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How To Learn Greek In 5 Minutes… A Day (Free & Fast Resources)

So, you want to learn Greek in 5 minutes, you say?

Is it possible? As in, can you learn a whole language? No.

But, yes, you can learn Greek in 5 minutes a day. In fact, it’s smart to do that. You listen to an audio lesson for 5 minutes today. You get used to it. You repeat tomorrow and for the next year. And suddenly, learning Greek isn’t so bad…

…it’s now easy! Because you’ve gotten used to it!

Because, you started learning a little bit a day.

Suddenly you’re speaking and understanding a whole lot of Greek!

So, here’s how you learn Greek in 5 minutes a day.

learn greek in 5 minutes

1.  5-Minute Greek Audio Lessons

  • Time required: 3-5 minutes a day

Why audio lessons? Audio is a simple and easy way to consume anything — songs, audiobooks, lectures, and of course, language. You just press play and listen… without doing much work of your own.

How would it work?

Well, you press play. You hear a Greek conversation. Then,  the teachers explain all the words… and you’re done.  You know a basic Greek conversation and all the words and grammar rules inside. Best of all, you get to hear REAL Greek pronunciation.

Audio is one of the best ways to learn Greek in just 5 minutes a day… and get started with your Greek learning journey. You can listen while walking, driving, at the store… and anywhere where you can’t easily pull out a textbook.

So, where can you find audio lessons?

Here are some examples of quick and easy lessons from GreekPod101.com – a Greek learning program.

  • 3-Minute Greek – Self Introduction
  • 3 Minute Greek – Manners

How to get these Lessons:

  1. Click here to visit GreekPod101.com
  2. Sign up for a free lifetime account
  3. Take their lessons & done

2. Get the Greek Word of the Day

  • Time required: 1 minute a day

Want to learn a little bit of Greek every day… without overwhelming yourself?

Start with the word of the day.

The way it works is… you get an email with a new word every day. You check it. You listen to the pronunciation. You read the meaning. And done.

Obviously, this won’t teach you the whole language… but this is a great tool to start building your learning routine and learn a little every day. And later on, you’ll learn more and spend more time learning.

Anyway, it’s good for anyone who wants to supplement their learning, boost their vocabulary, and build a learning routine.

greek word of the day - learn greek in 5 minutes

Where to get the Word of the Day:

  1. Click here to visit the Greek Word of the Day
  2. Sign up for the Greek free word of the day emails.
  3. Done!

You’ll get daily emails once you sign up.

3. Get Greek PDF Lessons & eBooks

  • Time required: 5 minutes

What are PDFs? Well, PDF files can be used for all kinds of things: documents, important letters, but…

But, think of PDFs as little books for your phone or device.

There are plenty of PDFs online that are lists of Greek words, phrases, actual lessons… and even actual books in PDF form.

And if you’re on the train or are waiting somewhere you can open one up and review Greek words and phrases. With the free list below, you get 30+ PDFs for all kinds of conversation topics: family, love, food, work, school, giving directions, and so on.

Greek PDF lessons

Where can you get some?

  1. You can get 30+ PDF Greek conversation cheat sheets here.
  2. Here’s another site with some free Greek PDF lessons.

4. The Daily Dose of Language App

  • Time required: 1-3 minutes a day

What’s this app?

Well, it sends you a “daily dose” of Greek…. every day.

So, every day, you get a reminder to check your new lesson. And these lessons are quick and cover anything from Greek slang and cultural insights, to words and phrases. It’s random.

But, if you like that randomness, it’s a nice 5-minute supplementary tool. Though, I think it’d take you less than 5 minutes to learn Greek with this.

daily dose app learn Greek in 5 minutes

How do you get it?

  1. Choose Android or iOS
  2. Download the App (it’s free) and you’re done

5. Learn Greek with Duolingo 

  • Time required: 5 minutes a day

Speaking of apps, here’s another one.

Duolingo is another interesting, supplementary study tool.

It’s mostly matching games and fill-in-the-blank quizzes.

You won’t learn to speak fluidly with it. It’s not a complete program. It’s kind of like Daily Dose.

You will learn words and that’s good enough… if you’re learning Greek for 5 minutes a day. The selling point is that it get you hooked on learning. In my opinion, if anything helps you learn Greek and stick with it – whether an app, a book or audio lessons – then that’s a good resource. Duolingo may do that for you too.

How do you get it?

  1. Click Here
  2. Choose Android or iOS
  3. Download the App (it’s free) and you’re done

6. Learn Greek with Video Lessons

  • Time required: 5 minutes a day

Video, like Audio, is an easy way to learn.

You just press play and watch and listen to Greek. Now, what you need are the 5 minute lessons.

I want to suggest YouTube here but I won’t. Why?

Are you low on time? Do you want 5-minute learning resources? And do you honest-to-god want to learn Greek? If you answered yes, YouTube is a bad fit.

See, that’s because YouTube primarily entertainment and will distract you into watching other things. YouTube makes a lot of money keeping you jumping from video to video. Even if you think you will only use it for Greek… their algorithm still will work against you. Long story short: it’s bad for focus. Yes, you’ll have fun but you’ll waste your time and not learn anything.

Instead, I’ll suggest these video lessons. Just click on the images below.

Greek Alphabet Made Easy Video Lessons

Learn Greek in Three Minutes Video Lessons

Conclusion. Back to You.

That is it for now!

Now you know some fun and easy ways to learn Greek in 5 minutes.

Why should you try and learn Greek in 5 minutes a day?

Because it is easy to do!

Do you know why that is so IMPORTANT for SUCCESS?

Simple. Things that are easy to do, are easy to continue… and finish! If you can learn some Greek today, tomorrow and 4 weeks down the line without problem, you’re on your way to fluency.

But, if you choose a Greek textbook, which ends up being hard, you won’t continue.

So, starting easy sets you up for long term success.

At some point, you’ll think that 5 minutes is not enough. Which is good! At some point, you’ll feel you’re ready for 10 minutes. And so, you’ll add more time just like someone at the gym will add more weight because they’re ready to do more.

And that is how you’ll master Greek.


– Written by the Main Junkie

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