A Gentle Introduction to Russian Grammar for Beginners

Hello there. You may have heard some things about Russian grammar. Or, you may have not. According to the US Defense language institute, Russian is a Category 4 language in terms of difficulty. Category 5 is the hardest and it includes Japanese, Chinese and Korean. (Category 5. Ooh, scary). What does that mean? According to that Institute… Russian requires an […]

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How to Make Japanese Sentences & Questions. 4 Ways

Oh, hi! So, you learned a few Japanese words, some phrases… But, how do you make sentences in Japanese? People speak in sentences. Books are written in sentences. Dangit, we’re going to need sentences over here! If you’re an English speaker, you know that English’s basic sentence structure is…. SVO: Subject + Verb + Object I + am + A Potato […]

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