Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to language learning products. We receive a commission for purchases made via these links, at no cost to you. Thank you.
Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to language learning products. We receive a commission for purchases made via these links, at no cost to you. Thank you.

Why Learn Bulgarian? 30 Reasons to Learn Bulgarian from Learners

bulgarian101Hey Junkies!

Why learn Bulgarian? What are the top reasons to learn Bulgarian? Well, first, I can’t convince you to move your butt and learn a language. That’s something you decide! BUT… there are 100,000s of Bulgarian learners out there. They have their reasons.

So take this article…

  • Read the stories from learners (aggregated from around the internet)
  • Use it for inspiration or motivation
  • Leave me a comment and tell me your reason

Why Learn Bulgarian?

Why Learn Bulgarian

30 Reasons to Learn Bulgarian from Learners

Why learn  Bulgarian? Here are 30 comments from Bulgarian learners and why they chose this language. To sum up 90% of them… they learn for other people. They want to talk to their friends, relatives and lovers. Take a look for yourself.

1. Hi, I can speak Spanish and English. I want to learn Bulgarian because my husband is from Bulgaria and I want to learn when I go visit Bulgaria.

2. I am currently learning Bulgarian as I am going to move there next year.

3. I’ve recently started learning Bulgarian, because I got really interested in Bulgarian music and culture.

4. I have visited Bulgaria three times. I have learned some Bulgarian and want to learn more.

5. At the end of this year I want to move to Bulgaria, for this purpose I want to start learning the language already now because I want to understand people.

6. I visit Bulgaria every so often. I want to learn the basics but also want to make friends here.

7. I am married to a lovely Bulgarian lady so am particularly interested.

8. Hi, I will be moving to Bulgaria soon and looking for some help learning Bulgarian.

9. I know a Bulgarian person and their native tongue intrigues, so I decided to start there.

10. I’m trying to learn Bulgarian . The reason? We’ll Just came back from there after a family vacation

11. I am learning Bulgarian because it is a challenge to learn.

12. The reason I want to learn Bulgarian is because I spend 3-4 months every year in Bansko. I find it very frustrating not to be able to speak with people in their own language.

13. My family is from Bulgaria and I plan to visit next summer.

14. I wanted to learn Bulgarian so I can communicate better with my fiance.

15. I am a exchange student of Sofia University.

16. My boyfriend is Bulgarian and I want to surprise him by learning his language

17. I have met a Bulgarian lady and would like to improve conversation

18. Designer from Russia, have a Bulgarian girlfriend & want 2 learn Bulgarian better.

19. I have recently returned from Bulgaria, and would like to be able to speak with people there in their own language.

20. I will be visiting Sofia Bulgaria this May to visit a friend. I would like to surprise her by learning some basic Bulgarian phrases and some of the language.

21. I have hired a lady from Bulgaria to live with my mother-in-law.

22. I’m a Bulgaria fan who wants to learn everything about its culture and language.

23. I’ve always wanted to learn a second language and have always been interested in going to eastern Europe.

24. After visiting Bulgaria Thrice since last year as a businessman,now decided to learn this fantastic language.

25. 50 yrs old….been to Bulgaria…but felt very stupid not knowing any part of the language!!

26. I have recently found friends in Phoenix that are Bulgarian and I would love to be able to converse with them in their native language.

27. I have met some really nice Bulgarian people who are so friendly and I would love to be able to speak their beautiful language with them.

28. I was born in Bulgaria and immigrated to the US when I was 2.

29. My husband is from Sofia, Bulgaria and my children are obviously half Bulgarian.

30. My family just adopted two kids from Bulgaria.

Now, what about you? Why learn Bulgarian? Why this language?

Leave me a comment and tell me your reasons and I”ll add them to the list! And also let me now HOW you’re learning Bulgarian? The internet doesn’t have too many good resources to learn online.

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

P.S. I highly recommend this for Bulgarian learners. If you REALLY want to learn to Bulgarian with 500+ audio/video lessons by Bulgarian teachers – Sign up for free at BulgarianPod101 (click here) and start learning!


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Bulgarian is one of the more easier slavic languages. It could act as a bridge to further language learning.