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How to Say Hello In Hebrew in 15 Phrases with Audio


Hello Junkies

Learning Hebrew? Good! The first word you need to know in Hebrew is “Hello.” Here, you’ll learn not 1 but 15 ways to say Hello. Why? Because the more you know, the more you Hebrew you speak, and the better your language gets!

So take this Hebrew lesson and…

  • Review often because success doesn’t happen from learning things “once”
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Hebrew Lesson: Top 15 Ways to Say Hello In Hebrew

As you go on to read this, here’s a free Hebrew Audio Lesson that you can listen to and learn even more. This lesson was generously provided by HebrewPod101.com. Just click the play button on the black player below.

  • Absolute Beginner S1 #1 – Say Hello in Hebrew

1) Hello

  • שלום
  • shalom

If you can only remember one word from this article, let it be “shalom.” This is the most common and popular way to say Hello in Hebrew.  You can’t go wrong here.

say hello in hebrew

You can listen to the pronunciation to this phrase in the audio lesson above.

Let’s move onto something more casual.

2. Hey

  • היי
  • hai

Wondering how to sey Hey in Hebrew? Here you go. It actually sounds more like the Japanese “hai,” or the English word, “hi.” Great little casual word to know.

say hello in hebrew

3. What’s up in Hebrew

  • מה קורה?
  • Ma kore?

You’re thinking “what’s up” is not a true “Hello,” right? Right. But it is used as a greeting quite often and so it can be used as a substitute for “Hello.” Remember, the more variations you know, the better.

say hello in hebrew

4. How are you? in Hebrew

  • מה שלומך?
  • Mah shlom’cha?

Another good variation and common phrase to know.

say hello in hebrew

5. How have you been?

  • איך הולך איתך?
  • E’ich holech it’cha?

As a variation to “How are you,” this is another acceptable phrase and way to greet and say Hello in Hebrew.

say hello in hebrew

6. Good morning.

  • בוקר טוב.
  • Boker tov

Now, let’s say it’s 7AM in the morning. How would you greet someone in Hebrew? Use this!

say hello in hebrew

7. Good afternoon.

  • צהריים טובים.
  • Tsahara’im tovim.

Let’s say it’s now 1PM and we’re in the afternoon. You can use this phrase.

say hello in hebrew

8. Good evening.

  • ערב טוב.
  • Erev tov.

And of course, let’s not forget how to say Good Evening in Hebrew.

say hello in hebrew

9. Long time no see.

  • הרבה זמן לא התראנו.
  • Harbe zman lo hitraenu.

This is not a hello but definitely used as a greeting. You can still his as the first thing when you see someone. If… it has been a long time.

say hello in hebrew

10. It’s nice to see you again.

  • נחמד לראות אותך שוב.
  • nekhmad lir-ot otkha shuv.

say hello in hebrew

11. How’s everything?

  • איך הכל?
  • eikh hakol?

say hello in hebrew

12. Yo!

  • יו!
  • yo!

Young people tend to use “yo” as a greeting in many languages like English and even Japanese. Well, Hebrew is no exception!

say hello in hebrew

13. How’s your day?

  • איך היום שלך?
  • eikh ha’yom shelkha?

say hello in hebrew

14. It’s nice to meet you.

  • נעים להכיר אותך.
  • naim lehakir otkha.

say hello in hebrew

15. How’s it going?

  • איך הולך?
  • eikh holekh?

say hello in hebrew

Now you know 15 variations or ways to say Hello!

Do you know of other unique ways to say or greet others? Leave a comment below and I’ll add it to this list. I read all the comments!


~ Written by the Main Junkie

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