases of life. Since it is a formal greeting, it would strange to greet your friend saying “Здравствуйте.”

common russian greetings

But, if you meet a person you know (not a close friend) and you want to say an informal but respectful greeting, you can say “Здравствуй”. As you see, we cut out the ending “те.” which makes most Russian words formal.

◈ Здравствуй
◈ Pronunciation: Zdrastvuy

2. Hi – Casual

◈ Привет
◈ Pronunciation: Privet

“Привет” is one of the most common Russian greetings. You can hear this word absolutely everywhere. People use it in everyday life very often. The good news for you is that this word is easy to pronounce.

common russian greetings

3. Good morning

◈ Доброе утро
◈ Pronunciation: Dobroe utro

{Доброе утро} is the best phrase to say in the morning. It’s “Good morning” in Russian. People use [Dobroe utro] before 11:59 A.M in the morning.

common russian greetings

4. Good afternoon

◈ Добрый день
◈ Pronunciation: Dobriy den

This is also a frequently used greeting in Russia. You can use it during the day. “Добрый день” like “Здравствуйте,” is used in formal occasions such as on TV programs and news. Instead of that, you can also say {Den dobriy} or {Horoshevo dnya}.

5. Good evening

◈ Добрый вечер
◈ Pronunciation: Dobriy vecher

To be honest, Russians do not often use this phrase. Even in the evening people say “Здравствуйте” because you don’t have to really care about time and the timing of greetings. After 6 P.M., you can say [Dobriy vecher] or you can also swap the words and say {Vecher dobriy}.

common russian greetings

6. Good night

◈ Доброй ночи
◈ Pronunciation: Dobroy nochi

You can use it only at night or in the early morning. Remember that when saying this, you are greeting people – if you want to use {Good night} saying to somebody who is going to sleep, it’s wrong! Instead of that you have to say {Спокойной ночи} – [Spokojnoi nochi].

common russian greetings

7. Hello (used on the phone)

◈ Аллo
◈ Pronunciation: Allo

For phone conversations, this the one and only form for greeting.

common russian greetings

8. Hello (military greeting)

◈ Здравия желаю
◈ Pronunciation: Zdraviya zhelayu

This is a military greeting so you probably don’t need to know it. Well, here it is anyway! If we translate this pair of words to English it means “Good health” or “I wish you good health.”

common russian greetings

9. Hello (Slang)

◈ Здарова
◈ Pronunciation: Zdarova

This is the most popular slang way of greeting. Young people use it all the time, especially males.

common russian greetings

10. Kind time of day/Good day

◈ Доброго времени суток
◈ Pronunciation: Dobrovo vremeni sutok

This is a phrase that is used in online correspondence. Since you can not know when a person reads an email or a message, it’s best to just write “Доброго времени суток.”

common russian greetings

That way, you cover all times of the day, whenever it is.

11. My regards

◈ Моё почтение
◈ Pronunciation: Moyo pochtenie

This one is quite outdated, but for the sake of irony, sarcasm or for demonstrative respect for a person, it can be used even today.

common russian greetings

12. Greetings

◈ Приветствую
◈ Pronunciation: Privetstvuyu

When do you use “Greetings” in English? It’s a bit formal, right? Well, the same goes for Russian. “Приветствую” is a universal phrase that can be used in formal situations.

common russian greetings

13. Hello (international words)

◈ Хеллоу/Хай/Хей/Салют
◈ Pronunciation: [Hello], [Hi], [Hey], [Salute]

Honestly, Russians don’t use these, but if you say [Hi] in Russia, you will be understood for sure. These words are well-known for people all around the world.

14. Good health

◈ Доброго здоровья
◈ Pronunciation: Dobrovo zdorovia

Now, “Доброго здоровья” means “Good health” but it’s also one of the common Russian Greetings ing in Russia. Remember, it’s an informal way.

common russian greetings

15. Glad to see (you)

◈ Рад видеть
◈ Pronunciation: Rad videt’

“Рад видеть” is a beautiful phrase that makes an excellent start to any conversation. Remember this, and you will make a good impression on any person.

common russian greetings

There are a lot of different greetings in Russia, but these are the most used and popular.

Now, you know 15 Russian greetings.

There are a lot more Russian greetings. Want to learn more? Just leave a comment! I read them all.

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