Best Way To Learning Korean? Any Language? It’s Your Way To Do It.


So, here’s what this isn’t.

  • This isn’t a top 100 list of Korean language resources.
  • This isn’t about what Korean books you should buy to get ready. Hold on to your  to your cash for a second.
  • This isn’t top secret advice from fluent Korean speakers. Their advice isn’t top secret.

If you want any of those, I’ll make another post about them.

What this is, is your best way of learning the Korean Language. Not mine. I’m just cluing you in how to start.

1. Learning Any Language Is Hard… Well, Easy For Some.

Get this out of your head. Forget the concept of easy or hard. Thinking a language is hard is a useless barrier between you and fluency. The Korean language is what it is. And what you want to do is learn it. Should you think it’s easy? You can, if you’re naturally confident in your abilities. BUT! If you have no confidence and have a hard time believing things, avoid it altogether. Don’t wrestle with the concept of hard or easy, it’s only getting in the way of learning.

2. Don’t Buy Anything…. Yet!

Ok. You’re inspired! Pumped! And what do most motivated people do? They run out and buy a Korean textbook. Yeah! The fact that you spent money is proof and sacrifice enough that you’ll do great! Or not..! Bet you, it’ll end up under your bed 2 weeks later.

What do you do? Start with a FREE way to learn Korean! Learn Hangul. Learn Basic Phrases. Seriously, take out a paper, pen and write them down. Do this daily, at a specific time, every day from NOW til FLUENCY. If you can’t do this, you’re already dead in the water.

Why? You need the habit of learning Korean. If you’re truly interested, your habit will come. Otherwise, you must muscle through. (NOTE: DO NOT SEARCH “HOW TO CREATE HABITS & WASTE TIME). Start learning – either you do or you don’t. Then, go buy something.

3. Fall In Love With The Fact That It Will Take You A WHILE.

This means that you’ll be learning today. Tomorrow. Four weeks from now. 10 months from now. At the same time, also…

Fall In Love With Daily Consistency.

Consistency is the SEXIEST way to make any progress. Why? It’s a snowball effect. Roll it in the snow and it grows!

So, what you learn today, no matter how much sticks to your memory, will serve as a foundation for tomorrow. This means that tomorrows progress is TWICE greater than today’s, simply because you’re building on what you already know. This is why KICKASS learners are SCARED to death of skipping a day. Skipping a day (which all your future progress is based on) is a LIFETIME of possible progress lost. (Know any gym/fitness addicts? Ask them to skip a day and see their reaction. That should be you.)

4. Start Right Now.

Speaking of daily consistency, you need to start now. Now or never.  If the snowball starts today, you have a lifetime of progress secured.

5. DO NOT LOOK FOR THE BEST WAY. Just Pick A Resource & Start Small and FINISH IT.

So, if you’re a beginner, learn Hangul first. It’s simple. It can be done in a day or two or three. It’s easy to maintain consistency with.

Why small? Sooner or later, you’ll figure “hey, i can do more!” and begin adding more tasks to your Korean learning. You’ll build up eventually. Don’t worry about learning everything at once.

Forget the best way. Pick A Way & FINISH IT! The fact that people are looking for the best and fast way to learn Korean is a dead giveaway they’ll quit soon. Even if a textbook can’t give you EVERYTHING and is BORING… if you plow through it, FINISH it and suck all the value out of it – that’s a damn GOOD sign you’ll do wonders with any other resource that you get your hands on. Key tip: Get all the value out of your resources, no matter how imperfect they are. 


Especially if you’re a beginner. You’ll end up spreading yourself too wide across the OMG TOP RESOURCES I CAN HAS FREE. Take one, finish it. Come back when you’re ready to handle the load.

Avoid expert advice from other learners as a beginner.  They’re not you. You’ll learn differently from them. It’s kinda how I can watch Steve Job’s speeches all day and never replicate my own Apple. You’re not them. They’re not you.

You don’t want to fill your head with biases, stereotypes (derr textbooks bad!), and other concepts that may not work on you. These will only load your mind with everything except actual LANGUAGE LEARNING.

7. Learning Korean Is Your Journey. Keep An Open Mind.

This stems from the previous point. Drop all beliefs, stereotypes and notions you have about learning. Enter with a clear mind.

Why? Same reason why kids learn faster. They’re not adults. Their minds are fresh. They’re not filled with beliefs, insecurities, and other emotional crap that causes adults to give up and get distracted.


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