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How to Learn English at Home Fast: 6+ Easy Ways

So, how do you learn English at home?

There are many ways.

Many ways work.

But if you do too much, you will get tired.

So, pick only 1 or 2 ways first.

In this guide, you will find out how to learn English at home. On your couch. Without going to classes. Sounds good? Good. Keep reading.

So, here is how you can learn English at home.

1. Join an English Learning Program

Program meaning web service or software.

Something you can use on your own, at home.

One English Program you can use is EnglishClass101.com (click here to visit.)

EnglishClass101 teaches you with Audio & Video Lessons.

How? You press play. You listen to audio. Or, watch a video. Lessons are just a few minutes long. In the first minute, you hear a native conversation. Then, everything is slowed down…so you can repeat and start speaking.

englishclass101 - how to learn english at home

For example, listen to these lessons:

  • Top 25 English Questions You Need to Know #2 – Where Are You From?
  • This lesson teaches you how to talk about where you are from.
  • American Business English for Beginners #1 – Introducing Yourself in an American Business Meeting”
  • This lesson teaches you how to introduce yourself.

Click here to go to EnglishClass101 & get a Free Account.

EnglishClass101 is…

  • Good for learning native conversations
  • Good for listening practice
  • Good for speaking practice
  • Good for learning casual words and phrases that are not in textbooks.
  • Good for improving your English from Beginner to Advanced. there are lessons for all levels.

You can also read along with Lesson Notes. Lesson Notes give you the lesson and grammar explanations in writing.

When you finish a lesson, they give you the next lesson. So, you can keep going and continue.

EnglishClass101 is…

  • Good for intermediate English learners and above.

Warning: The entire site is in English ONLY. That is why it is for intermediate learners.

Click here to go to EnglishClass101 & get a Free Account.

2. Get a textbook.

A textbook is a safe way to learn English at home.

You just follow it from page 1, to page 2…until the end.

A textbook teaches you how to read and write. You learn many grammar rules. You learn many words. I think every learner should have a textbook.

Textbooks are good for:

  • learning words.
  • learning grammar.
  • improving your reading.
  • and generally improving your English.

The downsides are:

  • Textbooks can’t help you speak.
  • Textbooks can also be boring.

But those are not big problems in my opinion.

Also, textbooks are not very expensive.

english textbooks - how to learn English at home

Which textbook should you pick? It doesn’t matter. Amazon has a lot of books you can choose from. Even those in your native language.

So, go take a look on Amazon.com.

3. Get a Tutor.

Now, here’s how learn English at home… fast — with your own teacher.

So, if you are not shy and if you want to practice with a native, this is for you.

But, where can you get an English teacher?

There is a website called iTalki.com. There, you can find language teachers for many languages, including English.

how to learn english at home - italki

Since there are many teachers, you can pick who you like, and compare prices.

Benefits of an English teacher:

  • Can correct your mistakes.
  • Dramatically Improves your speaking and listening skills.
  • Can improve all parts of English: reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and more.
  • Keeps you motivated.

But, you have to find a teacher you like. That is the hard part.

Also, you have to continue paying. With a program or a textbook, you can pay once.

4. Use English Learning Apps on Your Phone.

I don’t think apps are a serious way to learn English at home.


Because phones are distracting.

You can be learning new words and get interrupted by a notification. Or, you may play a game. Or you may watch YouTube instead.

But, if you can stay focused, apps can…

  • Teach you new words
  • Teach you new phrases
  • Improve your listening skills
  • Keep learning “fun”
  • Give you quizzes

Are there any problems? Sure.

  • Apps are NOT a complete learning tool.
  • You can get distracted.
  • You will not learn to speak.
  • You will not get to a very advanced level.

5. Watch TV Shows in English,

Here is how to learn English at home… the fun way!

Watch TV shows and movies in English.

But, do they really help you learn and speak English?

Yes, I have met English learners that learned from TV…but…it depends on you.

If you are just watching and having fun, you will not learn.

But if you…

  • rewatch the same episode again and again,
  • write down words and phrases.
  • repeat what you hear.
  • look up new words in a dictionary.

You will learn more English.

But, because it is so easy to enjoy shows and just watch, most people do not learn English through shows.

That’s why I say… it depends on you.

Shows can help you learn English because…

  • You hear daily conversations.
  • They’re fun to watch.
  • They improve your listening skills.
  • You learn more natural ways to express yourself.

What kind of English shows should you watch?

The biggest recommendation I can give is a show called “Friends.” It’s very simple.

6. Listen to English Podcasts.

Podcasts are like the radio of the internet.

English teachers and English teaching companies create “audio” lessons that you can listen to.

And they are all free.

There are a TON of podcasts that you can subscribe to.

Learn English Podcasts

So, go to Apple Podcasts and subscribe to a few.

Benefits of podcasts:

  • Easy to listen to.
  • Interesting to listen to.
  • You learn words and phrases.
  • Improves your listening skills.

But there are some problems:

  • Podcasts are not a complete learning program. You should use it as a supplementary tool.
  • The lessons are too casual. If something is too fun, you may not learn a lot. Learning requires a bit of work.

Now, you now how to learn English at home.

And why not learn at home?

  • It’s comfortable.
  • You don’t have to go anywhere.
  • You can learn from a textbook or on your computer/phone.
  • You can still get access to real teachers if you want.

If you have any other methods of learning English at home, leave a comment.

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