16 Japanese Phrases about Love for Learners to Know

What are some good Japanese phrases about love?

Some Japanese words for love?

In this quick guide, you’ll learn 16 interesting Japanese phrases.

Yes, translations and romanizations are included so you can learn a bit of Japanese along the way.

Ready? Let’s go.

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1) 愛してるよ。

Let’s start with one of the most obvious Japanese phrases about love.

  • Aishiteru yo.
  • I love you.

This is how to say I love you in Japanese.


In Japanese, the word “love” is not used like in western cultures. This phrase can be used as a phrase for love if you feel deeply about the other person. Because it is so rare to say these words in Japan, its meaning can be even more profound.

japanese phrases about love

2) 君の体全体が愛の告白なのだ。

  • Kimi no karada zentai ga ai no kokuhaku nano da.
  • Your whole self is the confession of love.

Tarou Okamoto was a leading Japanese artist in the 1900’s. He said this phrase when talking about how it can be hard for people to confess their love. His view was that you don’t need to think too much. Your confession can be represented by showing your whole self.

japanese phrases about love

3) 愛、屋鳥に及ぶ。

  • Ai, okuu ni oyobu.
  • Love someone and you’ll love everything around them.

This is a Japanese saying which means that when you love someone deeply you start to love their surroundings too. In this phrase, it uses the kanji character for bird. It means that you’ll even start to love the bird on top of their house.

japanese phrases about love

4) 合縁奇縁

  • Aien kien
  • Love happens from fate

When two people meet and fall in love with each other, it is believed to be fate. This phrase is a saying that believes that there is some special power that binds people together.

japanese phrases about love

5) 愛多ければ憎しみ至る。

  • Ai ookereba nikushimi itaru.
  • When you receive more love, you may get more hate.

This is one of the most interesting Japanese phrases about love.

It’s saying that can be true for many pop culture stars. When more people love a certain singer or actor, they also tend to get more hate from others. It means that people start to get jealous of the status of those who are popular.

japanese phrases about love

6) 遠くなれば薄くなる。

  • Tooku nareba usuku naru.
  • When you go far away, you’ll also fade.

Distance can sometimes make your feelings for the other person weaker. This is a Japanese phrase that talks about how love can fade when you get farther away. It can happen between family and friends, but also with romantic partners.

japanese phrases about love

7) 逢いたいが情、見たいが病。

  • Aitai ga jou, mitai ga yamai.
  • Love sick (Emotions and sickness from wanting to see someone)

If you’ve fallen in love, you might want to see the other person so much that you can’t control your feelings. This phrase can represent the “love sick” feelings you can experience. The kanji 病(yamai) means “sickness”. Love can be wonderful but it can also bring emotions that are so strong it is hard to manage.

8) 愛は小出しにせよ。

  • >Ai wa kodashi ni se yo.
  • >Love should be taken slowly

This is a Japanese saying that is a reminder to start slowly when you’re falling in love. A fast paced relationship will also end quicker. It’s important to develop a long term relationship if you want it to last for a long time.

japanese phrases about love

9) 愛は憎悪の初め。

  • Ai wa zouo no hajime.
  • Too much love can cause resentment.

Love can make you want the other person to dote and care about you. However, if you try to ask for too much it might cause resentment between each other. This is a Japanese phrase that is about loving in moderation.

japanese phrases about love

10) 秋風を吹かす。

  • Akikaze o fukasu.
  • Feelings of love getting colder.

This phrase translates to “fall wind blows” and it is about how love can get weaker during the Autumn. A passionate romantic relationship from the summer can lose its momentum when it starts getting colder.

japanese phrases about love

11) 好きな人がいたら、真っ直ぐ見つめること。

  • Suki na hito ga itara, massugu mitsumeru koto.
  • If you have someone you like, look directly at them.

When you’re falling in love, it’s easy to feel shy around the other person. However, if you are truly in love,  you must look straight at them with confidence. This phrase was said by a Japanese artist named Tarou Okamoto.

japanese phrases about love

12) 恋をしなさい。

  • Koi o shinasai.
  • You must fall in love.

Falling in love can be daunting but it can be freeing to accept and act on the feelings. This Japanese phrase means that you should try and fall in love. Hiding your emotions and feelings can be unhealthy. Love can also make you discover more about yourself.

japanese phrases about love

13) 愛することは命懸けだよ。

  • Aisuru koto wa inochi gake dayo.
  • Love is about life and death.

Osamu Dazai, a Japanese novelist, mentioned this phrase about love. He believed that love shouldn’t be underestimated. When you love someone it can mean life and death. If your feelings are strong, you’ll be able to put that person over your own life.

japanese phrases about love

14) 女のおしゃれ心は恋心に比例する。

  • Onna no oshare gokoro wa koi gokoro ni hirei suru.
  • A woman’s desire to be fashionable reflects on their romantic feelings.

This was written by a Japanese female writer named Chiyo Uno. She was also known as a kimono designer. Her thoughts on love and fashion can be relatable. If you’re in love, you’ll want to impress the other person and look good for them.

japanese phrases about love

15) 愛は万人に、信頼は少数の人に。

  • Ai wa mannin ni, shinrai wa shousuu no hito ni.
  • Love can be for thousands but only trust few.

This is a Japanese saying that means that you should love everyone. However, it’s important that you only trust those closest to you. Even if you can love others, it’s not always a good idea to also trust them blindly.

japanese phrases about love

16) 愛してその醜を忘れる。

  • Aishite sono miniku o wasureru.
  • Love and forget their faults.

If you love someone it’s common to see them through rose colored glasses. Even their worst traits don’t matter anymore. The concept of love clouding your judgement is represented by this Japanese saying.

japanese phrases about love


Now, you know some interesting Japanese phrases about love.

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