Learn TOP 30 Japanese Conversational Phrases: Easy Lesson.

japanese conversational phrases

Welcome back, Junkies! Want to speak conversational Japanese? You’ll need common Japanese Conversational Phrases: Responses & Reactions. In this quick lesson, you’ll learn 30 of them! This is great for Beginners and most of these phrases are super casual. So, you’ll learn how to use various responses/reactions. And you’ll sound like a native. Good? Good. So take this lesson & […]

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Learn the Top 10 Inspirational Japanese Language Quotes

inspirational japanese language quotes

Hello Junkies! Welcome back! Today, we’re covering Inspirational Japanese Language Quotes! And more specifically, quotes about languages and language learning.  Why inspiration? Well, it’s always good to remind yourself why you’re learning Japanese – success requires a bit of daily reminders and inspiration. So take this lesson… Read, review, and read out loud (lots of words to learn here) Print it […]

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Learn Japanese! 22 Ways How to Say I Agree in Japanese

i agree in japanese

Hello Junkies! Agreeing is important in any conversation. And of course, you’re here because you want to say – I agree in Japanese. Well, here are the top 22 ways – phrases and words. These will make you an awesome Japanese speaker. So take this lesson… Read, review, and read out loud Print it out as physical review material (I […]

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Free Lessons on How to Improve Japanese Listening

how to improve japanese listening

Hello hello Junkies, Here you’ll learn how to improve Japanese listening skills – and not with just “tips” – but actual Japanese lessons. That’s right. Let’s read less advice and actually IMPROVE your Japanese. And if you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with effective audio & video lessons by real teachers – Sign up at JapanesePod101 (click here) and […]

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Japanese Adjectives List. 50 Adjectives for Personality

japanese adjectives

Hello Junkies, Today you’ll learn Japanese Adjectives – but not ANY adjectives. These are adjectives for your (and others’) personality. This way, you can talk about yourself and the type of person you are. Are you… Moody? Energetic? Charismatic? Let’s find out. Japanese Adjectives List – 50 Adjectives for Personality Okay, this is a BIG list. Here’s how I suggest […]

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Japanese Culture Lesson #1: 7 Rules of Train Culture

japanese culture lesson at linguajunkie.com

Hello Junkies! What’s learning Japanese without learning a bit of culture along the way? In this lesson, you’re going to learn a bit about Japanese train culture. Yes, it’s crowded, we know, stop thinking the obvious. And along the way, you’re going to learn some useful Japanese phases. If you REALLY want to learn to Japanese with effective audio & […]

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