For Beginners: Top 30 Conversational Hebrew Phrases: Quick Lesson

conversational hebrew phrases

Hello Junkies! First, welcome back. Second – you’re going to learn the Top 25 Conversational Hebrew Phrases. This lesson is PERFECT for beginners that need some common words, expressions and phrases under their belt. So take this quick Hebrew Lesson… Read this page to review and learn the phrases Both Hebrew & English translations are provided Print it out to […]

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Learn Hebrew: Top 10 Hebrew Inspirational Quotes Part 5

hebrew inspirational quotes

Hello Junkies, Welcome to Part 5! (Read part 4 here.) Here are more Hebrew inspirational quotes, sayings and proverbs. Learn these and you’ll speak better Hebrew and acquire nice advice in the process. In this post, I’ll cover the Top 10 Hebrew Inspirational Quotes and provide English translations and explanations. Note: These are NOT of Hebrew origin but truly famous […]

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Hebrew Phrases: Learn the TOP 15 Hebrew Compliments

hebrew compliments

Hello Junkies! Want to learn how to compliment in Hebrew… and seriously impress some Hebrews? Well, that’s why you’re here. Here’s a quick Hebrew compliment lesson – a 2-3 minute read. Today, you’ll learn 15 Hebrew Compliments for life, love, friends and of course, work. Don’t worry – they’re usable for males, females, friends, lovers, coworkers and all kinds of […]

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