Learn Japanese: My Birthday & Happy B-Day Phrases

learn with japanesepod101 Oh, hey! In this quick and easy lesson, we’re talking birthdays.

They happen all the time. They don’t stop! You’re going to need  Japanese phrases for them. You’re going to learn 3 things today, so keep reading.

  1. Asking “When is your birthday” in Japanese
  2. How to say when your birthday is in Japanese
  3. Wish others, like a friend, a Happy Birthday
    1. Pronunciation, the writing, the spelling and everything is included.

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1. “When is your birthday?” in Japanese

Easy question to ask. I’ll give you 2 variations, okay? Here’s the format on how to ask someone about their birthday.

  • When is your birthday?
  • Anata no tanjoubi wa itsu desu ka?
  • あなたの誕生日はいつですか。

Or, if you want to go for something more natural and polite, try…

  • O-tanjoubi wa itsu desu ka?
  • お誕生日はいつですか。

Linguajunkie.com Birthday Phrases

2. Saying “My Birthday is…” in Japanese

Want to say when your b-day is in Japanese? Easy. The only hard part is knowing the Japanese numbers for days and months. Check the chart here to find how to say months & days in Japanese. Just find your details there and fill in the blanks!

Here’s the format:

  • My Birthday is (Month) (Day).
  • Watashi no tanjoubi wa (Month) no (Day).
  • 私の誕生日は (Month)(Day)

Linguajunkie.com Birthday Phrases

For example, if you follow the chart & the formula above…

  • Example: My Birthday is June 5th
  • Watashi no tanjoubi wa Rokugatsu no itsuka.
  • 私の誕生日は 6月 の 5日。

And yes, you can use numbers along with the characters like that.

Quiz for you: When’s your birthday? Check the chart linked above to find out your months and days, then leave a comment below. Do it! I want to read it!

3. How to say or write “Happy Birthday” in Japanese

How do you write or spell happy birthday in Japanese? All you need are two words. That’s it. Here’s how you write, say, spell (it’s all the same) happy b-day in Japanese.

  • Happy Birthday!
  • O-Tanjoubi Omedetou!
  • お誕生日おめでとう!

Linguajunkie.com Birthday Phrases

As you can already tell, tanjoubi means “birthday” and “omedetou” just means congratulations.

This is the best way of saying birthday wishes in Japanese.

So, when is YOUR birthday?

Leave a comment down below and practice your Japanese.

And if you have any questions, let me know as well!

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

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