Ultimate Collection of Japanese Language Audio Books for You

Hi Junkie,

Some people learn Japanese with textbooks. Some learn with 5-minute study tools. And like you, some people learn with Japanese language audiobooks.

So, what are some good ones?

Here’s a growing list of the top Japanese Language Audio books

1. Everyday Japanese for Beginners – 400 Actions & Activities

What it’s about: If you want to talk about daily life in Japanese, then this is one of the Japanese language audio books for you. As the title says, you learn 400 phrase related to daily life. Waking up. Showering. Eating. From morning to night.

Why it’s good: You want to talk about real, practical things in Japanese, right? Then, this will do you good.

japanese language audio books

2. Japanese for Beginners

What it’s about: This is a handy book to have when you are planning or on a trip to Japan, especially if you’re a beginner. It also includes practical and useful tips in studying beginners.

Why it’s good: Aside from practical Japanese lessons, it will also give tips on culture and do’s and dont’s. Great handy for a business trip too!

Take a look and start listening here!

japanese language audio books

3. Pimsleur Japanese

What it’s about: Even though it’s an audiobook, it allocates time only for speaking practices in a simple to understand manner. You can learn and practice vocabulary and pronunciation at the same time you progress through the lessons.

Why it’s good: It doesn’t let you simply passively listen to the books, but it lets you participate and continuously practice. This will prepare you for real life conversations you will have in Japanese, and prep you for some challenges you may ponder on.

Get it here, and start practicing your speaking!

japanese language audio books

4. Drive Time Japanese

What it’s about: As the name says, it’s an audiobook you can listen to while you drive without giving any aspects of language learning; speaking, listening, vocabulary.

Why it’s good: There may be some speed issues, but listen to it a couple of times, along with your practice. The exercises are worth learning and you can get a good amount of vocabulary and phrases to learn and use.

Grab a copy, and make it part of your daily trip to work!

japanese language audio books

5. Michel Thomas Beginner Japanese

What it’s about: Michel Thomas audio lessons are quite well rated by most learners. The lessons are interactive encouraging listeners to say different sentences in Japanese from time to time. This is very helpful as it will encourage you to speak Japanese.

Why it’s good: With its classroom setup, you can feel like you are part of a class, and learning with others. The exercises give you time to try to construct sentences on your own, so you can practice thinking and conversing in Japanese.

Get it here, and starting thinking in Japanese!

japanese language audio books

6. Japanese For Dummies

What it’s about: Like all other Dummies series books, you can learn the ins and outs of Japanese in one book. It will break down technical aspects of Japanese such as grammar and pronunciation, then you will start to learn practical phrases and exercises.

Why it’s good: There are conversations that you can read and listen, and this will help you to learn Japanese in action. With the abundance in situational examples, you can definitely expect an assurance in quality here.

japanese language audio books

Definitely one of my favorite Japanese language audio books.

7. Collins Easy Learning Japanese

What it’s about: This book has a great segue into learning for beginners. It covers certain words and topics in each unit, and explores the technical aspects after.

Why it’s good: The author also tries to be engaging and humorous which is great when you want to keep things light but productive.

You can try listening to samples, and get it here!

japanese language audio books

8. Learn in Your Car: Japanese, the Complete Language Course

What it’s about: Another good audiobook to listen while you’re on your commute or on your workout. It’s a straightforward progression from learning simple Japanese words and phrases, then moves to diving into sentences and conversation.

Why it’s good: It helps you get used to and learn from real communication. The segments are quick and short, and you can go through the transcripts after if you need references!

japanese language audio books

9. Learn Japanese: Word Power 101

What it’s about: In this book you can learn 101 common phrases and words in Japanese. It’s free, and you can learn a big chunk of new phrases or re-learn some you already know. You will learn sentences and ways you can use the word to easily remember and use them.

Why it’s good: If you like listicle types of articles, or something simple and concise, this is the book for you. And, It’s completely free. The company that produces it also has a user community you can join to get more involved and meet people with the same goal of becoming fluent in Japanese. It covers a variety of topics, so you won’t have a dull moment.

Start listening to it here, and start practicing.

japanese language audio books

10. Listen & Learn Japanese

What it’s about: This is a audiobook mainly for practical Japanese phrases you may need when you travel to Japan. It’s simply structured, and it gives you a ton of phrases in English followed by Japanese. If you are up for just learning phrases and using them for now, this is your best bet.

Why it’s good: It’s just as simple as it can get. If you are looking into something uncomplicated, this is a good listen. The courses seem to be not as updated as the others, but still touches on common phrases, that are relevant and useful.

japanese language audio books

11. Rapid Japanese

What it’s about: If you have lack of time and need to memorize away, this is your best pick. It covers commonly used phrases in repetition for you to familiarize yourself in the language and its pronunciations.

Why it’s good: Don’t expect in-depth explanations and breakdowns from this, but if you want to familiarize with the words and phrases and let it stick to your head, this is it. The music in the background helps to avoid feeling dull and memorizing your Japanese words.

japanese language audio books

You can get it here, and start jamming to Japanese words.

When you’re on your commute or traveling, keeping Japanese language audio books in your phone will come in handy!

Download some of these books, so you can always learn on the go.

– The Main Junkie

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