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i agree in hebrew

Learn Hebrew: 15 Phrases to Say I Agree in Hebrew

hebrewpod101Hello Junkies!

Today, you’ll learn 15 ways to say I agree in Hebrew. Great to know for conversations. Use them as responses. Use them as fillers. And… just use them to agree!

Why 15? The more you know, the better Hebrew speaker you are. You’re able to express an idea in many ways, with different nuances… rather than just knowing 1.

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So take this quick Hebrew Lesson…

  • Read this page to review and learn the phrases
  • Both Hebrew & English translations are provided
  • Print it out and keep it for extra review

15 Phrases to Say I Agree in Hebrew

1) I agree.

  • ani maskim.
  • אני מסכים.

This is the most direct, must-know way to say I agree in Hebrew. So of course, we’re starting with this one.

i agree in hebrew

2) That’s true.

  • ze nakhon
  •  זה נכון.

Now, we proceed with the many other variations of “I agree” that you can use in conversations.

i agree in hebrew

3) Yes, you’re right.

  • ken, ata tzodek.
  •  כן, אתה צודק.

Quick and easy way to agree with someone.

i agree in hebrew

4) That’s exactly how I feel.

  • ze bedyuk ma she’ani margish.
  •  זה בדיוק מה שאני מרגיש.

Do you completely agree with their thoughts? Use this phrase!

i agree in hebrew

5) No doubt about it.

  • en safek legabei ze.
  •  אין ספק לגבי זה.

Another variation for you to know.

i agree in hebrew

6) I was just going to say that.

  • bedyuk hitkavanti le’hagid et ze.
  •  בדיוק התכוונתי להגיד את זה.

Great conversational phrase to use in general. Textbooks won’t teach you this one.

i agree in hebrew

7) I guess so.

  • ani maniakh.
  •  אני מניח.

Pretty weak way to say I agree in Hebrew. Feel free to use it when you don’t really care… or don’t really know!

i agree in hebrew8) I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • ani maskim it’kha la’khalutin.
  •  אני מסכים איתך לחלוטין.

Very similar to phrase #1 that you learned – ani maskim – I agree. Again, we’re just adding extra variations to allow you to express more.

i agree in hebrew

9) You have a point there.

  • yesh mashehu bema she’ata omer.
  •  יש משהו במה שאתה אומר.

Good phrase for smart people to use. That is, when you realize that they have an interesting point and you might be wrong!

i agree in hebrew

10) Exactly.

  • bedyuk.
  •  בדיוק.

Alright, this is a common Hebrew word in general. If you’re a beginner, you should definitely keep this one in mind!

i agree in hebrew

11) Absolutely.

  • be’hekhlet.
  •  בהחלט.

Another common conversational word.

i agree in hebrew

12) Of course.

  • kamuvan.
  •  כמובן.

You’ll be hearing this in conversations everywhere. Use it as you would in English.

i agree in hebrew

13) Maybe.

  • ulai.
  •  אולי.

Maybe in Hebrew: ulai. Agreements aside, “maybe” is a super common word to know. Memorize this.

i agree in hebrew

14) I don’t disagree with you.

  • ani lo kholek alekha.
  •  אני לא חולק עליך.

Personally I don’t use this too much but you’ll probably hear it in a conversation. Especially when you don’t disagree with their overall point but disagree with their reasoning.

i agree in hebrew

15) If you say so.

  • im ata omer.
  •  אם אתה אומר.

Final phrase in this lesson. Use it when you just don’t care – and in fact, you don’t really have to agree.

i agree in hebrew

So now, you know 15 ways to say I agree in Hebrew. Yes, there’s lots more. But knowing variations and many ways of saying one thing improves your range of expression. The result?

You sound like a more fluent Hebrew speaker.

Any phrases that I missed or that you want me to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

– The Main Junkie

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