Why Learn Russian? 30 Reasons to Learn.

why learn russian

Hello Junkies! So… Why learn Russian? What are the top reasons to learn Russian? Well, look, I can’t convince you to learn a foreign language with a simple online article. You decide that. BUT… there are MILLIONS of Russian learners out there. And they have their reasons that you can read through. Take this article… Read the stories from learners […]

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Why I Buy: Learning Language for Free vs. Paying

Hello Junkie, Shut up – sit down for a second. Yes, I’m sorry. I just want your full attention and focus. This isn’t an argument being thrown at you. Don’t worry. It’s something I’ve noticed from… reading other blogs reading language product reviews …and overall emails I get from random non-Junkie visitors It’s about learning language for free. Rather, I’m […]

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4 Best Bulgarian Textbooks – A List For Beginners

learn bulgarian book

Hey Junkie! Looking for Bulgarian textbooks? That’s good! They’re a safe way to learn. Bulgarian textbooks gives you structure – a path, from Page 1 to 200. You learn alphabet,  grammar, writing, reading and everything that you can’t learn from online articles. I know you’ve read enough already. Are textbooks the answer to being fluent? No. But they’re a strong, […]

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Part 5: Learn Top 15 Bad Korean Words, Curses & Insults

bad korean words & korean curses

Hello Junkies! Part 4 here. We’re back! You want to learn korean curses and BAD Korean words, huh? Here’s what I say to you: WELCOME! Why am I so happy you’re learning bad Korean words? Every learner starts with bad words. FACT. In my journeys to learn Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian… I started with… the BAD words! They’re fun. […]

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Learn TOP 30 Japanese Conversational Phrases: Easy Lesson.

japanese conversational phrases

Welcome back, Junkies! Want to speak conversational Japanese? You’ll need common Japanese Conversational Phrases: Responses & Reactions. In this quick lesson, you’ll learn 30 of them! This is great for Beginners and most of these phrases are super casual. So, you’ll learn how to use various responses/reactions. And you’ll sound like a native. Good? Good. So take this lesson & […]

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