Top 100 Easy Korean Phrases You Must Know! Part 9

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Welcome back, Junkies!

Top 100 Easy Korean Phrases that you need to know… Part 9! (Read Part 8 here) Classes skip them. Books skip them. But you WILL hear them in dramas. You will hear them in real life. So, that’s why you’re learning them here.

Write them down on flashcards, review and say them out loud. Speaking Korean is easy when you have set phrases that you can use anytime. Here we go with the phrases!

Tip: Read the English versions and practice saying them quickly. Once they’re in your head,  say them out at the next occasion without stopping to think.

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Easy Korean phrases. Part 9.

81. Do you have some free time?

  • 시간… 있어요?
  • Sigan… isseoyo?

Want to ask someone out? Or just hang out with them? This is a great Korean phrases for friends and lovers alike.

Korean Conversational Phrases

82. Do you have a boyfriend?

  • 남자친구 있어요?
  • Namjachingu isseoyo?

Now, this is definitely a useful phrase. You like a girl. Does she have a boyfriend? Before you make your move, you want to make sure. Use this to ask!

Korean Conversational Phrases

83. I quit smoking!

  • 나 담배 끊었어!
  • Na dambae kkeuneosseo!

Korea has a ton of smokers, like Japan! I don’t know what they’re all so stressed about. However, quitting smoking – anywhere you are in the world – is a great accomplishment. Great phrase to use for friends. You quitter.

Korean Conversational Phrases

84. Let’s take a picture!

  • 사진 찍자!
  • Sajin jjikja!

Good Korean phrase for both friends and lovers! Sometimes you want a picture with your friend. And sometimes you want one with a special person! Use this how you wish.

Korean Conversational Phrases

85. I don’t want to go.

  • 싫어.
  • Sireo.

Don’t want to go back to school? Or don’t want to go out? Well, the bed is quite nice and warm. This is an absolute MUST for any LAZY Korean learner. Memorize this!

Korean Conversational Phrases

86. I have a stomachache.

  • 배 아파.
  • Bae apa.

Maybe you ate too much kimchi. Or maybe to much cake at Holly’s cafe shop. Either way, complaining is common in any language and Korean is no different. I should make a whole article about complaint phrases, huh!?

Korean Conversational Phrases

87. I’m upset!

  • 기분 나빠!
  • Gibun nappa!

It’s good to talk about your feelings. And you should learn how to do that in Korean. So, if you’re not particularly happy, tell everyone that you’re upset. (Don’t forget to say why.)

Korean Conversational Phrases

88. I’m heartbroken.

  • 마음이 아파요.
  • Maeum-i apayo.

Great drama phrase. And great phrase for dramatic, heartbroken people. Did you break up or lose a love? Want to talk about it in Korean? Memorize this line.

Korean Conversational Phrases

89. What kinds of books do you read?

  • 우와… 무슨 책 읽어요?
  • Museun chaek ilgeoyo?

Yes, books still exist and they’re spectacular. If you’re on a date and you want to check that your date is not… stupid… you should ask this. Or, also good for new friends. What of books do you read? Leave a comment!

Korean Conversational Phrases

90. Why are you lying?

  • 왜 거짓말을 해?
  • Oe geojinmareul hae?

You’ll learn this phrase mostly in Korean dramas. There’s always lying and love and lying and drama… and lying and heartbreak. And overall, it’s good to ask someone directly!

Very few can answer this question well. Use this line with liars!

Korean Conversational Phrases

91. Stop nagging me!

  • 잔소리 하지마!
  • Jansori hajima!

This is for the annoying people in your life. How do you tell someone to “F Off” in Korean… but nicely? Use this.

Korean Conversational Phrases

92. Does this make me look fat?

  • 이거 입으니까 뚱뚱해 보여?
  • Igeo ibeunikka ttungttunghae boyeo?

Perfect question for girls to use. Use this line on any guy and they will STRUGGLE to answer. The answer is DEFINITELY “YES” but they don’t want it admit it.

Korean Conversational Phrases

93. Please don’t leave me.

  • 제발 날 떠나지마.
  • Jebal nal tteonajima.

Nice one for lovers and hopeless romantics. Oh, and those that are afraid to be by themselves. You’ll hear this line in Korean dramas a lot! And don’t leave! We love you!

Korean Conversational Phrases

94. Everything will be alright.

  • 다 괜찮을 거야.
  • Da gwaenchaneul geoya.

Failing a test. Breaking up. Spilling coffee on a white shirt. Missing a K-Pop concert. Don’t worry, it will pass and you will feel better eventually. Good phrase to cheer someone up.

Korean Conversational Phrases

95. Like a fool, I only think of you.

  • 바보처럼 너만 생각해.
  • Babocheoreom neoman saenggakhae.

Ah, of course, a romantic drama phrase. This has to be included. So, who are you thinking of all the time? You should go after them and don’t give up so easily! Don’t give up – you’ll learn this phrase next!

Korean Conversational Phrases

96. Don’t give up so easily.

  • 그렇게 쉽게 포기하지 마세요.
  • Geureoke shipge pogihaji maseyo.

Actually, this is perfect for Korean learners. Language learners, in general, give up quite easily. So here’s the best advice I can ever give you. Don’t give up so easily…. in Korean!

Korean Conversational Phrases

97. Are you okay?

  • 괜찮아요?
  • Gwaenchanayo?

Does your friend seem down? Did they get hit in the face by some kimchi? Or slip on a banana peel? Either way, it’s your duty to check on their well being. VERY EASY KOREAN phrase and super important to know.

Are you okay in Korean

98. Have you gained weight recently?

  • 요새 살쪘어?
  • Yosae saljjyeosseo?

Now, this one might be offensive depending on who you ask. Ask a girl and you’ll get a slap across the face! Or you might annoy her! Like I said, you ARE learning annoying phrases here.

Korean Conversational Phrases

99. I’ll be there as soon as possible.

  • 가능한 한 빨리.
  • Ganeunghan han ppalli.

Perfect phrase for meeting friends. Imagine… you’re late, you’ve missed the train. Let your friends know that you’re indeed coming as soon as possible.

Korean Conversational Phrases

100. What do you think?

  • 어떻게 생각하세요?
  • Eotteoke saenggakaseyo?

Now this is good to keep any conversation going. You use it in English right? Good to know for Koran. Ask them what they think. Another good phrase to know.

korean phrases with

So, junkie! Eotteoke saenggakaseyo? (Meaning – what do you think?)

Do you have any requests, questions or serious issues?

Know of any other easy Korean phrases I missed? Be social and leave a comment. I read them all.

See you in the comments!

– The Main Junkie!

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