10 Ways to Say How Are You in German & Answers

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There are several ways to ask How are you in German.

You’ll going learn how to ask and how to answer this wonderful question. Read out them out loud to get a good idea of how the phrases sound in German. And in order to get the most value out of this quick lesson…

  • Read this page to review and learn the phrases
  • Both German & English translations are provided
  • Print it out and keep it for extra review

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10 Ways to Ask: How are you in German

1) This is the first and most simple way to How are you in German. Except, it’s informal. This is in singular form and can be used on one person.

  • Wie geht es dir? (informal)
  • How are you? (informal)

how are you in german

2) This is the more formal version of the above. Notice that “Dir,” meaning “You” has changed to “Ihnen.” This, unlike the version above, can be used for both – individuals and when addressing a group of people.

  • Wie geht es Ihnen? (formal)
  • How are you? (formal)

how are you in german

3) Looks familiar to the first and second examples, right? The only difference here is we add “heute” meaning today. Just another variation to say How are you in German.

  • Wie geht es Ihnen heute?
  • How are you today?

how are you in german

4) Let’s try a variation. This time, we’ll be more specific and ask about work… or “Arbeit.”

  • Was macht die Arbeit?
  • How is work?

how are you in german

5) How about something simpler?

  • Wie geht’s?
  • How’s it going

how are you in german

6) Another variation of “how are you” or “how are you doing?” However, this is an informal plural version so it’ll be useful when approaching a group.

  • Wie geht es euch?
  • How are you?

how are you in german

7) Whether you choose one or the other below, both versions mean “What’s up” in German.

  • Was geht ab?
    • Was geht?
  • What’s up


8) This one word has TONS of uses. If you’re a beginner, be careful and go the simple route without overwhelming yourself with more meanings. That’s worth it’s own lesson at another time.

  • Na?
  • How are you?

how are you in german

Tip: As a word, it’s meaningless. It’s HOW you say it that gives it meaning. And as thus, you can use it to greet people without formalities of saying “How are you” and to get answers.

9) Another friendly way of asking how one is.

  • Wie gehts!
  • How goes it?

how are you in german

10) This is another super common question to ask “How are you doing” in German. Literally it means, “all right” or “everything good?”

  • Alles klar?
    • How are you?

how are you in german

And a super easy way to answer this would be to say the same thing back at them” “Alles klar,” meaning everything is alright. Or you can say “Ja, alles kar!” as in, “Yes, everything’s good!”

Now, here are some ways you can answer a How are You in German. Just as it’s important for you to know the questions, you should know how to answer them as well. So, here are some common responses.

  • I’m good, thank you, and you? (formal)
    • Mir geht es gut, danke, und Ihnen?
  • Good, thanks!
    • Gut, danke.
  • I’m fine.
    • Mir geht es gut.
  • I’m sick.
    • Mir geht es schlecht.
  • I’m not well.
    • Mir geht es nicht gut.
  • I’m really sick.
    • Mir geht es wirklich schlecht.
  • Alles klar
    • Everything is alright.

Any phrases that I missed or that you want me to add to the list?

Let me know in the comments!

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