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Japanese Numbers from 1-100. EASY Guide.

Are you learning to count numbers in Japanese?

Want the whole rundown from 1 to 100? Then you’ll want this guide. Here, you learn the numbers from 1 to 100. Plus, all the rules that help you understand how they work.

So, here’s how you can use this Japanese numbers guide:

  • Print it and keep it for yourself
  • Read the numbers out loud (or repeat as you hear them)
  • Come back to this page and review often (no-one learns everything 100% on the first try)
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And away we go…

japanese numbers

A. Japanese Numbers 0 to 10

The first numbers from 0 to 10 in Japanese form the basis of all the numbers up to ninety-nine. If you memorize these, it will make it very easy to remember how to form the rest of the Japanese numbers numbers.

  • It’s important to note that the Japanese words for four, seven, and nine have two ways of reading them. Don’t worry about the difference just yet.
# English Japanese
0 zero zero (ゼロ)
1 one ichi (一)
2 two ni (二)
3 three san (三)
4 four shi/yon (四)
5 five go (五)
6 six roku (六)
7 seven shichi/nana (七)
8 eight hachi (八)
9 nine kyuu/ku (九)
10 ten juu (十)

B. Japanese Numbers 11-19

For the numbers 11-19 simply add ten or juu (十) in front of the number. In this way, it is even easier than English numbers. For example, you just have to put together ten and one to make eleven. 

# English Japanese
11 eleven juu ichi (十一)
12 twelve juu ni (十二)
13 thirteen juu san (十三)
14 fourteen juu shi/yon (十四)
15 fifteen juu go (十五)
16 sixteen juu roku (十六)
17 seventeen juu shichi/nana (十七)
18 eighteen juu hachi (十八)
19 nineteen juu kyuu/ku (十九)


C. Japanese Numbers 20-29

The numbers from 20-29 follow similar rules as in 10 -19. However, for 20 you must put two or ni (二) before the ten or juu (十) to make it twenty. For the rest of the numbers from 21-29 simply put a ni (二) in front of the numbers from 1-9.

# English Japanese
20 twenty ni juu (二十)
21 twenty-one ni juu ichi (二十一)
22 twenty-two ni juu ni (二十二)
23 twenty-three ni juu san (十三)
24 twenty-four ni juu shi/yon (十四)
25 twenty-five ni juu go (十五)
26 twenty-six ni juu roku (十六)
27 twenty-seven ni juu shichi/nana (十七)
28 twenty-eight ni juu hachi (十八)
29 twenty-nine ni juu kyuu/ku (十九)

D. Numbers 30-39

For the numbers from 31-39 simply add san (三) or three in front of every number from 1-9. Thirty is formed similarly to twenty by adding a san (三) or three in front of (十) juu or ten.

# English Japanese
30 thirty san juu (三十)
31 thirty-one san juu ichi (三十一)
32 thirty-two san juu ni (三十二)
33 thirty-three san juu san (十三)
34 thirty-four san juu shi/yon (十四)
35 thirty-five san juu go (十五)
36 thirty-six san juu roku (十六)
37 thirty-seven san juu shichi/nana (十七)
38 thirty-eight san juu hachi (十八)
39 thirty-nine san juu kyuu/ku (十九)

E. Numbers 40-49

For numbers from 40-49, just add yon (四) or four in front of each number. Although four can be pronounced in two different ways, it is generally yon in these numbers.

# English Japanese
40 forty yon juu (四十)
41 forty-one yon juu ichi (四十一)
42 forty-two yon juu ni (四十二)
43 forty-three yon juu san (十三)
44 forty-four yon juu yon (十四)
45 forty-five yon juu go (十五)
46 forty-six yon juu roku (十六)
47 forty-seven yon juu shichi/nana (十七)
48 forty-eight yon juu hachi (十八)
49 forty-nine yon juu kyuu/ku (十九)

F. Numbers 50-59

For these numbers simply add a go (五) or five in front of each single digit number from 1-9. For fifty, put a go (五) or five in front of juu (十) or ten.

# English Japanese
50 fifty go juu (五十)
51 fifty-one go juu ichi (五十一)
52 fifty-two go juu ni (五十二)
53 fifty-three go juu san (十三)
54 fifty-four go juu shi/yon (十四)
55 fifty-five go juu go (十五)
56 fifty-six go juu roku (十六)
57 fifty-seven go juu shichi/nana (十七)
58 fifty-eight go juu hachi (十八)
59 fifty-nine go juu kyuu/ku (十九)

G. Numbers 60-69

These numbers follow the same rules as 50-59 except that there is a roku (六) or six placed in front of each number.

# English Japanese
60 sixty roku juu (六十)
61 sixty-one roku juu ichi (六十一)
62 sixty-two roku juu ni (六十二)
63 sixty-three roku juu san (十三)
64 sixty-four roku juu shi/yon (十四)
65 sixty-five roku juu go (十五)
66 sixty-six roku juu roku (十六)
67 sixty-seven roku juu shichi/nana (十七)
68 sixty-eight roku juu hachi (十八)
69 sixty-nine roku juu kyuu/ku (十九)

H. Numbers 70-79

For numbers 70 – 70, just remember to add a nana (七) or seven in the front part of each number. Although seven has two pronunciations, it is used as nana in these cases.

# English Japanese
70 seventy nana juu (七十)
71 seventy-one nana juu ichi (七十一)
72 seventy-two nana juu ni (七十二)
73 seventy-three nana juu san (十三)
74 seventy-four nana juu shi/yon (十四)
75 seventy-five nana juu go (十五)
76 seventy-six nana juu roku (十六)
77 seventy-seven nana juu shichi/nana (十七)
78 seventy-eight nana juu hachi (十八)
79 seventy-nine nana juu kyuu/ku (十九)

I. Numbers 80-89

These numbers follows the same rules as previous numbers, except that there is a hachi (八) or eight placed in front of each number.

# English Japanese
80 eighty hachi juu (八十)
81 eighty-one hachi juu ichi (八十一)
82 eighty-two hachi juu ni (八十二)
83 eighty-three hachi juu san (十三)
84 eighty-four hachi juu shi/yon (十四)
85 eighty-five hachi juu go (十五)
86 eighty-six hachi juu roku (十六)
87 eighty-seven hachi juu shichi/nana (十七)
88 eighty-eight hachi juu hachi (十八)
89 eighty-nine hachi juu kyuu/ku (十九)

J. Numbers 90-100

The numbers 90-100 are straightforward and follow the same pattern as previous numbers. Simply add a kyuu (九) or nine in front of each number. Although nine can be pronounced kyuu or ku, it is used as kyuu for these numbers. One hundred is the only completely new number that has to be memorized.

# English Japanese
90 ninety kyuu juu (九十)
91 ninety-one kyuu juu ichi (九十一)
92 ninety-two kyuu juu ni (九十二)
93 ninety-three kyuu juu san (十三)
94 ninety-four kyuu juu shi/yon (十四)
95 ninety-five kyuu juu go (十五)
96 ninety-six kyuu juu roku (十六)
97 ninety-seven kyuu juu shichi/nana (十七)
98 ninety-eight kyuu juu hachi (十八)
99 ninety-nine kyuu juu kyuu/ku (十九)
100 one hundred hyaku (百)


Now you know your Japanese numbers. Well, hopefully. Remember, no-one learns everything on the first try — not even geniuses. All it is is practice.

So, review, review, review, and say these numbers out loud. Print this page out loud and refer to it as much as possible. Eventually, you wont need it and you’ll master the numbers.

– The Main Lingua Junkie

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