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For Beginners: 15 Unique Ways to Say Hello in Bulgarian

learn bulgarian with bulgarianpod101Hello Junkie!

How do you say hello in Bulgarian?

Great question! This is the first phrase you should KNOW if you’re learning Bulgarian. And if you’re not learning… leave! So, today, you’ll learn 15 ways to say Hello in Bulgarian. Why 15? Because you deserve more – and the more you know – the better and more fluent you become. Some are NOT LITERAL hellos but can be used as greetings regardless.

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Keep reading. Here’s what you can do with this lesson…

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15 Unique Ways to Say Hello in Bulgarian

Listen along to this BulgarianPod101 (Bulgarian online learning program) lesson so you can hear the authentic pronunciation of these words. Press the black play button below.

1. Hello in Bulgarian

Obviously this is the first one you need. We can’t skip this.

  • Hello!
  • Здравей!
  • Zdravey!

say hello in bulgarian

2. Hey in Bulgarian

Now, this is a more casual way to say Hello in Bulgarian. Hey!

  • Хей!
  • Hey!

say hello in bulgarian

3. What’s up in Bulgarian

Another super common phrase to know. Yes, it’s not a literal “hello” but people use this to greet each other so it works.

  • What’s up?
  • Какво става?
  • Kakvo stava?say hello in bulgarian



4. Yo!

Yo is a common greeting around the world. Mostly used by young people. It’s used in English speaking countries, it’s used in Japan and here’s its Bulgarian equivalent.

  • Yo
  • Ехо!
  • Eho!

say hello in bulgarian

5. Long time no see.

Just like in English, you’d use this when meeting a person you haven’t seen in a while. Definitely a good greeting to know.

  • Long time no see.
  • Отдавна не сме се виждали.
  • Otdavna ne sme se vizhdali.

say hello in bulgarian

6. How have you been in Bulgarian

  • How have you been?
  • Как си напоследък?
  • Kak si naposledak?

say hello in bulgarian

7. How are you in Bulgarian

Greetings aside, this is another common conversational Bulgarian phrase to know.

  • How are you?
  • Как сте?
  • Kak ste?

say hello in bulgarian

8. Good evening in Bulgarian

If it turns 6PM, how would you greet someone? With this!

  • Good evening.
  • Добър вечер.
  • Dobir vecher.

say hello in bulgarian

9. Good afternoon in Bulgarian

  • Good afternoon
  • Добър ден.
  • Dobir den.

say hello in bulgarian

10. Good morning in Bulgarian

  • Good morning.
  • Добро утро.
  • Dobro utro.

say hello in bulgarian

11. It’s nice to see you again.

  • It’s nice to see you again.
  • Радвам се отново да те видя.
  • Radvam se otnovo da te vidya.

say hello in bulgarian

12. How’s everything?

  • How’s everything?
  • Как вървят нещата?
  • Kak varvyat neshtata?

say hello in bulgarian

13. How’s your day?

  • How’s your day?
  • Как върви деня ти?
  • Kak varvi denya ti?

say hello in bulgarian

14. It’s nice to meet you.

  • It’s nice to meet you.
  • Приятно ми е да те видя.
  • Priyatno mi e da te vidya.

say hello in bulgarian

15. How’s it going?

  • How’s it going?
  • Как върви?
  • Kak varvi?

say hello in bulgarian

Now you know 15 variations. Do you know of other unique ways to say Hello in Bulgarian? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments!

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

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learn bulgarian with bulgarianpod101

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