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Japanese Typing Practice Game in Romaji or Kana. FREE Web Software.

Want to get some Japanese typing practice done?

Looking for a Japanese typing software or game?

Then try this special application below made by Manabijon and Benesse.

It’s called タイピング学習 (taipingu gakushuu – typing study/learning). Take a look at it below. But, before you press “start” (スタート), read the instructions on how to use it below… because it’s all in Japanese!

Want to learn how to write in Japanese? Download your free Japanese Alphabet worksheet here.

japanese typing practice game

Below is the game ↓.

However, scroll a little further down for instructions.

Instructions for this typing game.

1. Press スタート (suta-to) or start.

Japanese tying practice

After you press start, you will be taken to “settings.”

2. In Settings (設定 Settei), you will see 2 options:  Input Method & Time Limit.

A) 入力方式 – Nyuuryoku houshiki – Input method. There are two methods: 1) Romaji (ローマ字入力), where you type in these latin letters that you’re reading now. And 2) Kana (かな入力), which is Hiragana and Katakana. If you don’t have an actual Japanese keyboard, choose Romaji. Even if you can type in Japanese with the help of language settings, it won’t work. The かな入力  mode relies on the Japanese keyboard layout.

Japanese tying practice game

B) 制限時間 – Seigen Jikan – Time Limit. You could set it between 1 minute (1分) and 5 minutes (5分) as seen in the image below.

Japanese tying practice software

3. Click on タイピングを開始する (Taipingu wo kaishi suru), which means “Start Typing.”

Japanese tying practice

4.Next, you will see スペースキーを押して開始します。(Supe-su ki wo oshite kaishi shimasu.) Press the space key to begin. Then, you will see it count down from 3, 2, 1, and スタート (start)!

5. Go ahead and type away. As you can see, they include romaji to help you type it out. See how many you can type out in the time limit.

Japanese tying practice romaji

By the way, remember how I said you shouldn’t pick the かな入力 mode if you don’t have a Japanese keyboard? If you chose that mode, this is what you’d see. If you start typing “nyu..” you will not active the right characters. The N button is actually the み button on a physical Japanese keyboard.

6.  At the end of this Japanese typing practice game, you will get your results. This is what it will look like. Now, what do those words mean? Great question. Take a look below.

  • Result sheet/Report card (成績表 seisekihyou)
  • Points/Score (得点 tokuten). As you can see I got 12点 or 12  points.
  • Romaji input and time (入力方式/時間 nyuuryokushiki/jikan). I had it set to Romaji and 1 minute.
  • Number of input characters (入力文字数 nyuuryoku moji suu). Or, the total letters you typed.
  • Number of correct types (正タイプ数 sei taipu suu).
    • In other words, the number of correct characters you typed. This also includes the period (“.”) at the end of each sentence. So, if you were asked to type “りんご.” (ringo) which is apple and if you typed it correctly, you would get 4 points here. One for り, one for ん, one for ご and one more for period at the end. That’s how this Japanese typing practice game is designed.
  • Number of incorrect types (誤タイプ数 go taipu suu).
  • Rate of correct types (正タイプ率 sei taipu ritsu).
  • Rate of incorrect types (誤タイプ率 go taipu ritsu).

You can obviously tell by the social icons that the light blue and blue buttons are for sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Tweet (ツィートする tsuitto suru)
  • Share on Facebook (シェアする sheasuru)

Then, the bottom orange buttons are “retry” and “print.”

  • Retry (リトライritorai)
  • Print (印刷する insatsu suru). If you want to print out your results.

What happens if you click print (印刷する)?

You will see this popup called “Page Print” (ページの印刷 peeji no insatsu). Below that, the message says to put in your name (お名前を入力して下さい o-namae wo nyuuryoku shite kudasai.)

So, enter your name and press the left orange button which says “print” (印刷する insatsu suru). The right one says “cancel” (キャンセル kyanseru). So, I added my name.

When you press “print” (印刷する insatsu suru), it will open up a print window as shown below. You can print the score sheet (成績表 seisekihyou) or save it as a PDF.

What did you think of this Japanese typing practice?

You know what they say… practice makes perfect.

If you want to type in Japanese, improve your speed and generally improve your Japanese knowledge, you will want to come back and practice this many times.

I think this was a nice little practice software.

It can be very easy to look at the romaji while typing and I wish they had an option to turn off the romaji transliteration while still allowing us to type in Romaji. See below. You can easily ignore the top 2 lines and focus on the romanized one.

How to dramatically improve your Japanese with this:

However, if you do want to improve with this, then you should ignore the bottom romaji line. Place tape on your screen and focus just on the first 2 lines – the kana and kanji.

Before typing, read the Japanese version – whether line 1 or 2 – to make sure you got it.

Then, type it out.

Do at least 4 or 5 drills today.

Come back tomorrow and do 4 or 5 more drills.

Come back daily to do this.

Soon, you will notice that typing in Japanese is getting pretty easy. And it only comes because of all that practice. You know what they say… practice makes perfect.

– The Main Lingua Junkie

Want to learn how to write in Japanese? Download your free Japanese Alphabet worksheet here.

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