12+ Learn Korean Podcasts for Beginners (Spotify Too)

Looking for some learn Korean podcasts?

Well, good news!

There’s a ton of podcasts that can help learners with the Korean language. While most of them focus on basic Korean and grammar lessons, there are also other options for learners who are interested in Korean lifestyle and culture. Some podcasts also consist of real-life talks and daily Korean conversations which can be really useful to enhance your language skills and adapt it in a natural way.

Here are some of best Korean podcasts for beginners.

Learn Korean Podcasts

1. KoreanClass101

If you are just starting out on your Korean learning journey, or if you’re mid-way on the road to fluency, KoreanClass101 is a valuable language learning tool for you! Their lessons focus on a wide variety of vocabulary usage and grammar, as well as strengthening your listening and pronunciation skills. Every podcast episode is made up of spoken conversations between two native Korean speakers.

By the way, if you’re looking to learn more Korean...

Want to learn how to write in Korean? Download your free Korean Hangul Alphabet worksheet here.

KoreanClass101 also offers a learning program with audio/video lessons for beginners.

Feel free to check them out — click here.

2. K-Pod: Life in Korea

Unlike the usual Korean lessons, this podcast talks about how living and working in Korea is like. You will hear every experience straight from these foreigners’ point of view of how they live their lives in this country as non-native speakers. If you are someone who wants to learn more about the Korean lifestyle, then this podcast is for you. The coverage of topics that they discuss includes shopping services in Korea, the pros and cons of living in Korea (as foreigners), the Korean healthcare system, and so much more.

3. Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)

TTMIK podcasts consist of every level in learning the Korean language, starting from the beginner level to the advanced level. Aside from the podcast, they also have workbooks and videos to work on while you study this language. Some people prefer fast-progressing lessons but with TTMIK, every lesson is discussed slowly but surely which helps the brain to fully understand, comprehend, and remember details. The format of the lessons are short and simple and yet still provide insight into everyday usage and meaning of words and phrases.

4. IYAGI – Natural Korean Conversations For Learners

If your Korean skills are above the basic skill level who wants to focus on comprehension through listening to Korean conversations, then this podcast is for you. They offer whole conversations between Korean people who mainly use the Korean language. For beginners, this can be quite hard to understand but once you have the foundation and grammar skills, you can switch to this podcast to practice your conversational skills. Well at some point, this can also be helpful for beginners if you want to improve your listening skills, as well as the intonation and pronunciation.

5. BuddyBuddy버디버디

If you want to learn the Korean culture, listen to this podcast. This podcast is hosted by two friends who do usual Korean conversations in their daily life. They also explain some usually used Korean expressions and gives advice on how to use it in a natural way.

6. Real-Life Conversations for Beginners

As the title says, you can sense already what this podcast is about. Hehe! This podcast is a collection of usual daily conversations between Korean people. The best way to study a language is through natural acquisition and desire for expressing oneself, which is proven effective. Unlike most of the usual lessons which are book-based or lesson-based that requires the learners to memorize a lot of grammar rules and vocabulary, this one is just light and fun that made it so relatable and easy to learn in the most natural way. You will learn how to say expressions naturally and also it helps in your listening comprehension.

Here are some learn Korean podcasts on Spotify

7. Learn Korean and Korean Culture

  • Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/7jYoNWqvtjI1WY41IJ6pHk?si=VyFAvDVeTBCoVU790gF4Xg
  • Strength: Good for culture and learners of all levels.

This is a half-Korean, half-English podcast where the narrator speaks in both languages… while teaching you about culture and the Korean language. This is good learners all levels. Beginners can learn culture. Intermediate and advanced learners can listen to the Korean part.

8. Learn Korean: Korean Survival Phrases

If you are planning to visit Korea one day, this podcast is for you! They will give you the most essential phrases that you can surely use once you visit their country. The topics that they usually cover includes ordering at a restaurant, taking public transportation, asking directions, checking into a hotel, and so much more. If you don’t have much time on studying the Korean language formally, you can at least try this podcast without getting so much pressure going into the details of grammar.

  • Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/5j5lPgJYqOWWuyPJsuerGR?si=qby_Oz3ARFKU3hr22r1u8w
  • Strength: Survival Korean Phrases and Conversation

9. Learn Korean with Linh

This podcast is by a non-native Korean speaker, Linh… who is actually pretty fluent. She chats with other learners and natives. So, if you want to listen to some Korean conversation plus hear what other learners talk and think about, give it a listen.

  • Link: https://open.spotify.com/show/7pTrtKPzQ8iVCMoGELFl7M?si=k50X-jUNRl66s1SbWD48nQ
  • Strength: Learn about learning from a successful Korean learner

10. Learn Korean with Linguaboost

This Spotify-based Korean podcast is good for learning phrases. However, it sounds like it was made by some faceless company that’s using templated and pre-recorded voices… so it sounds boring. If you just want phrases and don’t need much small talk – as done with normal podcasts – check it out.

  • https://open.spotify.com/show/5j5lPgJYqOWWuyPJsuerGR?si=qby_Oz3ARFKU3hr22r1u8w
  • Strengths: basic phrases

11. Super Simple Korean

This podcast is coming from a point of view of a Korean learner herself (Hedaya Peterson) and she talks about her journey of learning the language as a non-Korean speaker. This podcast is mainly derived from Hedaya’s personal experience of taking herself from zero Korean knowledge to borderline fluency through online resources and a lot of creativity. It includes variations of strategies and even having the right mindset in learning this language.

12. Learn Korean With David

It is said that the best way to study a language is through natural acquisition, and desire for expressing oneself and not necessarily in an academic way like those of linguists, straining to memorize grammar rules no native-speaker ever thinks about. This podcast is easy and relatable, with some k-drama lines being used for the lessons. Unlike other podcasts which focus on linguistics and book-based lessons, this one is light with easy-to-learn lessons, which focuses on daily conversational phrases used by Koreans.

What are Best Korean Podcasts?

To be honest, you can subscribe to one or all of them… and ALL will help you learn some Korean.

Podcasts can help you with listening practice. They are also fun to listen to.

However, whether you learn fast or “nothing at all,” depends on you. Podcasts can tell you some phrases but it’s on you to practice and remember them. So, keep that in mind when you’re using podcasts for learning Korean.

– The Main Junkie

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