Hebrew Phrases: Learn the TOP 15 Hebrew Compliments

hebrew compliments

Hello Junkies! Want to learn how to compliment in Hebrew… and seriously impress some Hebrews? Well, that’s why you’re here. Here’s a quick Hebrew compliment lesson – a 2-3 minute read. Today, you’ll learn 15 Hebrew Compliments for life, love, friends and of course, work. Don’t worry – they’re usable for males, females, friends, lovers, coworkers and all kinds of […]

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Learn the 30 Most Common Hebrew Questions

learn hebrew questions

Hello Junkies, Here, you will learn the top, must common Hebrew questions that are necessary for conversations. So, more specifically, you will learn the… First, Basic Hebrew Question Words Then, 30 Hebrew Questions (that you can use) Including the Romanization (English pronunciation) And The English Translation Feel free to print this lesson out. Having a physical copy on hand will […]

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Learn Hebrew: Top 30 Hebrew Sayings & Proverbs

Learn Hebrew Sayings - Linguajunkie.com

Hello Junkies! Welcome to Part 3! (Read part 2 here.) Looking for some Hebrew sayings and idioms? Good! Knowing these will add to your Hebrew  so that you can speak express yourself better. In this post, I’ll cover the next batch of  Hebrew sayings (or idioms – whatever you want to call them) and provide English translations and explanations so […]

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