How to Learn Polish for Beginners. DETAILED Guide.

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Want to learn Polish? Great Let’s start with easy stuff. You’ll learn the REAL, GUARANTEED way to learn Polish so you don’t fail. What else? You’ll start speaking with must-know Polish phrases.

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How to Learn Polish for Beginners. A DETAILED Guide.

learn polish

  1. Introduction to the Polish
  2. Is it Hard to Learn Polish?
  3. Why Should You Learn Polish?
  4. How to Learn Successfully
  5. Polish Greetings & Must-Know Phrases (MP3 Lesson)
  6. How to Read & Write: Polish Alphabet Lesson (PDF Lesson)
  7. Polish Resources
  8. Learn to Count in Polish (Video Lesson)

1. Introduction to Polish

Polish is an Indo-European language with about 55 million speakers world wide. Obviously spoken in Poland. Unlike most Slavic languages, Polish doesn’t use Cyrillic letters… but Latin letters. But it also has 9 extra letters – ą, ć, ę, ł, ń, ó, ś, ź, ż.

Here’s what the Polish Alphabet is like. You’ll learn more in Part 6. Let’s keep it easy for now.

learn polish alphabet

Skip below to part 5 for the audio lesson and hear how Polish sounds like.

2) Is it Hard to Learn Polish?

My answer? It’s as easy as you think it is. Yes, the sounds and the words and grammar are different. But if you’re approaching it from yes, I can learn it if I apply enough time and consistency,” you’re good to go. If you think “nah, sounds too hard,” well, you killed your learning right here.

Here are some basic facts:

  • Polish is easy for people that know a Slavic language… like Bulgarian or Russian. Why? Similar words and sounds. There are similarities.
  • It can be tough if you’re an English speaker. Why? Same reason why Japanese are Korean are challenging – they’re NOT similar to English. Lots of new things to learn. Nothing to relate to.

Don’t let that scare you. Millions are learning Japanese and Korean right now. They’re learning out of interest. And they’re succeeding. Simply because they like it, they want to learn and they are positive about it.

So, Polish is very, very realistic.

3. Why Should You Learn Polish?

If you’re reading this, you already know the answer. I can’t convince you. But… I can show you why others learn Polish. Why? Most do it for people: friends, family, lovers and Slavic people that want to get to know their Slavic neighbors. Others want to get in touch with their heritage.

  • Hi, I’m bilingual in Spanish and English but as my granddad was Polish looking to learn to speak it too.
  • My boyfriend is polish and is only right I learn the language in order to communicate.
  • I’m Russian. I like to learn foreign languages and started to learn Polish since 2007.
  • I am from Poland originally but I was raised in the US speaking English so…
  • I’m Polish, but I was raised in California since I was four. I would really like to bring back my mother tongue.
  • Bulgarian guy here… recently moved to Poland to work for big IT company…so you know why I want to learn 🙂
  • I am a retired man but like the Polish people and wish to visit Krakow one day very soon

What about you? Leave me a comment.

4) How to Learn Successfully

Let’s say you said “yes, I can learn it!” for Part 2. Nice!

What’s next? Do you need to BUY some textbooks? No!!! Let’s talk about goals. Learning Polish or any language is a big goal. A vague goal. So let’s make it simpler. Let’s turn into easy, small, measurable, realistic goals with a deadline. For example:

  • Learn 100 Polish words this month. By July 31st (or whenever).
  • Master the Alphabet in 1 week. By December 15th.
  • Speak Polish for 1 minute this month. By December 31st.
  • Write out a 5 sentence self-introduction in Polish in 1 week. By Dec 4th.

Pay attention here. All of these are measurable. Either you can speak 1 minute or know 100 words… or you don’t. Plus the goals are small and easy – what’s learning 100 words in a month? That’s like learning 3-5 words a day! Finally, the deadline gives you a date to aim for. Either you hit it or miss it.

Set goals like this and you WILL succeed.

Small, measurable goals are easy; you know when you hit them. Big vague goals… like fluency are not. Would you ever know when you hit fluency? No! Arguably, I’m not even fluent in English… but here we are!

5. Polish Greetings & Must-Know Phrases (MP3 Lesson)

Let’s learn Polish phrases so you can speak a bit.

  • Hi/Hello (informal)
  • Cześć!
  • Pronounced: Chesht
  • Good Day (formal)
  • Dzień dobry.
  • Pronounced: Djin dobri
  • See you! Bye! (informal)
  • Do zobaczenia.
  • Pronounced: Doh zabochenya
  • Good bye (formal)
  • Do widzenia.
  • Pronounced: Doh widzenya

I won’t leave you wanting more. Below, is a free Polish Lesson from (an online Polish learning course with Audio & Video Lessons – click here to check it out.) Press the play button.

6. How to Read & Write: Polish Alphabet (PDF Lesson)

Want to learn how to write the Polish Alphabet?

Below is a FREE PDF Lesson – that you should print. Basically, it’s a reference guide to the letters and their sounds. Do you really need to practice writing them? Yeah, why not… but the letters are pretty much the same as English. So, you’ve mastered about 80% of it already.

learn polish7. Polish Resources

Now that you know how to learn successfully, you can get some REAL learning material.

But… there aren’t many great learning places online…

So, what do I suggest?

A) Textbooks. Go to (click here) for Polish textbooks – take a look for yourself and see what has the best ratings and prices. Textbooks are a safe way to learn… (even if they’re a little boring).

learn polish textbooksB) PolishPod101. 100s of Audio & Video Lessons by Polish Teachers.

It’s an online Polish learning website and course. Great for Beginners and lets you learn at your pace. They have a ton of Audio & Video courses from Beginner level to Advanced. You get new lessons every week so they’re always growing.

So, if you know NO Polish, it’s a great first step.

You go from beginner to advanced and learn to read, speak, write and understand the language. You can use their app too to learn on the go. Click here to visit PolishPod101.comlearn polish8) How to count in Polish

So since we’re learning basics – let’s just do the numbers 1 to 10 in Polish.


And that’s it.

I’ll update this guide as I go along. Right now, this is just for starters.

Hope you enjoyed this!

– The Main Junkie

P.S. Again, I recommend this for Polish learners. If you want to learn Polish with 600+ audio/video lessons by Polish teachers and voice actors – as well as study tools and apps – this is a good online learning system –- Sign up for free at PolishPod101 (click here).


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