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Learn German: 15 Phrases to Say I Agree in German

GermamNEW1Hey Junkies!

How do you agree in German? Today, you’ll learn the TOP 15 ways to say I AGREE in German. Why 15? Because the more ways you’re able to express yourself, the better and smarter you sound. Otherwise, you’re parroting 1 phrase like an idiot.

This is only for beginner learners that want to truly speak better. If you don’t to learn, I don’t care. Let’s get on with the show.

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So take this quick German Lesson…

  • Read this page to review and learn the phrases
  • Both German & English translations are provided
  • Print it out and keep it for extra review

1) Ich stimme zu – I agree

This is the most direct way to say I agree in German. So, you learn this first. And the verb for “agree” is zustimmen. If you want one more variation, you can always say…

  • I agree with you
  • Ich stimme Ihnen zu.

i agree in german

2) Das ist wahr – That’s true

As you can probably guess, “wahr” means “true.” Just another way of agreeing.

Key words to know:

  • wahr: truth

i agree in german

3) Ja, Sie haben Recht. – Yes, you’re right.

Another good, direct way and a must-know phrase for all conversations.

Key words to know:

  • recht: right

i agree in german

4) Ich bin ganz Ihrer Meinung. – I couldn’t agree with you more.

When you just can’t disagree with someone.

Key words to know:

  • Meinung: opinion

i agree in german

5) Genau so fühle ich mich auch. – That’s exactly how I feel.

Great for casual conversations in general.

Key words to know:

  • fühle: feel

i agree in german

6) Genau. – Exactly.

  • Genau.

Good, common word to know in general. Be sure to make note of it. And take a look around this article; you will see “genau: used aplenty. It can be an adverb and and adjective meaning “accurate, exact, exactly, precisely, etc.”

i agree in german

7) Daran besteht kein Zweifel. – No doubt about it.

Another conversational phrase. The reason you’re learning a ton of variations to say I agree in German is because the more range of expression you have and can express more nuanced ideas, the more fluent you are. Simple.

Key words to know:

  • Zweifel: doubt

i agree in german

8) Da ist etwas Wahres dran. – You have a point there.

For when you’re smart enough to see that your friend has a made a point. Or, perhaps, you don’t fully agree but you do notice something valuable that they say.

Literally, this phrase means: “There is some truth.”

Key words to know:

  • Wahres: Truth

i agree in german

9) Ich wollte gerade genau dasselbe sagen. – I was just going to say that.

Another great conversational phrase that a textbook probably won’t teach you.

Key words to know:

  • dasselbe: the same
  • genau: exact, accurate
  • wollte: wanted
  • sagen: to say

i agree in german

10) Ich denke schon. – I guess so.

This is for when you’re just too lazy to agree. Or, you have no argument of your own. Common in conversations.

Key words to know:

  • Denke: think, reckon, guess

i agree in german

11) Ich widerspreche Ihnen nicht. – I don’t disagree with you.

Literally, this means “I do not disagree.” Because sometimes, you don’t disagree with the person’s overall point… but their reasoning is off.

Key words to know:

  • widerspreche: disagree, contradict

i agree in german

12) Wenn Sie es sagen. – If you say so.

Weak way of agreeing with someone in German. This is just when you’re too lazy to give a damn! Good to know for conversations!

i agree in german

13) Natürlich. – Of course.

Very commonly used phrase in conversation. If you leave this lesson, this should be at least one of the phrases you remember.


i agree in german

14) Vielleicht. – Maybe.

Very weak way of saying I agree in German. It’s use-able so I put it here. However, you can use it others contexts – like “maybe” in English.

i agree in german

15) Absolut. – Absolutely.

Final word. This is also good to know for any German beginner. Use it as you would use the English version.

i agree in german


So, now you know 15 ways to say I agree in German. From weak agreements to strong agreements. Print this out and review this regularly. And now, you can express yourself in multiple ways which is definitely impressive.

Any phrases that I missed or that you want me to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

– The Main Junkie

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  1. RE: “wahr: truth” – not quite. “wahr” means “true”, not “truth”. The latter is “Wahrheit”.

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